Electro Sexy, Vol. 3 (The Club's Sortir Dans Le Sud)

Electro Sexy, Vol. 3 (The Club's Sortir Dans ...

40 Songs
Release Date
Freak (Rene Park Remix)
Dance Now (Radio Edit)
Dans ma life (Radio Edit)
Elephant Runing
Abricot Twenitea (Extended Mix)
Ilot Para (feat. Akrosonix)
Overdrive (Extended Mix)
Where Are You Going (Extended Mix 2019 Remastered)
Daf Body (Radio Edit)
Royaume des ombres (Radio Edit)
Dream Gate
My Love (Club Mix)
Boardhouse (Wave Mix, Radio Edit)
If You Only Knew (Club Mix) [feat. Raihkel]
Up and Down (Radio Edit) [feat. DJ K Moon]
Just Keep the Groove (Warm up Remix)
Heaven Cries (Extended Mix) [feat. Claudia]
Brooklyn (Damien n' -Drix Remix) [feat. Brenton Mattheus]
Lettre à mon frère (Radio Edit)
The Ô One (Deevak Remix) [feat. Michael Brass]
Tibet Express (A. Billard Remix) [feat. Claudia]
Show Me the Way (Extended Remix) [feat. K.Lia]
Finally (Major Tosh Club Edit) [feat. Bootmasters & Cyma]
Fucking School (Extended Mix)
Sunrise (feat. Tom Rope)
This Day (DJ Marjanski, Tony Brown Remix) [feat. Trevor Jackson]
Live My Life (Extended) [feat. K.Lia]
Crazy Love (Radio Edit) [feat. Nasree & Mary]
James dean (Radio Edit)