2020 Total Fitness - Winter Edition (Non-Stop Workout Mix 130-150 BPM)

2020 Total Fitness - Winter Edition (Non-Stop...

15 Songs
Release Date
Castles (Workout Remix 130 BPM)
Alone, Pt. II (Workout Remix 131 BPM)
React (Workout Remix 132 BPM)
South of the Border (Workout Remix 133 BPM)
Nice to Meet Ya (Workout Remix 134 BPM)
Get Ready (Workout Remix 135 BPM)
Further Up (Na, Na, Na, Na, Na) (Workout Remix 137 BPM)
Only the Young (Workout Remix 139 BPM)
Dance Monkey (Workout Remix 140 BPM)
Heaven (Workout Remix 142 BPM)
Intentions (Workout Remix 143 BPM)
Anyone (Workout Remix 145 BPM)
Physical (Workout Remix 147 BPM)
Take What You Want (Workout Remix 149 BPM)
Blinding Lights (Workout Remix 150 BPM)