Steven Universe The Movie (Original Soundtrack)

Steven Universe The Movie (Original Soundtrac...

38 Songs
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The Tale of Steven (feat. Christine Ebersole, Lisa Hannigan & Patti LuPone)
Once Upon a Time
Message to the Universe
Let Us Adore You (feat. Christine Ebersole, Lisa Hannigan, Patti LuPone & Zach Callison)
Home Sweet Home
Happily Ever After (feat. Zach Callison, Deedee Magno Hall, Estelle, Michaela Dietz, Tom Scharpling, Uzo Aduba, Jennifer Paz & Shelby Rabara)
The Arrival
Other Friends (feat. Sarah Stiles, Zach Callison, Deedee Magno Hall, Estelle & Michaela Dietz)
One on One
system/BOOT. PearlFinal (3).Info [feat. Deedee Magno Hall, Tom Scharpling, Zach Callison, Charlyne Yi, Erica Luttrell, Michaela Dietz & Sarah Stiles]
With Friends Like These
Crystal Gem Huddle
Who We Are (feat. Uzo Aduba, Zach Callison, Jennifer Paz, Shelby Rabara & Sarah Stiles)
Hijinks Will Ensue
Isn't It Love? (feat. Estelle)
Search Party
Echoes of Friendship
No Matter What (feat. Zach Callison & Michaela Dietz)
Our Handshake
No Ordinary Injector
Disobedient (feat. Kate Micucci & Michaela Dietz)
Let's Duet
Independent Together (feat. Ted Leo, Deedee Magno Hall & Aimee Mann)
Running Out of Time
Feelings Flooding Back
A Special World
Drift Away (feat. Sarah Stiles)
Found (feat. Sarah Stiles & Zach Callison)
Downward Spiral
True Kinda Love (feat. Estelle & Zach Callison)