Holy Soul Jelly Roll

Holy Soul Jelly Roll

52 Songs
Release Date
Walking at Night in Key West
A Mad Gleam
The Green Automobile
A Supermarket in California
Howl (for Carl Solomon)
Footnote to Howl
Sunflower Sutra
Green Valentine Blues
Death to Van Gogh's Ear
Kaddish (for Naomi Ginsberg)
To Aunt Rose
Kral Majales
Wales Visitation
The End
I am a Victim of Telephone
The Echoing Green
The Lamb
(A) Little Boy Lost (B) Little Boy Found
Laughing Song
The Sick Rose
Nurse's Song (Experience)
City Midnight Junk Strains (for Frank O’Hara)
A Cradle Song
Infant Joy
The Fly
Voice of the Bard
School Boy
A Dream