Give Me the Funk! (The Best Funky-Flavored Music)

Give Me the Funk! (The Best Funky-Flavored Mu...

26 Songs
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Soul Makossa
Nobody's Butt but Yours, Babe
I Get Lifted
Home Is Where the Hatred Is
All This Love That I'm Givin'
Concrete Jungle
Back from the Dead
Can You Get to That
I Aim to Please
Hang It Up
Speak the Truth to the People (Frankie's Theme)
If It Was Good Enough for Daddy
All Your Kissin' Sho' Don't Make True Lovin'
You're the Cream of the Crop
I Like Funky Music (feat. Walter Murphy)
A Good Time
Mind Walk
Clean up Man
Woman of the Ghetto
Hey Girl
Midnight Rhythm