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EPISODE 032: Jacques Arnould, a tricky question for the entire space industry

Jacques Arnould is paid to ask uncomfortable questions. As an ethicist at the French space agency CNES, Jacques puts his fingers on places that people sometimes like to ignore: such as the question: why we do what we do. Why money is spent on this mission and not on another, and ...   Show more

EPISODE 031: Ian Carnelli, Preparing for the worst

Next year, a small spacecraft will head for the double asteroid Didymos to slam into it with its brakes off. The name of the mission gives free rein to the imagination: Planetary Defense Mission. It is a joint mission between ESA and NASA, and it wants to test for the first time ...   Show more

EPISODE 030: Yvette Hopkins, Shetland Space Center

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, a little north of Scotland, there is a small island that you can cross by car in just two and a half hours. In the far north there is not much going on, lush meadows as far as the eye can see. And sheep, of course. On closer inspection, howeve ...   Show more

EPISODE 029: Brother Guy Consolmagno, The Pope’s Astronomer

Brother Guy Consolmagno begins his conversation in this podcast by referring to a long and strange tale. And that's what it has become. One of the most fascinating paths we've followed on this podcast so far. This is the story of the transformation of a budding astronomer with ve ...   Show more

EPISODE 028: Mahsa Moghimi Esfandabadi, Space Architect. What our habitats on foreign shores will look like

Mahsa Moghimi Esfandabadi builds houses. Preferably for places like Mars or the Moon. Because in the not too distant future, we will need permanent dwellings out there. But as you might expect, it's not that simple and will take generations of research. Space is and remains merci ...   Show more

EPISODE 027: Bruce Damer - a new origin of life and how to mine an asteroid.

Bruce Damer is a versatile scientist who may be on the verge of rewriting the story of the origin of life. Contrary to all our ideas and textbook opinions, life may not have originated at the bottom of the oceans. Quite the opposite. Many things speak against it and the scientifi ...   Show more

EPISODE 026: Torsten Kriening - Mastermind behind one of the fastest growing space industry news outlets

Torsten Kriening is your point of contact when you need information about whoever you want in the space industry. Seriously, Torsten is the best-connected and most go-getting person on the international space scene. This fact almost put one of the most spectacular projects on the ...   Show more

EPISODE 025: Alice Gorman - Space Archaeologist and why Elon Musk will never call her back.

Alice Gorman has brought together astrophysics and archaeology to create the fascinating field of space archaeology. She talks about what exactly it is and why it could be crucial to the future of space travel in this fascinating episode of the Space Cafe Podcast.Host: Markus Moo ...   Show more

EPISODE 024: Lin Kayser - $> computer, build me a spaceship [Enter]

Lin Kayser is a German entrepreneur who wants to revolutionize the way we make products with his company Hyperganic. 3D printing has advanced to the point where it can really take us where we've long been in science fiction. And, he wouldn't be with us here at Space Cafe if he di ...   Show more

EPISODE 023: Pascale Ehrenfreund - is there life in space (other than us)?

Pascale Ehrenfreund is an astrophysicist specialising in astrobiology.She is a highly-decorated and deserved expert in the field and there is no getting around her when it comes to the question of whether there is life in space (apart from Earth).Pascale has worked for NASA and J ...   Show more

EPISODE 022: Avi Loeb - did we just witness an encounter of non human origin?

In 2017, a strange object appeared in our solar system only to disappear again. The global research community agrees that it happened, but what it was is part of a sometimes heated debate. One who particularly fanned the heat was an astronomer at the prestigious Harvard Universit ...   Show more

EPISODE 021: Niamh Shaw, the least likeliest person who can get to space

Niamh Shaw, an Irish-born performer, writer and communicator, wants to go into space. At the same time, however, she describes herself as probably the most unlikely person to succeed in such a feat. She is afraid and may not have the physical fitness. Nevertheless, Niamh holds on ...   Show more

EPISODE 020: Alexander Soucek - ESA and the legal challenges of space

Alexander Soucek is a space lawyer at ESA and must ensure that the increasing human presence in space remains under control. Not only in terms of traffic, but also ownership and rules of conduct. One specific issue currently being negotiated is the inevitable demise of the Intern ...   Show more

EPISODE 019: Una McCormack - Star Trek Science Fiction Writer

Una McCormack is a science fiction writer who has become particularly well known for her work on Star Trek and Dr.Who. In our conversation for Space Cafe Podcast Una repeatedly encouraged the space industry to be a little more imaginative and refrain from repeating the mistakes f ...   Show more

EPISODE 018: Dana Reizniece-Ozola, minister, satellite pioneer and chess grandmaster. The power of small nations.

Dana Reizniece-Ozola is a unique personality. Not only did she hold the post of Latvian Minister of Economy and Finance, she also helped launch the first Latvian satellite into orbit, thus elevating her native country to the rank of a space nation. By the way, she also holds the ...   Show more

EPISODE 017: Kellie Gerardi, high stakes and deep insights into the potentially first social media star in space.

