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Ooredoo Oman offers music services with Anghami, Hungama
Ooredoo Oman is giving customers access to millions of Arabic, Western, Indian, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Tamil songs through the Anghami and Hungama premium music services.
Telecom Paper, Nov 24, 2014
Anghami and DMS (Digital Media Services) celebrate one year of strong uptake
More than 500 media executives and advertisers from the region’s advertising ecosystem gathered on the iconic Choueiri Group Building rooftop in Dubai Media City on November 20th, to spend an evening with Anghami – the MENA region’s leading music app - and Digital Media Services (DMS), Choueiri Group’s digital arm and the Exclusive media representatives for Anghami.
Choueiry Group, Nov 20, 2014
Ooredoo Kuwait launches Anghami music service
Ooredoo Kuwait customers can enjoy the latest Arabic and English music hits through the new Anghami+ app, which is available on all mobile platforms.
Telecom Paper, Nov 18, 2014
Anghami Partners with Huawei to Offer RBT Activation in Addition to Music Streaming
Anghami, the leading mobile music application in the Middle East and North Africa region with over 5 million downloads, announced a partnership with Huawei, a major global information and communications technology solutions provider, to enable Anghami users to easily activate ringback tones (RBT) with a single click while streaming music. Both teams will be integrating the Huawei RBT API in Anghami's app and working on bridging Anghami's telecom partners VAS services.
PR Newswire, Jun 10, 2014
Leading Middle East Music Streaming Service 'Anghami' Embraces Bitcoin
Anghami, the leading mobile music streaming platform in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) has announced that it will start accepting bitcoin payments.
Coin Desk, Mar 10, 2014
Anghami launches 'industry disruptive' $1 music streaming service
Local mobile operator Alfa has teamed up with Anghami, one of the region’s largest music applications, and is now offering subscribers extra Internet data to stream and download songs onto their phones.
The Daily Star, 5 Feb 2014
Making Beautiful Music
Anghami, the region's legal alternative to pirated music, is celebrating an impressive 4.3 million downloads.
Entrepreneur Middle East, Feb 2014
Anghami launches 'industry disruptive' $1 music streaming service
Describing the $1 plan as “industry-disruptive,” Eddy Maroun, Anghami CEO and co-founder says it “is a first in the region and most of the world, to combine music and 3G data at this price.”
Wamda, 30 Jan 2014
Avec Élie Habib, Eddy Maroun veut faire entendre sa petite musique sur toute la Toile arabe
De la création fin 2012, d’Anghami, à leur sélection, en octobre, au sein du réseau international de mentoring Endeavor (voir Le Commerce du Levant n° 5646), Eddy Maroun et Élie Habib ne cessent de faire parler d’eux.
Le Commerce du Levant, Dec 2013
Lady Gaga goes "gaga" for Middle East music app "Anghami"
The “ARTPOP” singer chose the Arab world's fastest-growing music app “Anghami” as her choice of a music downloader!
Al Bawaba, 19 Nov 2013
Anghami: Moving through the entrepreneurship ecosystem
“Clearly an entrepreneur in 2013 in Lebanon is so much better off than in 2010,” says Habib, referring to the support infrastructure for startups that has boomed over the past couple of years.
Executive, 11 Nov 2013
Zain makes Anghami app easy to subscribe to
Zain explained that allowing customers to subscribe using their postpaid bill or prepaid credit ensures a quick and easy way to enjoy millions of songs to search from, stream, download and share, ultimately making the customer music experience more enjoyable.
AMEinfo, 19 Sep 2013
Maroun, Habib: Music streaming business remains a challenge
We are offering a paid music service to the Arab region, a service dominated by piracy here. One of the main challenges we face is the lack of public awareness about this kind of service. Educating the public will be vital.
Zawya, 23 Jul 2013
Anghami, Now on 2 Million Devices
Anghami, the first music-streaming app in the Middle East has just crossed the 2 million download mark, 6 months after its launch.
PRNewswire, 25 Jun 2013
Anghami and Touch launch first in-app payment system
This service allows Touch’s prepaid and postpaid users to pay for the Anghami app using an operator billing system instead of credit card payment.
Business News, 17 Jun 2013
Top 10 Digital Companies To Watch
Anghami has first-move advantage in MENA and is set for considerable growth in the coming years. The service already offers an impressive library of music, having signed deals with major labels...
Gulf Business, 7 Apr 2013
Beirut Streaming Music Startup Targets Mid East, Africa
Launched in November 2012, according to CTO Elie Habib, the company will have one million users by next month, considerably ahead of their planned target of 750,000 by the end of the year.
Wall Street Journal, 22 Mar 2013
The revolution will be streamed...
Since then, Anghami has acquired 700,000 loyal account holders (30 percent of whom use the service each day,) and expects to have boosted its catalogue to over 4.5 million tracks by May. It has signed promising partnerships with mobile operators across the region, including one with Jordan’s Orange that tempts customers with free access to the platform alongside their minutes, texts and mobile data.
