The English We Speak

The English We Speak

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Do you know someone who always tells the truth? 


An expression you can use to talk food you can't resist. 

A legend in one's lifetime

Do you know a famous living person? Here’s a phrase to describe them. 

Live rent-free in one's head

What or who do you think about all the time? 

Now you're talking

Learn how to show that you like someone’s idea. 

Hits different

Here’s the expression you can use to talk about something special. 


Learn an expression to describe how exaggerated some people are. 


Do you want to make something more interesting by changing it slightly? 

Lo and behold

Learn an expression to introduce a surprising part of a story. 


Here’s an expression to describe an important and powerful person. 


A word for when you want to say that something is really embarrassing. 

It’s the … for me

Learn an expression to talk about why you love or hate something. 


Some things are obvious but maybe this word isn’t. Listen to the programme. 

Down / Up for something

If there is something you are interested in doing now, we have an expression for you. 


Learn a new meaning of the word 'savage'. 


Learn an informal word to say something is amazing. 


Learn an informal word to express shock. 


Do you live for the moment? 


If you want to say something has a good aura, we have an expression you can use. 


Do you know what to call someone who’s new to something or very inexperienced? 


Learn a word to describe behaving like an adult. 

Push back

Learn a phrase about delaying things. 

The CEO of

If you want to say you’re the best at something, you could use this expression! 

Zip it!

We all like to talk, but some people don’t know when to stop. 

Botch job

What do you call a job badly done? 

It slaps!

What do you think is absolutely amazing? 

Have a lot of plates spinning

A phrase about having a lot of things to do. 


Do a lot of people remark on how glamorous you are? 


A word to describe someone with charm and energy! 

Snap up

If you snap up something, you get it quickly or immediately and usually with enthusiasm.