13 Songs
Release Date
From Early Birds to Night Owls (feat. Dorian Wood)
Northern Lights (feat. Eivør)
Mother Nature (feat. Clare and the Reasons)
The Scarcity of Miracle (feat. Dorian Wood)
When We Dream We Are All Creators (feat. Little Red Lung)
Fenrir and the Owl -Pt.1 (feat. Sabina Sciubba & Strings Of Amiina)
Under the Blood of the Moon, Pt.1 (feat. Eleonora Betti)
The Ground Beneath the Ground (feat. Craig Walker)
The Bush (feat. Högni Egilsson)
All the Days (feat. Dorian Wood)
Swan (feat. Little Red Lung)
Untitled #68 (feat. The Irrepressibles)
Freiheit (feat. Sabina Sciubba & Strings Of Amiina)