Now., 7 Mar 2013
هل ستستطيع منصة أنغامي للموسيقى مواجهة منافس عالميّ؟
وفي موازاة ذلك، أصبحت شركة "أنغامي" اللبنانية الناشئة لسماع الموسيقى العام الماضي، في قائمة أشهر التطبيقات لنظام تشغيل "آي" في 12 دولة عربية، وجمعت حوالي نصف مليون مستخدم خلال ثلاثة أشهر، 30% منهم يستخدمون الخدمة يومياً. ومؤخراً صُنّفت "أنغامي" من بين أفضل شركة ناشئة في منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال إفريقيا، وأفضل شركة ناشئة للترفيه أو التسجيلات الصوتية أو الفيديو في "أوروباس" Europas خلال عام 2013. ولكن هل لدى هذا الفريق المؤلف من 11 شخصاً ما يجب ليواجه لاعباً دولياً عمره 6 أعوام؟
ومضة، ٩ فبراير ٢٠١٣
Can Anghami Fend Off Deezer's Entrance into the Arab Music Market?
Meanwhile, Lebanese music streaming startup Anghami last year leapt to the top on iOS app lists in 12 Arab countries and gathered half a million users in just 3 months, 30% of whom are using the service daily. Anghami was also recently shortlisted for the Best MENA Startup and Best Entertainment, Audio or Video Startup at the Europas this coming year. But does this small team of 11, have what it takes to face a 6-year-old international player?
Wamda, 12 Feb 2013
Anghami: The journey of launching an unlimited music streaming service in the Middle East
Anghami, the brainchild of Eddy Maroun and Elie Habib, is the answer to every Middle Eastern tweet, update, conversation and thought, in which many of us (myself included) have wished that a service like Spotify was available in the Middle East.
The Next Web, 26 May 2012
Anghami mobile app beats music piracy in the Middle East
With 20,000 new users per day, the Arab music-streaming startup Anghami is challenging giants like Spotify. Downloading a mobile app outside the United States or Europe can be tricky. Many apps, for legal reasons, do not work in the Middle East. Spotify and Pandora, the leading music streaming apps, leave users in the region with a sorry-we’re-unavailable-in-your-country error and a limited array of music options to turn to.
Your Middle East, 5 Feb 2013
A Look at the Most Popular Arabic Apps for iOS
Anghami maintains its spot among the most frequently downloaded apps in the Arab region, including Kuwait... The Arabic application with the widest success in App Store Egypt is Anghami.
Wamda, 24 Jan 2013
MBC تدعم "أنغامي" كأوّل منصّة عربية مُدمَجة لتحميل الأغاني بشكل قانوني
أعلنت "مجموعة MBC" عن توقيع مذكّرة تفاهم وتعاون مع خدمة "أنغامي"(Anghami) ، تدعم بموجبها هذه الخدمة الرائدة كتطبيق الكتروني مُدمَج يُشكّل أول منصّة عربية متكاملة بمواصفات عالمية لتحميل الأغاني العربية والغربية بمختلف أنماطها، على جميع الهواتف الذكية بشكلٍ آمن وقانوني وممتع.
MBC, ٦ يناير ٢٠١٣
دولبي تساهم بتقديم أول خدمة موسيقية للأغاني العربية والعالمية أنغامي
إذ يضم تطبيق "أنغامي" للهواتف المتحركة أكبر مجموعة من الأغاني العربية والعالمية المرخصة في المنطقة، ويقدم لمستخدميه أغانٍ تستخدم تقنياتDolby لتوفير تجربة موسيقية مذهلة تمكنهم من الاستماع إلى أغانٍ لا حدود لها أينما ذهبوا.
AMEinfo, ١١ ديس، ٢٠١٢
Dolby partners with Lebanon-based music streaming service Anghami
Dolby Laboratories have announced a tie-up with, a digital music streaming service designed for the MENA region. The service essentially offers music to stream and download across platforms such as iOS, Android and BlackBerry. So where does Dolby come in? The app will delivers Dolby Pulse encoded content, providing users with a seamless experience to listen to unlimited music on-the-go.
T3, 10 Dec 2012
لقاء مع مطوري “أنغامي”: خدمة الموسيقى الأولى من نوعها في العالم العربي
انطلقت خدمة أنغامي، في بدايات شهر نوفمبر/تشرين الثاني 2012، وهي تُعتبر أول خدمة موسيقية من نوعها في العالم العربي، حيث تقدم للمستخدم العربي أكبر مكتبة من الموسيقى العربية والعالمية والمرخصة رسمياً لتقديمها بشكل قانوني وبنوعية عالية.
