Original Rock 'n' Roll (Total Legends, Original Recordings)

Original Rock 'n' Roll (Total Legends, Origin...

60 Songs
Release Date
Happy Happy Baby (Remastered)
Rock and Roll Music (Remastered)
Good Golly Miss Molly (Remastered)
Words of Love
Real Wild Child (Remastered)
Everybody's Rockin' But Me (Remastered)
Snatch It and Grab It (Remastered)
Black Slacks (Remastered)
Bop Crazy Baby (Remastered)
Drugstore Rock n' Roll (Remastered)
Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor (Remastered)
Barking Up the Wrong Tree (Remastered)
Rock Billy Boogie (Remastered)
Lotta Lovin' (Remastered)
I Got a Hole in My Pocket (Remastered)
Bop Bop Ba Doo Bop (Remastered)
Uh Uh Mm (Remastered)
Pink and Black (Remastered)
Jeannie Mae (Remastered)
You're My Big Baby Now (Remastered)
You're My Baby (Remastered)
Lights Out (Remastered)
Lonesom Train (Remastered)
Gotta Lotta That (Remastered)
Rawhide (Remastered)
Guitar Rock & Roll (Remastered)
Honey Bop (Remastered)
Oakie Boogie (Remastered)
Ah-Poor Little Baby (Remastered)
Honey Hush (Remastered)