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Highly commended PR Leader - Natasha Hatherall Shawe and her fiercely female Tish Tash family

For this new episode of Unlimited Women’s Brands, we’re excited to welcome the “Highly commended PR Leader” Natasha Hatherall Shawe. Tash, is the founder of Tish Tash, a multi award winning Dubai based marketing and communication agency, regarded as one of the most sought after a ...  Show more

Nadine Halabi on a Mission for all Dubai Business Women to Collaborate, Innovate, Create and Thrive at DBWC and Beyond.

For this new episode of Unlimited Women’s Brands, we’re excited to welcome Nadine Halabi, Business Development Manager of the Dubai Business Women Council. A role that Nadine has covered for over a decade, but more than a role it’s a job with a mission! A Mission to ensure busine ...  Show more

How Digital is Transforming the World of Marketing and Communication, with Jelizaveta Kozlova - Founder of EK Laboratory

For this new episode of Unlimited Women’s Brands, we’re excited to welcome Jelizaveta Kozlova. Founder and Communications Director of EK Laboratory (eklaboratory.com), Jelizaveta is an emerging competitive figure in the luxury, fashion and lifestyle scene in Dubai. She joins us t ...  Show more

Raising Healthy, Happy, Resilient Children with Dr Linda Abu Jaber

In this new episode of Unlimited Footpath series, we’ll discuss about parenting and how to raise healthy, happy and resilient children! NO, it won’t a typical talk about motherhood, in fact we’ll start from the figure and the role of the father, as this episode is dedicated to Pr ...  Show more

Shaping Skylines and Materializing Dreams - Chandni Vasan Shares Her Story, Thriving in a Traditional Men’s Industry, the Aluminum and Glass.

With this new episode of Unlimited Features we’ll enter into a male dominated world - the construction sector - to uncover the journey of Chandni Vasan, General Manager of Oxford Aluminum Passionate about design & academically ambitious, Chandni started off as a designer in the c ...  Show more

Find Your WILD with Founder Emma E Burdett

For this new episode of our Unlimited perspective series we’re pleased to introduce you to Emma E Burdett, Diversity Champion and Founder of WILD – an empowering and networking platform for women in design. With a solid background in construction and interiors sector, after encou ...  Show more