البوابة العربية للاخبار التقنية، ٢٦ نوف ٢٠١٢
Connecting the world though music
This month, with $1 million in funding from the Beirut-based Middle East Venture Partners and a partnership with Jordan’s Orange mobile-phone services, the budding startup is quickly gaining the confidence it needs to become a serious player in music streaming, similar to its American counterpart Spotify.
The Daily Star, 19 Nov 2012
ارتفاع التنزيلات على Anghami وشراكة جديدة مع Orange
بعد أسبوع فقط من إطلاقه، بدأأنغامي في اتخاذ خطوات للتموّل.
البارحة، أعلن الفريق شراكة مع"أورنج" Orange، وهي شركة أردنية للهواتف المحمولة قد كشفت عن خطة جديدة اسمها "من الآخر 2". تقدّم هذه الخطة دقائق لإجراء مكالمة صوتية، ورسائل نصية، وإنترنت من الجيل الثالث، وتنزيل 750 ميجا بايت من أنغامي كلّ أسبوع بفضل خدمة إنترنت الجيل الثالث المجاني. وكلّ ذلك مقابل دينارين أردننين فقط أي 3 دولارات أميركية. بفضل هذا العرض، سيحصل المستخدمون على نفاذ إلى أنغامي ويمكنهم تحميل الأغاني مجانًا.
ومضة، ١٣ نوف ٢٠١٢
Anghami: Bringing Legal Music Streaming to the Middle East
The Middle East is a region, that up to now, has lacked any kind of digital music service of the legally acceptable variety. Two complementary individuals, Elie Habib and Eddy Maroun – a tech expert and musician, respectively – have taken the leap of launching a company to fill that void. Anghami, the name of their Lebanon based company and all-encompassing app, is poised to bring a plethora of local and international tracks to the countries in this area.
Sound CTRL, 5 Nov 2012
Lebanon’s Anghami Launches the First Music Streaming Platform for the Middle East
Forget Spotify. Anghami is here! Launching today for iPhone, the platform is bringing the Arab world its first mobile and web music streaming platform.
Wamda, 5 Nov 2012
Unlimited Music Streaming Service Anghami Goes Live!
Having both Arabic and International labels on board gives Anghami a clear edge over competing services such as Yalla.FM and eTarab, whose libraries consist solely of Arabic music. "Offering both foreign and local artists eliminates the need to subscribe to multiple services. Instead users can get their music fix with one sub, through one app," explained George Audi, Strategy & Business Development Manager at Anghami.
ArabNet, 5 Nov 2012
The top 20 Lebanese entrepreneurs
Executive Magazine, 2 Nov 2012
“We want to be in every device that plays music. We want Anghami to become synonymous with music listening, discovering and sharing,” says Elie.
Introducing Anghami: Why it’s Likely to Win the Music Streaming Market in the Middle East
Tell anyone that you’re launching a music start-up and their first reaction is one of skepticism – how can anyone build a sustainable business from an industry in decline, eaten away by piracy and hindered by ever-more complex regulations? Yet, here at Anghami, we breathe music. And we’re confident that our oxygen is not about to stop flowing.
Sharnoff's Global Views, 15 Oct 2012
The Legal Advantage
Music from the clouds for the MENA region? With Anghami, a new internet-based music service, co-founders Elie Habib and Eddy Maroun are working to make streaming music more fun than stealing.
Entrepreneur Levant, 17 Sep 2012
A Fresh Approach to Music-Streaming in MENA: Eddy Maroun of Anghami [Wamda TV]
Eddy Maroun, co-founder of Anghami, describes his new web and mobile music-streaming platform designed to meet the demand in MENA for legitimate music services. He describes Anghami as an “unlimited music experience that allows users to have access to Arabic and international music.”
Wamda, 12 Sep 2012
Anghami Brings Streaming Music To The Middle East
I take Spotify for granted. I thought everyone had access to Spotify, but I was wrong. Music lovers in the Middle East are having a rough time jamming to their music due to horrible web connection and having limited access to music sites like Spotify. Thankfully two entrepreneurs found the solutions for music lovers in the Middle Eastern. Say hello to Anghami.
Killer Startups, 8 June 2012
Streaming Music to the Middle East
Although there is apparently plenty of Arabic music available on Spotify, the service is not available in the Middle East. To fill the gap, two Lebanese entrepreneurs, Eddy Maroun and Elie Habib, are launching Anghami to offer legal unlimited streamed music.
WSJ, 28 May 2012
Anghami, le Spotify du Moyen-Orient
Malgré la bande passante moyenne au Liban qui est une des plus basses au monde, les protagonistes du projet ont tenu à le réaliser. Pour le faire, plusieurs accords avec des maisons de disques arabes ont été signés (Rotana, Mazzika, Melody), mais aussi avec des maisons internationales comme EMI ou encore Sony Music.
Jam Mag, 26 Mai 2012