Visualizing Conflict | تصوير النزاعات

Visualizing Conflict | تصوير النزاعات

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Narrating Conflict: In search of “truth”

Examining the experience in Egypt of using images to fight for social justice, we talk to Aida El Kashef, co-founder of the Cairo-based, independent media collective Mosireen. Through her experience as an activist and a journalist, we learn about the important role of journalism ...  Show more

Visualizing Conflict: The relationship between images and war

In this episode, we look at the importance of images in conflict zones and how news organizations work with images from social media, international and local journalists. We speak to the program editor for Channel 4 news who produced the award winning series of reports 'Inside Al ...  Show more

On the Intersection of Politics and Visual Culture

In this episode, we hear from Sara Creta, visual journalist and research fellow at the Institute of Future Media and Journalism at Dublin City University and Nicholas Mirzoeff who is a writer, visual activist and Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at NYU, working at th ...  Show more