Cleo Laine Double Bill - Valmouth & Cindy Ella (Original Soundtracks)

Cleo Laine Double Bill - Valmouth & Cindy Ell...

49 Songs
Release Date
Valmouth (From 'Valmouth')
Magic Fingers (From 'Valmouth')
Mustapha (From 'Valmouth')
I Loved a Man (From 'Valmouth')
All the Girls Were Pretty (From 'Valmouth')
What Do I Want with Love (From 'Valmouth')
Just Once More (From 'Valmouth')
Lady of De Manor (From 'Valmouth')
Big Best Shoes (From 'Valmouth')
Niri Esther (From 'Valmouth')
Little Girl Baby (From 'Valmouth')
The Cathedral of Clemenza (From 'Valmouth')
Only a Passing Phase (From 'Valmouth')
Where the Trees Are Green with Parrots (From 'Valmouth')
My Talking Day (From 'Valmouth')
I Will Miss You (From 'Valmouth')
Valmouth Finale (From 'Valmouth')
I Gotta Shoe (From 'Cindy Ella')
Troubles of the World (From 'Cindy Ella')
Motherless Child (From 'Cindy Ella')
Shine Shine Shoe (From 'Cindy Ella')
Lil Ella Play on Your Harp (From 'Cindy Ella')
Round Like a Melon Sweet Like a Peach (From 'Cindy Ella')
You Ain't a Gonna Sit and Take Your Ease (From 'Cindy Ella')
Go Way from Mah Window (From 'Cindy Ella')
Man No Good for Nuthin' (From 'Cindy Ella')
Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen (From 'Cindy Ella')
Your'e Worried Now (From 'Cindy Ella')
You Gotta Look Disdainful (From 'Cindy Ella')