Kellie Gerardi has embarked on an unusual career path that has taken her from the film to the heart of the space industry. Kellie is friends with the most outstanding personalities in the industry and has a clear goal: to go into space as soon as possible. Her bags are packed, an ...   Show more

EPISODE 016: Pamela Melroy - Soldier, Test Pilot, Astronaut

It is not easy to summarize Pamela Melroy in a few lines. No matter what she gets in touch with, she is most likely one of the best at it. One of the highlights was certainly one of the most daring outdoor missions that any human being has ever done on the International Space Sta ...   Show more

EPISODE 015: Simonetta Di Pippo - Director of UNOOSA

As the director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, Simonetta Di Pippo carries probably the coolest business card title ever. Simonetta has some pretty interesting insights, when it comes to the future of space - especially on earth. By the way: she also has som ...   Show more

EPISODE 014: Prof James Schwartz - we need to rethink everything

Admittedly, Elons rocket launches and landings are fascinating. They have a magical attraction. The same applies, of course, to future missions like Artemis. Seeing people on the moon again has its charm. But, do we really have to do all this? What's the point in going to space? ...   Show more

EPISODE 013: Nicole Büttner - how bringing AI and traditional companies together can work miraclese

Nicole Büttner, CEO of Merantix, a venture studio for artificial intelligence, brings AI experts and traditional industries together in a room and makes some magic happen. This "two-body method" regularly generates completely new business ventures. Space Cafe Podcast has talked a ...   Show more

EPISODE 012: Chris Lee - How will Hubble die? Is this the golden era of space travel? Why ESA has a bright future.

Chris Lee has just retired from his position as Chief Scientist of the UK Space Agency and, after 40 years in the space industry, can now finally retire to do what he enjoys most: space travel. Chris has had a career in some of the most dramatic and legendary missions in space tr ...   Show more

EPISODE 011: Sara Langston - Teaching the next generation of space travelers

Sara Langston teaches at the time-honored Embry Riddle flight school and knows what astronauts had to endure before they were allowed into orbit. But many things change. Not only the attitude of the students when it comes to challenging subjects. The whole industry is breaking ne ...   Show more

EPISODE 010: Nicole Stott - Space Shuttle Astronaut Extraordinaire

NASA astronaut Nicole Stott spent 104 days in space and remembers her two space flights aboard the legendary space shuttle that changed her life. Nicole didn't make the jump into the coveted cockpit right away, but she can still call herself part of the generation of pioneers who ...   Show more

Episode 009: Moriba Jah on space debris, and why it may be too late

Astrodynamicist Moriba Jah is one of the most dazzling figures on the international space scene, and he doesn't mince words when it comes to developing the near-Earth environment and addressing space junk. If we are really serious about the discovery of space, then we need to tak ...   Show more

Episode 008: Michelle Hanlon, The legal loophole to remove the American flags on the Moon

Michelle Hanlon was a successful public international law lawyer for decades, until she found out that no one could be held accountable for destroying the legendary footprints on the moon. She decided to do something about it, and the current international race to the moon makes ...   Show more

Episode 007: Nahum Romero, What the Space industry is missing and why not even Elon is visionary enough

Nahum Romero is an artist with a rather unique focus: space art. Currently, one of his pieces is circling the earth at 27.000 km/h. Nahum has some very profound insights about the current space race and criticizes the lack of groundbreaking vision even among the most outstanding ...   Show more

Episode 006: Proudly Human - the ambitious mission of a woman who seeks new knowledge for our civilization on Mars

Dr. Adriana Marais is a professional bartender, a quantum biologist, a theoretical physicist, an aspiring extraterrestrial and a real explorer. With her latest project "Proudly Human" she wants nothing less than to get us humans ready for the first landing on Mars. In a fascinati ...   Show more

Episode 005: Simon, the Elon of Singapore

Simon GwozdzSimon is not yet 30 years old and is already called the Elon of Singapore. With his company "Equatorial Space Systems" he wants to push the increasing commercialisation of space travel. And he has a secret weapon for this: A special rocket fuel recipe that gives him s ...   Show more

Episode 004: Life after COVID-19 - in space and on earth

Roxy Rahel Guellmeister works for the legendary architecture firm Foster and Partners, the masterminds behind such buildings as the German Reichstag, the new Wembley Stadium and Spaceport America. Roxy sees our society in a state of massive change and expects numerous fundamental ...   Show more

Episode 003: Are we facing an arms race in space?

The Team talks to Daniel Porras, Space Security Fellow at the United Nations Institute of Disarmament Research in Geneva, about indicators of an arms race in space, Columbus, space debris and the Indian ASAT test.○Host: Markus Mooslechner - ...   Show more