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Bedouin Banter #43 Arabian Aliens, & Answers From The Pentagon UFO Report

Re entering the atmosphere hot with another episode in the podcasts “Banter Buddies’ series as the boys use up our extended lockdown time to talk all things Aliens, Space Race Billionaires, and get hot takes from around the table on Arabian Aliens & The Pentagons June 25th UFO re ...   Show more

Bedouin Banter #42 The Chameleon Corporations Of Pandering

In this episode the boys join Khaled in studio for another round table episode where we talk all things pandering. Is the Middle East tired of watching companies squirm to satisfy everyone? Is being a moral chameleon impossible if marketers are trying to pander to so many culture ...   Show more

Bedouin Banter #41 Our Men Of Culture, A Fail Of Two Pauls, Kayfabe Is King, & Is Covid Kapoofed?

In this episode of the podcast a long lost friend joins us for the most random round table so far. In this Banter Buddies special our inner men of culture begin to emerge as we cover the latest pop culture news, fire shots across Tik Tok's bow, & find out what life will be like u ...   Show more

Bedouin Banter #40 Motivational Anime! Do Our Influencers make money? Arabs, Art, & Plagiarism

In this episode of the Podcast Mansoor is back in studio to join the boys for another Banter Buddies free for all. We talk anime, dust themed Saudi music videos, plagiarism & more! Take a deeper dive with us as we look at all these things & the waves of local culture that its ins ...   Show more

Bedouin Banter #39 Back With The Banter & A New Kind Of Ranter!

New studio, new episodes, and a new year with a lot of stuff to cover in the new season! For our first one we start off with a look back at one of the least covered topics over the last year...  

Bedouin Banter #38 Quelling Some Tales & Talking About Titans ~ With Bahraini Author M.G Darwish

In this episode of the podcast Khaled is joined by award nominated Bahraini author M.G Darwish; as we take a dive into the world of indie writing. We look at what it means to self publish as a Bahraini for a global audience and what unique challenges and stigma some authors in th ...   Show more

Bedouin Banter #37 Cults, Communities, & Surreal Con'artistry? Stories of Bahraini Success & Failure

In this episode of the "Bedouins Upclose Series" we sit down with Saud & Reem two Bahraini Entrepreneurs and the faces behind "The Cult"; a one stop shop & platform for communities, vendors, events, and everything else you can imagine. We talk about their story through the startu ...   Show more

Bedouin Banter #36 Juffair Life ~ The Sins, Sailors, & Stories Of A Mama San

In this episode of the Podcast Mike Donovan joins the Banter Buddies round table series for a talk about all things Juffair life. The unusual watering holes catching media attention , to the local stories of debauchery and sailors caught up in a web of blackmail and trafficking. ...   Show more

Bedouin Banter #35 - Part II - Censorship & Pixels; God Of War, The last Of Us 2, & Many Tentacles

In part II of this episode the boys continue with their conversations on censorship, and specifically the many shapes its taken for video games and movies from around the world. Whether religiously oriented or politically minded, censorship in the Middle east and Asia have had th ...   Show more

Bedouin Banter #35 - Part I - Woke Censorship in Gaming, MTG, D&D & Media Madness in the Middle East

In this geekier episode of the banter buddies series, Khaled & Matrook are joined by fellow pop culture enthusiast, bahraini gamer geek, and culinary cultist Mansoor Al Obaidlee. We sit down to talk about the recent the brand new woke Tsunami that hit the gaming, tabletop, and ge ...   Show more

Bedouin Banter #34 - Part III - Sergio Halabi - Lost history, Metaphysics , Mythology, & Mysticism

In this final installment of a three part series with Sergio Halabi, we find ourselves getting into a world that some call "Woo woo". From lost history, & ancient mythologies, to mysticism & spiritual awakenings. Sergio and Khaled take a closer look at the world of alternative th ...   Show more

Bedouin Banter #34 - Part II - Sergio Halabi - Riots, Rage, & Racist Lebanese Chocolates

Were' back with part II of episode 34, as we continue past the conspiracies and take a closer look at the "No easy answers" angle that we take for granted in moments of upheaval, outrage, and social debate. We go over the types of racism that are found till this day in Lebanon, a ...   Show more

Bedouin Banter #34 - Part I - Sergio Halabi - Truth Seeking & Truth Testing

Another special one for the "Bedouins Up Close" interview series of the podcast. In this multi-part episode we're joined by Entrepreneur, Designer, and Podcaster Sergio Halabi of the "Paradigm Shift Podcast". As we go deep on the realities of truth seeking, political power dynami ...   Show more

Bedouin Banter #33 The boys Talk Tekashi, George Floyd, Activism, & Middle Eastern BLM hypocrisy!

The podcast is back with another round table episode; this time alongside the OG banter buddies crew! Mats and OJ are back in studio to help breakdown the chaos of a 2020 world. From the harsh truths of daily police injustice, to the realities that make up global race relations. ...   Show more

Bedouin Banter #32 PR Bots Of Arabia! How To Look Forward Whilst Stepping Back

In this brand new format of the banter ranter isolation series Khaled takes a look back at the PR Bot Highlights of the middle east from the last 5 years and gives his take on what bad tech reporting can do to a post lockdown Bahrain, stormtroopers and all.  

