The Vikings Final Season (Music from the TV Series)

The Vikings Final Season (Music from the TV S...

29 Songs
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Ivar Travels the Silk Road
Bjorn Banishes Ivar's Supporters
Rus Vikings
Bjorn & Gunnhild Bed
The Road to Novgorod
Settlement Raided
After the Raid
Reflections on a Hero
Bjorn Returns Home
Bjorn Vows Revenge
Kattegat Celebrates the Fallen
Reunion and Final Rest
Hvitserk Pays a Price
Rus Attack Discovered
Torvi sees Hali
Death of a Tyrant
A Complicated Ceremony
To Valhalla
An Epiphany
Ragnar's Dream Fulfilled
Prophesy from The Seer
Battle Plan
Forest Battle
Turning Point
A King Falls
Tales of Iceland
A Caution
Hvitserk's choice