Shapes: Sideways

Shapes: Sideways

32 Songs
Release Date
Life Is Not a Crime
Don’t Answer
You Used to Love Me (Alfa Mist Remix) [feat. Denitia]
With You (feat. Denitia)
Happy Solar Return (feat. Kutiman)
The Edge (Swarvy Remix) [feat. Quantic]
RAM Generation
Nothing to Lose (Part 1)
Majesty (Sandunes Remix)
Amplified Science (Radio Edit) [feat. Anyway Tha God]
Orquídea (Sampology Remix) [feat. Sly5thAve]
All About Life (Wonky Logic Remix)
Mind Up (Werkha Remix) [feat. Andrew Ashong]
Vitruvian Man
Traveller (V.B. Kühl Remix)
Party Girl (Marc Mac Bruk Remix)
Work It Out (West Loop Chicago Mix) [feat. Jennifer Wallace]
Original Nuttah (DJ Madd Remix) [feat. Bunty]
Nom Wah Tea Parlour
How Deep (Nuff Pedals Remix)
Stone (Matthew Herbert's Spring Dub)
Level (feat. Irah)
No Smoke (Radio Edit) [feat. Crowell]
E Numbers (Radio Edit) [feat. NoLay, Dizmack & President T]
Can't Nobody Get Down (Kabuki Remix)
The Conversation (We Ain't Done Yet) (Edit)