How Do They Do It?

How Do They Do It?

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Emirati Author, Speaker & Futurist Omar Al Busaidy

Omar Al Busaidy is an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker and a futurist. He is an interesting Emirati, who has to-date worn many hats. Omar has been divorced, fired twice, demoted and stabbed. Quite frankly I’m not sure which would have hurt him the most, but you’ll find ...   Show more

Luxury Travel Blogger & Story Teller Elona Karafin

Elona Karafin is a luxury travel blogger, storyteller, cancer survivor and an all-round do-gooder. In a previous life, as a full time financial analyst, Elona Karafin made headlines for doing 3/4 day holidays around the world, shattering stereotypes and misconceptions by many who ...   Show more

World Renowned & Mindful Kizomba Artist Ronie Saleh

Ronie Saleh started his career as speech and language pathologist, operating from his clinic in Stockholm, Sweden. Today, Ronie Saleh has become one of the most sought after Kizomba artists in the world delivering his workshops and classes in over 50 countries, with his calendar ...   Show more

RAK Government Media Office Director General Heba Fatani

Heba Fatani is the Director General At the Ras Al Khaimah Government Media Office. The Lady at the helm who leads, and drives the strategic communications for the northern most emirate of our United Arab Emirates. Heba Fatani is a product of Saudi Arabia. She is strong, independe ...   Show more

Dubai Investor & Venture Souq Partner Tammer Qaddumi

Tammer Qaddumi is an investor, and one of the founding partners at Venture Souq, a Dubai-based early-stage investment platform. Which means, if you, or someone you know is at the early stage of their start up, make sure you tune in to this episode. The group has made well over 10 ...   Show more

Motivational Speaker & Communication Coach Noor Alhuda

Noor Alhuda is a motivational speaker, communication expert and writer. Noor Alhuda is also a social media influencer, not of the mundane, but as a voice for positive growth wellbeing. Beyond commanding the stage, Noor Alhuda commands the attention of an audience that is global. ...   Show more

Dubai Bred Indian Comedian & Actor - Nitinn R. Miranni

Nitinn R. Miranni is a Dubai bred Indian comedian & actor. He is a renowned figure in the United Arab Emirates, regionally across the Middle East & India, and globally. In the UAE alone, Nitinn R. Miranni opened for legends Like Eddie Griffin and the Tonight’s show host, Trevor N ...   Show more

Dubai Based Entrepreneur & Investor Joy Ajlouny

Joy Ajlouny was told, ‘You Can’t’, and that, was the start of her journey. I hope that from my conversation with Joy Ajlouny, you stop focussing on what everybody else thinks of you, and start focussing on what You think of you. Joy is a bull in a china closet. And she makes no a ...   Show more

TG! Dubai Photographer & Film Director Ihsan Salhia

Ihsan Salhia, or as he is affectionately known (TG! from Dubai) is the go to photographer & film director by many world leading brands. Always a hard worker, Ihsan Salhia did the corporate world, owning his own business, experiencing life's the roller coaster, losing it all, and ...   Show more

Yoga Teacher, Instructor & Author - Judita Berkova

Judita Berkova is Yoga teacher, instructor and author.  But more so, as a friend, I the phrase “one in a million” is used loosely to indicate someone special. But to me, that phrase applies to Judita Berkova. She is, one in a million. What’s undeniable is Judita’s radiance. You f ...   Show more

Real Estate CEO & Serial Entrepreneur Loai Al Fakir

Loai Al Fakir is a friend whom I’ve known from the early days of his real business, to what would become today, a dominating player in the Dubai Real Estate Market- Provident. With Loai Al Fakir, the accolades don’t stop. Because he doesn’t stop. Gary Vee, may have made the word ...   Show more

Dubai Based Actor & Storyteller - Lamya Tawfik

Dr. Lamya Tawfik was born and raised in Dubai. Lamya Tawfik wears a number of hats as an actor, storyteller, voice over artist, moderator, host, writer and translator. Lamya Tawfik holds a BA and MA in journalism and mass communication from the American University in Cairo, and a ...   Show more

Dubai Startup Cofounder & COO - Jad Halaoui

Jad Halaoui is a Dubai based entrepreneur, engineer & an avid consumer of knowledge. He is wise, witty, and well spoken. Jad Halaoui forms part of the duo that is Washmen. The Dubai start-up that aims to eliminate the washing machine from your home. He is the co-founder & chief o ...   Show more