Bedouin Banter #31 Space Force Or Space Forced? Our Arabs In Orbit & The Lebanese Rocket Society!

In this episode of the Banter Ranter series, Khaled goes deep on the future of space for the middle east as we take a look at all the recent happenings with Nasa, Space Force, China, the ongoing race for the economies of the future. In addition we take a look back at the history ...   Show more

Bedouin Banter #30 Expectation vs Reality, Tom Cruise in Space, & The Egyptian Scifi Show Al Nehaya

This is the reupload of the original livestream that was taken down and claimed for using Al-Nehaya's Trailer, in this episode we not only review the state of scifi drama in the middle east but also go over the many examples of Expectations vs Reality whilst going having a look a ...   Show more

Bedouin Banter #29 With Ahmed Matrook

Matrook is back in studio for another episode as we talk about the weekly run down of what’s happening in our daily lives, pop culture, lockdown planning, Henna parties and more...  

Bedouin Banter #28 Arabian Conspiracies, 5G Fallacies, China, N Korea, & The Corona Info War

The Middle East has always been a hot bed for conspiracy theories, from the historically valid to the painfully childish. In this episode of the continuing isolation series of the podcast Khaled digs his teeth into the freshest theories, and goes over some of the Arab worlds most ...   Show more

Bedouins Banter #27 Mike Donovan

In this episode we kick off our return to the old Bedouin Banter interview style series and bring aboard Mike Donovan a local Navy man, adventurer, Improv'er, thespian, and overall Lawrence of Adliyah. We ask him about the navy experience in Bahrain and the every day Americans ta ...   Show more

Bedouin Banter #26 Cultural Confessions, Chinese Coronas, & Cases of Bad PR

The post disruption makeup stream! Connection is back up and i'll be talking all things Cinema, Streaming, Wuhan Virus and Bahrain's PR game in the world of entertainment and media and how it all goes back to China! Join in on the youtube live chat tonight!  

Bedouin Banter #25 Egos, Delusions, & Everyday Tiger Kings

In this Episode of the isolation hour stream with Khaled, we talk about Tiger kings; who they are what they represent, what happens when one goes unchecked. We also ask the question “Does the middle east has its fair share of Tiger King’s and do they make the rest of us look bad? ...   Show more

Bedouin Banter #23 Bahrain's Corona Economy, Jared Leto's Cult, & A Rant about Arab Story Tellers..

A new series where Khaled takes advantage of social distancing and takes the reins in studio for a free form rant about all the topics of the week ~ Curfews, Bailouts, Economies, Freelancers, Hookers, & Jared Leto's Cult!  

Bedouin Banter #22 Some Stories of Stage, Styles, and Stigma With Guest ~ Abyooki

Abyooki Joins us in studio and gets up close and personal with the Bedouins as we talk life, performance, and the challenges of making a career out of music in the middle east.  

Bedouin Banter #20 Woke Culture, Marriage In the Middle East, and Why the Japanese aren't f^&*ing!

In this episode the Mats, Migs, Dossy Boy and the B-man go through the controversy of woke culture in comics, movies, and games and how it manages to somehow lead us to birth rates in Japan and a fear of marriage in the middle east!  

Bedouin Banter #18 Tesla Trucks in Dubai, Middle Eastern Reactions, Dynasties, Delphines & Genius

The 4 man hustle is on full blast as the boys are joined by local standup Miguel Lopez and get into the reactions to the Tesla Truck, how outrage has become a financial advantage to investors plus a whole slew of conversations on the realities of electric in the middle arguments ...   Show more

Bedouin Banter #17 Starwars bashing, Middle Eastern Aids, The annoying genius of Influencers

The boys are joined by our new 3rd mic Bader and end up going into every Starwars tangent under the sun all whilst getting into the modern woes of a social media life in the middle east, upcoming controversial changes to instagram, and a final comment and farewell by Ahmed Zayani ...   Show more

Bedouin Banter #16 With Special Guests ~ Mohammed Fakhro & Ahmed Zayani

On this episode of Banter Buddies, we are joined by local film critic and film maker Ahmed Zayani and returning guest Mohammed Fakhro. Diving deeper into the world of cinema we get into local theatres, movie critiquing, and movie culture in the GCC, as well as discussing the firs ...   Show more

Bedouin Banter #15 With Special Guest ~ Wa'ad Al Saeedi

In this episode we are joined by Wa'ad Al Saeedi an Omani software engineer living in Bahrain. Wa'ad takes us through what it means to live abroad as a Khaliji woman, the challenges of the middle eastern workplace, and even some possible Omani Aliens!  

Bedouin Banter #14 With Special Guest ~ Mohammed Fakhro

Producer, Director, and Co-writer of the film Cloven "Mohamed Fakhro", joins us on the podcast for an episode where we go over the challenges of being a Bahraini film maker, the unexpected results of the project, and his journey in an undeveloped industry.