Samsara (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Remastered)

Samsara (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) ...

32 Songs
Release Date
Pema's Theme (Remastered)
Maniwall (Remastered)
The Eagle (Remastered)
The Return (Remastered)
For Noble Truths (Remastered)
Awake (Remastered)
Tashi Meets Pema (Remastered)
Time to Choose (Remastered)
Tantric Drawings (Remastered)
Kala's Theme (Remastered)
Acceptance (Remastered)
Dawa's Arrival (Remastered)
Karma's Theme (Remastered)
Sujata's Theme (Remastered)
Fire (Remastered)
Dawa's Grain (Remastered)
The Stick and the River (Remastered)
Tashi's Theme (Remastered)
Pema's Theme (Quartet Version) (Remastered)
The Bowls (Remastered)
Beyond Mountains (Remastered)
Pema's Love (Remastered)
Inside You - Tashi Sad (Remastered)
Tashi Erotic (Remastered)
Kala's Theme (Alternate Version) (Remastered)
Pema Second Meeting (Remastered)
Trouble (Remastered)
Town (Remastered)
Kala's Leaving (Remastered)
Maniwall (Alternate Version) (Remastered)