REAL AF with Andy Frisella

REAL AF with Andy Frisella

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157. The Ultimate Opportunity For Growth

There is a tremendous opportunity for people who want to get aggressive right now. In today's episode, Andy talks about how it's easy to lose focus chasing your goals in times of uncertainty and what you need to do to come out of these strange times on track towards your goals. 

156. The Illusion Of Freedom Ft. John Burk

A minority of the population isn't advocating for equal rights. Instead, they are advocating for special privileges. In today's episode, Andy and the guys have John Burk in the studio, a US Army Vet who now owns and operates Shell Shock CBD and hosts the All American Savage Show. ...  Show more

155. Q&AF: How To Silence "Haters," Separating Business And Personal & Hiring People With Shady Past

When you're doing big shit, they're supposed to hate. On today's episode, Andy answers your questions on how you can silence the people that don't believe in your vision, how to keep business and personal life separated and how to make a judgment call on hiring someone with a sha ...  Show more

154. Andy & DJ Cru... "I'mma let you finish, but..."

We're living in some strange times. On today's episode, Andy & DJ talk about Ye's marketing influence in our society, a women's refusal to attend her brother's wedding unless all the food served is vegan, and what the Chinese propaganda film that shows the defeat of the US Army m ...  Show more

153. Finance, Influence & Authenticity Ft. Rob Freund

Authenticity has never been more valuable than it is now. On today's episode, Andy and the crew are joined by Rob Freund, a lawyer, and advisor for brands, agencies & influencers. They discuss why financial responsibility is an important skill to learn early on in life, the diffe ...  Show more

152. Andy & DJ Cruise The Internet

Andy & DJ went on a cruise! On today's episode, Andy & DJ discuss the latest stories happening across the internet. They start with Jon Gruden's emails that led to his termination, followed by the Loudoun Country School District's transgender sexual assault case and what the supp ...  Show more

151. Q&AF: Hiring High-Quality On A Budget, Teaching Your Team To Care & Prioritizing Tasks Towards Your Goals

Authenticity will always win in business and life. On today's Q&AF episode, Andy answers your questions on how to find & pay high-quality employees early in your business, how to teach your team to care about their work, and what you should put on the back burner when pursuing yo ...  Show more

150. #StandTogether Ft. Ari Hasanaj

We do not discriminate against ANY customer based on sex, gender, race, creed, age, vaccinated or unvaccinated. On today's episode, Andy is joined by Ari Hasanaj, a young entrepreneur who's gone viral after delivering signs to businesses who oppose the proof of vaccination cards ...  Show more

149. Q&AF: Rewarding Yourself, Getting Bored & Andy The MF Carpet Cleaner

A lot of people do whatever they want before they can afford to do whatever they want. On today’s Q&AF episode, Andy answers your questions about when it's appropriate to spend your money on luxury items and how you can get excited about your life and goals. Andy also tells the s ...  Show more

148. …But Helth? Part III Ft. Dr. Russell Surasky & Erin Elmore

The difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth is six months. On today’s episode, Andy and the crew are joined by Dr. Russell Surasky, the only triple board-certified neurologist in the United States, as well as attorney, political strategist, and TPUSA contributor Erin ...  Show more

147. Two Tools Champions Use To Win

If you ever try to do anything more than the ordinary, you’ll face negativity and resistance. On today’s episode, Andy talks about the two tools champions use to consistently keep winning, why you shouldn’t let other people impose their insecurities on you and how you can convert ...  Show more

146. Q&AF: Dealing With Dissatisfied Customers, Sharing Your Teachings & Starting Your Business Late

In today’s Internet era, you can produce the results in 2 years what used to take 20 years. On today’s Q&AF episode, Andy answers your questions about how to handle disgruntled customers to turn the situation around, when to start sharing your teachings in a credible way and why ...  Show more

145. Q&AF: The Dichotomy Of Critical Thinking And Vision, Opening First Business & Working With Family & Friends

Learning to separate emotions from logic is a crucial part of business and life. On today’s Q&AF episode, Andy talks about the dichotomy between critical thinking and vision, tells the story of why he started his first business back in 1999 and how to determine if hiring a family ...  Show more

144. Personal Responsibility Ft. Jason Khalipa

We need more healthy discussions amongst people with dissimilar opinions. On today’s episode, Andy and the crew are joined by former CrossFit Games Athlete turned entrepreneur Jason Khalipa. They discuss contrasting views regarding the vaccine mandates, 75 Hard and the media misr ...  Show more

143. Stop Waiting, It’s You Ft. Kalena Bruce

Change starts with a single person, and that could be you. On today's episode, Andy and the crew are joined by Kalena Bruce, who's running for Missouri's 4th Congressional district. They talk about how NOW is the time to get together and stand up for your rights, why it's imperat ...  Show more

142. Creating Loyalty For Success

What does loyalty mean to you? On today's episode, Andy debunks the idea that loyalty is how long you've known someone, defines what loyalty actually entails and how being loyal to yourself can open up tremendous opportunities for you. 

