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Introducing… Beyond the Raging Sea: State of Mind

We’re thrilled to share another podcast from Kerning Cultures Network with you: “Beyond the Raging Sea: State of Mind”. In 2016, Omar Samra called Omar Nour with a life-changing idea: “How about we row across the Atlantic Ocean?” Within hours, the two were registered to compete i ...  Show more

S2E7: Hebah Fisher: Kerning Cultures Co-Founder

Today on al empire, our season finale and last episode. So who better to end it with than the person who made this all possible?  Hebah Fisher, KC Network’s co-founder and CEO, demystifies her name, shares beautiful family stories, and reveals a love for kickboxing. Through the h ...  Show more

S2E6: Omar Samra: Adventurer and Entrepreneur

Omar went from being an investment banker to adventuring around the world. He’s been on adventures climbing the highest mountains in the world, attempting to row across the Atlantic Ocean, skiing in the North and South Poles, and a lot more, like starting his travel and adventure ...  Show more

S2E5: Ghizlan Guenez: The Modist Founder

Ghizlan Guenez always loved fashion. But, as she entered the corporate world, Ghizlan could never find modest yet fashionable clothing to suit her style and the women around her. In 2017, she founded The Modist, the first online luxury site for modest fashion. This episode was pr ...  Show more

S2E4: Bernard Khoury: Architect

You may know Bernard Khoury from Johnnie Walker advertisements. He is the man behind some of Lebanon’s most iconic structures. Bernard takes us back to his childhood and the beginning of his architecture career, with his first major project, B 018, an underground nightclub that m ...  Show more