Discodance Ibiza Winter 2014 (Top 100 Ibiza Essential for DJ Set)

Discodance Ibiza Winter 2014 (Top 100 Ibiza E...

100 Songs
Release Date
Obama (DJ Mauro Vay GF Remix)
Without Your Love (Niko Noise Remix)
C'est Magnifique (Extended)
To Be or Not to Be (Andrea Flash Remix)
My Night (Extended Mix)
We Fly Together (Spinta Mix)
Let Me Go (Frankcardinal Remix)
The Reason (Red Rilassando Mix)
Stone (Extended Mix)
America Love (Joy Di Maggio Remix)
Stuck in a Frame (Marco Zanza Remix)
Bumbaya (Main Extended Mix)
Will Fly (Joy Di Maggio Remix)
My Dirty Game (Marco Skarica & Enzino Extended Mix)
Real Love (Joy Di Maggio Extended Remix)
Around the World
Somehow (Extended Mix)
Out of Control (Extended Mix)
Ai Se Eu Te Pego
Habemus Italiam (Intro)
I Like Moroder
Coffee Shop (Dark Mix)
Someone Like You
On the Floor
Gangnam Style
I Know You Want Me
Ci vediamo a casa