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How Digital is Transforming the World of Marketing and Communication, with Jelizaveta Kozlova - Founder of EK Laboratory

For this new episode of Unlimited Women’s Brands, we’re excited to welcome Jelizaveta Kozlova. Founder and Communications Director of EK Laboratory (eklaboratory.com), Jelizaveta is an emerging competitive figure in the luxury, fashion and lifestyle scene in Dubai. She joins us t ...   Show more

Raising Healthy, Happy, Resilient Children with Dr Linda Abu Jaber

In this new episode of Unlimited Footpath series, we’ll discuss about parenting and how to raise healthy, happy and resilient children! NO, it won’t a typical talk about motherhood, in fact we’ll start from the figure and the role of the father, as this episode is dedicated to Pr ...   Show more

Shaping Skylines and Materializing Dreams - Chandni Vasan Shares Her Story, Thriving in a Traditional Men’s Industry, the Aluminum and Glass.

With this new episode of Unlimited Features we’ll enter into a male dominated world - the construction sector - to uncover the journey of Chandni Vasan, General Manager of Oxford Aluminum Passionate about design & academically ambitious, Chandni started off as a designer in the c ...   Show more

Find Your WILD with Founder Emma E Burdett

For this new episode of our Unlimited perspective series we’re pleased to introduce you to Emma E Burdett, Diversity Champion and Founder of WILD an empowering and networking platform for women in design. With a solid background in construction and interiors sector, after encou ...   Show more

Rosemin Madhavji: a Deep Dive in Her Charming World of Luxury, High-End Fashion and Beauty.

With this new episode of Unlimited Women’s Brands, we continue to explore the world of Female Entrepreneurship and today we enter into a world of luxury, high end fashion and beauty , Roseminsworld! Rosemin has long become synonymous with luxury. ENTREPRENEUR, CELEBRITY INFLUENCE ...   Show more

Donna Benton: the Mind, Heart and Soul behind The Entertainer and The Benton Group

With today’s interview we’re thrilled to launch the brand new season: Unlimited Women’s Brands, to share the professional and personal journey behind Brands conceived by Female Entrepreneurs, discussing their vision, ethos and point of view. To lead the series, we’re excited to i ...   Show more

"Empathy for Breakfast" Host, Mimi Nicklin, on Inspiring Change Everyday

For this new episode of Unlimited perspective series we’re glad to introduce you to Mimi Nicklin, International Best Selling Author of “Softening the Edge”, host of the ‘Empathy for Breakfast’ show as well as the ‘Secrets of The Gap’ which was recently nominated among the top 5 b ...   Show more

Myrna Trad Haddad's After Midnights: Fighting Fears and Struggles for a New Tomorrow.

This is the first episode of our brand-new series: “Features by Unlimited” where we present young and emerging talents, giving them a voice and sharing awareness around their stories and enterprises. Today we are pleased to welcome Myrna Trad Haddad, the author of the new book, A ...   Show more

From a Job to a Mission with Empowering Coach Federica Mele

With this new episode we’re proud to launch our Brand new podcast series titled “Unlimited Talks”. This podcast is a result of an incredibly successful Talk Series that we kick started at the beginning of the year under the title “Unlimited Beyond Inspirational”. The first of the ...   Show more

BrandYou with Kelly! Transform Your Confidence, Your Style and Your Personal Branding with Business Mentor Kelly Lundberg

For this new episode of our Unlimited Groundbreaking series, we’re thrilled to welcome award-winning celebrity stylist, business mentor, author and TEDx speaker, Kelly Lundberg! Upon arriving in Dubai as an Emirates Crew member in 2003, Kelly quickly decided to hang up her wings ...   Show more

Salina Handa, the Heart & Mind behind SENSASIA Urban Spas' Sanctuary of Harmony and Tranquility

For this new episode of our Unlimited Perspective Series, we’re entering into a sanctuary of tranquility and wellness with special guest Salina Handa! Salina is the founder of SENSASIA Urban Spa, the award-winning, home-grown spa brand that has developed to become Dubai's largest ...   Show more

Briar Prestidge, the Serial Entrepreneur Who Dresses Glamorous and Powerful Women.

We are thrilled to welcome Briar Prestidge. Originally from New Zealand, Briar has had an international career that saw her thrive in New York, London and Australia. However, it was in Dubai where she truly flourished, making headlines in the field of Digital Communication, PR St ...   Show more

Come Alive, don’t Just Exist : with Serial Entrepreneur, Coach and Author Meher Mirchandani

We’re pleased to welcome Meher Mirchandani, “the Queen in control” as the press described her. Meher was born into a privileged home and grew up to become a successful entrepreneur, business leader, philanthropist and devoted mother of twin daughters. But what seemed to be the pe ...   Show more

Dr Mena Shaher: Saving Lives One Breast Screening at a Time and One Motto: Awareness Is Queen!

