Solid House (Organic Selection of House Music Beats, DJ's Only)

Solid House (Organic Selection of House Music...

20 Songs
Release Date
Hoof (Love in Ibiza Mix)
Get Feeling (Dave Portson's Deephouse Mix)
Endgames (Tokyo's Mix)
Music Never Die (The Architect Mix)
Supreme Temple (The Glitch Mix)
No Pain (James Altura's House Mix)
Usually (Undervocal Mix)
Put Your Hands Up (Mondial House Deep Mix) [feat. Nerroh]
To Much Heartache (Room 69's House Mix)
The Other Story (The Limousine Mix)
One Leap, Two Leaps (Atmospherical Mix)
Oper Your Hands (Miami Nights Mix)
Milk and Kiss (The 212 Suite Mix)
Splash Enjoy (Subway Mix)
Ticket Dark Club (The Fashion & Glitter Mix)
Sonik Underground (Urban City Mix)
My Confort Line (Zone 4000 Mix)
Wave of Passion (Dimension Zero Mix)
Kupo Beat (Black House Mix)
Crosspollinate (The Train Mix)