Youngest Arab To Summit Mount Everest - Tima Deryan

Tima Deryan is the Youngest Arab and First Lebanese Woman to Summit Mount Everest the highest peak in the world. Tima Deryan is also the 1st Arab Woman to Summit Ojos del Salado the highest active volcano in the world. And now, Tima Deryan has her eyes set for the explorer’s ...   Show more

Emirates Steel CEO - His Excellency Saeed Al Remeithi

His Excellency Eng. Saeed Al Remeithi was born, raised and educated in a public school in Abu Dhabi. He is a friend whom I, and many admire, both regionally and globally. H.E. Eng. Saeed Al Remeithi is the first UAE National appointed as the CEO of Emirates Steel, a company that ...   Show more

3 x Cancer Survivor & Style Coach- Yasmin Yousri

When I think of courage and being brave, I think of my friend, Dubai's Style Coach & Art Director Yasmin Yousri (ياسمين يسري).  A lady who is a three-time cancer survivor. If you, or someone you know is having a rough day, you should make the time to watch this episode. Yasmin Yo ...   Show more

Dubai Social Media Influencer Moe Money (Moe Jabry)

Moe Money is a Dubai-based luxury vlogger, content creator and social media influencer. Beyond the celebrity persona is Moe Jabry, a guy whom I have known for a few years. When I think of the success factor that is likeability, he is one of the guys I think of. A genuinely good g ...   Show more

Emirati Educator on EQ & Leadership Maya Al Hawary

Maya Al Hawary is an inspirational Emirati Educator and the first PhD scholar to research emotional intelligence and its effect on leadership in the United Arab Emirates. Maya Al Hawary was the vice-principal at a school when only a handful of Emiratis were in such a position. Sh ...   Show more

X Factor Winner Hamza Hawsawi

In 2015, X Factor Middle East had a winner. Saudi Arabia’s voice of R&B, Hamza Hawsawi. Hamza Hawsawi is a renowned singer, a songwriter, a thinker and a hard worker, who wakes up with music on his mind, and music running through his veins. Hamza Hawsawi has the looks. He’s got t ...   Show more

Dubai Entrepreneur & Start-up Investor Loulou Khazen Baz

Loulou Khazen Baz is the founder of, the region’s first and still the largest online marketplace that helpslocal businesses find, hire and pay freelance experts. From a pool of 2000 startups, she won a million dirhams for her start up on the Dubai Tv show The Entrepre ...   Show more

Real Estate Tycoon & Serial Entrepreneur Firas Al Msaddi

My guest is a real estate tycoon in Dubai. He is known in Dubai and around the world as a serial entrepreneur. He is the chairman and (CEO) of FAM Properties and the FAM group of companies. For the last 2 consecutive years, his brokerage firm was one of the leaders in Dubai. In f ...   Show more

Award Winning Filmmaker Pegah Ghaemi

My guest today is an award-winning writer, actor, director, producer and an entrepreneur. Her body of work is a wide scope of films - Independent, commercial, fiction and non-fiction. Her films have been selected at many film festivals including the Cannes film festival, Clermont ...   Show more

His Excellency Marwan Al Sarkal - Executive Chairman Of Sharjah Investment Development Authority

If the Sharjah Investment Development Authority is, and it is, the driving force that is transforming Sharjah as a key investment, tourism, cultural and business destination. Then my guest is the driving force, behind the driving force. My guest is one of the key leaders in contr ...   Show more

Olympian & Professional Athlete Sarra Lajnef

My next guest is brains, beauty and a beast wrapped into one. She should have you reframing your mindset in the sense of what you can actually achieve, if you set your mind to it. My guest leaves her home at the tender age of 15. She studies in France for her baccalaureate, gradu ...   Show more

Dubai's Top Dj - DJ Bliss

DJ BLISS was fired from his first Dj-ing gig, to today becoming the resident DJ at some of the most prestigious clubs in #Dubai . Hosting the 2019 special Olympics in Abu Dhabi & The F1 Grand Prix and being one of the iconic faces that launched the one-year countdown to Dubai’s 2 ...   Show more

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Where ever you are in the world, welcome. I’m Kevin Abdulrahman. This is How Do they do it. Please take a moment to subscribe to our podcast. Here’s why. Every episode I sit with one of my friends. A beast.  Game changer. Great mind. Leader. Or just someone whom for one reason or ...   Show more