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Digitally Yours Podcast Ep8 : Cybersecurity for vulnerable groups - One tip at the time

‏In this episode, we tackle the subject of cybersecurity, the rise of cyberthreats and its repercussions on vulnerable groups like women and children. Our guest is Salma Belhassine, national coordinator of Salamat initiative. We focused on gender based cyberviolence targeting wom ...  Show more

Digitally Yours Podcast Ep7: Going digital in times of crisis

‏In this episode, we have a conversation about digitization and how covid impacted digitalization in the Maghreb region. We explored the journey of a local NGO, small businesses and government institutions. We sat down with Aimen Elhajji, founder and manager of l’blend; a local N ...  Show more

Digitally Yours Podcast Ep6: Accessing internet in the Maghreb

‏In this episode, we gathered testimonies from citizens of Maghreb. We spoke to journalists, policy experts, students, business owners, civil society activists.They gave us a snippet of their internet use when the pandemic hit. While some problems are in relation with traffic con ...  Show more

Digitally Yours Podcast Ep4 : Freedom Of Expression in Maghreb Region Part1

‏COVID-19 and its subsequent government policies have had far-reaching implications on digital rights and freedoms in the Maghreb countries. In this episode, we had a conversation with Rima Sghaier, researcher in the intersection of Human rights and technology in Tunisia. We disc ...  Show more

Digitally Yours Podcast Ep3 : Tracing technology and outdated law - Data protection in the Maghreb

‏Contact tracing Applications, Robots, drones… we are sure that you have heard or used such tools during the COVID-19 epidemic. Therefore, we had the pleasure to have Ms Dima SAMARO in today’s episode. She is a lawyer and a policy analyst at Access now, a digital rights organizat ...  Show more

DigiClub Ep 129: la cybersécurité, frein ou opportunité ?

‏Dans ce nouvel épisode de DigiClub powered by Topnet en partenariat avec Huawei Technologies, nous avons reçu le CEO de Netcom et vice-président de Conect Digital, Karim Ahres, qui nous a parlés de la cybersécurité, son évolution et les moyens d'en tirer des opportunités. Animat ...  Show more