Dynamic Blues - John Lee Hooker: 50 Essential Tracks

Dynamic Blues - John Lee Hooker: 50 Essential...

27 Songs
Release Date
Boogie Chillun
Cat Fish
Crawling King Snake
Don't Go Baby (Baby Please Don't Go)
How Can You Do It
Do the Boogie
Misbelieving Baby
Need Somebody
Weeping Willow Blues
Goin' South
Stomp Boogie
Four Women in My Life
Just Me and My Telephone
Huckle up Baby
My Baby Don't Love Me
No More Doggin'
Feed Her All Night
House Rent Boogie
Dreamin Blues
Leave My Wife Alone
Wanderin' Blues (Ground Hog)
Hoogie Boogie
Tease Me Baby
Gotta Boogie (New Boogie Chillun)
Shake, Holler and Run
Queen Bee