Today's 50 Global Top Hits Playlist - Corona Cover Edition

Today's 50 Global Top Hits Playlist - Corona ...

50 Songs
Release Date
Lose Control (When I Need Your Love Remix Edit) [feat. Rob Nunjes]
Bella Ciao (Dr. Fauci 2020 Remix)
Alone (At Home Remix)
No Time to Die (Flatten the Curve Mix)
Stupid Love (Covid-19 Remix)
Blinding Lights (The Rich Box Remix Edit)
China (Wu-Han Clan Remix)
Don't Leave Me Alone (Social Distancing Edit) [feat. Lana Grande]
Memories (Billboard Club Mix)
Unforgettable (Dave Sinclair Remix)
Castles (Stay Home Version)
Roses (Corona Remix) [feat. Siri]
Circles (Video Playlist Remix)
Idgaf (I Don't Give a Fuck) (WTF Deluxe Edit) [feat. Bea]
El Ritmo (Rhythm of the Night Rap Edit) [feat. Don Sharicon]
Remind Me to Forget (Tropical EDM Remix Edit)
Happier (davincii Remix)
All the Stars (Playlist Mix)
More Than You Know (WHO Mix)
Shallow (Shazam Jones Star Born Remix)
Human (Hardwired Remix) [feat. Singo]
Mercy (Preacher Mix)
Flames (davincii Mix) [feat. Marisa Ingram]
I'm a Mess (Rob Nunjes House Remix)
Sunflower (Spiderverse Remix) [feat. NDA]
Wild Thoughts (Conspiray Mix) [feat. Maria]
Starving (Sucker for Pain Mix) [feat. Route 69]
Something Just Like This (John Bravo Remix)
Me Myself & I (Ultra Club Sounds Edit) [feat. 679]
Without Me (Thinking You Could Live Remix)