141. Q&AF: Sharks & Spoons

Some things aren't for everyone. On today's Q&AF episode, Andy talks about how reading books has improved his life drastically and how it can do the same for you, when you should take that next big step in growing your business, and how to overcome complacency when working toward ...  Show more

140. Q&AF: Imitation, Bitch Voice & The Bigger Picture

When you imitate someone, you are stifling your gifts. On today’s Q&AF episode, Andy talks why blindly imitating someone is a bad long-term strategy, how to control your bitch voice to build your discipline and how to cast the vision of your big dreams and aspirations onto friend ...  Show more

139. The Soil of America Ft. Officer Tatum

When you stand up for American beliefs and values, you will be surprised by how many people join you. On today's episode, Andy and the crew are joined by Officer Brandon Tatum. They discuss how the current generation needs to man up to eradicate tyranny, how taking ownership of y ...  Show more

138. Historic Recurrence Ft. Ian Wendt

The next American who is going to change the world is you. On today's episode, Andy and the crew are joined by Ian Wendt, the founder of the Patriot Gear. They discuss the true meaning of being a patriot and how each one of us can be the agent for unity and change within the most ...  Show more

137. Q&AF: Taking Advice, Need Vs Wants & Feeling Alone

How do you know when it’s a “need” or a “want”? On today's Q&AF episode, Andy talks about who you should solicit advice from, how you should differentiate between needs & wants and what you should do when you feel alone in your success journey. 

136. Execute Execute Execute Ft. Chadd Wright

All of us are here on Earth for a reason. On today's episode, Andy and the guys are joined by former Navy SEAL turned entrepreneur and ultra-runner, Chadd Wright as they discuss the mindset of someone who never quits working towards their goals, the situation brewing in Afghanist ...  Show more

135. Q&AF: Getting Out Of Ruts, Avoiding Destructive Paths & Impacting Your Child's Health

Do you find yourself in a rut? On today's episode, Andy answers your questions of how you should deal with negative people in situations you have to be involved in, how to stop yourself from going down a destructive path and how you can motivate your child to take their health se ...  Show more

134. How To Build Bulletproof Confidence

If you're waiting to feel more confident, you will be waiting forever. On today's episode, Andy talks about where real confidence comes from, debunks the idea that people are born with confidence, and tells you the steps you need to take to build the confidence you desire. 

133. American Privilege

Are you starting to see your American privilege now? On today's episode, Andy and the crew talk about what transpired in Afghanistan earlier this week, the mask & vaccine mandates and how we can unite as Americans to save America. LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:    Book Andy to ...  Show more

132. Q&AF: Personal Life Vs Business, Hiring First Employee & Unsupportive Partners

What's happening in the world? On today's episode, Andy starts by addressing the current situation in Afghanistan and how we can come together in America despite our differences to make the world a better place. Following it up with a Q&AF show answering how you can separate your ...  Show more

131. Ask Andy Part 4: Passion, Efficiency & Leadership

“Ask Andy” is back! Andy answers your questions about how to seek your passion and make money with it, why you should be effective with your time instead of just being busy and 2 skills you need to nurture if you want to make it big in business and in life. LINKS MENTIONED IN THI ...  Show more

130. 3 Basic Principles Of Feeling Alive

Do you look at other people and think “I wonder what makes them feel alive”? Stop wondering. On today’s episode, Andy explains the 3 key elements which make up the recipe to feel alive every single day of your life. LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Book Andy to Be on Your Podcast ...  Show more

129. Pro-Freedom Ft. Greg Anderson

Without the option of freedom and choice, we cannot have prosperity in the country. We all HAVE to get together and speak the truth. On today's episode, Andy and the crew are joined by Greg Anderson, former U. S. Army ranger and former police officer, as they explain why it's imp ...  Show more

128. Heavy To Modified Ft. Anthony Lopez

The reason where you are in life is because of you and nobody else. On today’s episode, Andy is joined by Anthony Lopez, who has lost over 350 pounds, as they dissect the mentality of winners who create real long-term change in their lives, how owning up to your actions in life c ...  Show more