We’re pleased to welcome Dr Mena Shaher, who will guide us through October Breast cancer awareness month and explain us the fundamental role of prevention in saving lives. Highly experienced radiologist with a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery, a Master’s degree in Radiod ...   Show more

Hebah Fisher on Unlimited : Podcast Pioneer in Mena Region and CEO of Kerning Cultures

We’re proud to welcome …Hebah Fisher, the absolute pioneer in podcast across Mena Region! Half American and half Egyptian, brought up between Bahrain, Saudi, Egypt, UAE and the States, Hebah felt that there was no media that was speaking to her generation. Not the radio, nor the ...   Show more

Real life nutrition: how to prevent nutrition-related diseases improving your overall health with Dr. Dana Al-Hamwi

We’re pleased to welcome today Dr. Dana Al Hamwi, award winning medical doctor and certified clinical dietician, founder of Dr. Dana Diet Center (DDDC) in Dubai and a regular expert commentator with a weekly segment on MBC and Dubai TV With a Doctorate in Medicine from the Univer ...   Show more

She is Arab: Changing the narrative about Arab women with Co-founder and CEO Samar Alshorafa

We are excited to host Samar Alshorafa: an entrepreneur and mother of 3 with a passion for social impact, diversity & inclusion, gender equality, policy reform, education and knowledge development Samar is the Co-founder and CEO of She is Arab, the first dedicated online platform ...   Show more

Twisted Roots at the core of Latifa Al Gurg fashion label’s success @ Dubai Expo Competition

For this new episode of Unlimited perspective series we’re pleased to introduce you Latifa Al Gurg, Founder and Creative Director of Twisted Roots. Born to an Emirati father and Danish mother, Latifa’s career started as an Electrical Engineer following her father’s steps. But thr ...   Show more

“Modesty: a fashion paradox” causes, controversies and key players with the author Hafsa Lodi

For this new episode of Unlimited perspective series we’re pleased to introduce you to Hafsa Lodi, an American journalist who has been covering fashion in the Middle East for the past decade while expressing a deep fascination on the relationship between culture, modernity and re ...   Show more

Aiisha Ramadan: from Red Carpet International Fashion Designer to Designer of Minds

For this new episode of Unlimited GroundBreaking series we’re thrilled to introduce you to Aiisha Ramadan. Aiisha is one of the region’s most prominent names in fashion: from being awarded Young Designer of the Year by Swarovski while she was still in College, to be named one of ...   Show more

Redesigning Children Education for the Future with Dr. Vandana Gandhi

Joining us today in Dubai for this new episode of Unlimited Perspective Series is Dr. Vandana Gandhi, the innovation-driven founder and CEO of British Orchard Nursery, with 20 locations in the UAE and UK. Dr. Gandhi and British Orchard Nursery’s accomplishments have been recognis ...   Show more

Nisa Soul: how to pursue fulfillment in the buzzing concrete jungle life, with Sara Mohamed

We’re proud to welcome to Unlimited Sara Mohamed, Founder of Nisa Soul. Sara is a corporate veteran, a seasoned entrepreneur, a start-up mentor and investment advisor. 10 years ago she embarked on a journey of self-discovery. Yoga and meditation practice helped her to experience ...   Show more

Nada Ghazal: Awarded Jewellery Designer, translating emotions into unique creations.

Joining us today from Beirut for this new episode of Unlimited Perspective Series is Nada Ghazal, the award winning jewellery designer that translates her emotions into a world of beauty and timeless pieces loved and cherished all around the world, from London to Paris, from New ...   Show more

S.H.E. is the one! Be Seen, Heard and Empowered with award winning journalist Nima Abu Wardeh

For this new episode of our Unlimited Groundbreaking series we are thrilled to host a guest speaker who embodies the true essence of our platform Nima Abu Wardeh Nima is a mother, an expert and one of the most inspiring and energetic people we ever met. She is an award-winning ...   Show more

A deep dive into Dubai Property Market, through good and bad times with COO Dounia Fadi

Joining us today for this new episode of Unlimited Perspective Series is Dounia Fadi, COO of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Gulf Properties There’s so much talk about the real estate market in such critical timings. Is it appropriate to run comparison between 2020 and 2008 crisi ...   Show more

When Fashion becomes Pashion with Susan Sabet, Editor in Chief of Pashion Magazine.

In this Groundbreaking episode, we interview in remote from Cairo Susan Sabet, Founder and  Editor in Chief of Pashion, the most prominent fashion magazine in Egypt. Recognised among the 500 most influential people in the Fashion industry worldwide, Susan has been engaged with fa ...   Show more

Women@Work before, during and after maternity with Managing Director Louise Karim

Managing Director of Women@Work, Louise Karim, is an experienced Marketing and Communication Specialist with more than 17 years’ experience in both the international and regional markets. In Dubai since 2009, Louise is a dedicated mother to two young boys and brings her own perso ...   Show more

Abu Dhabi to California and back: finding the center with pioneering urbanist Alamira Reem.

Alamira Reem Al Hashimi is not only an urbanist, architect and historian; she is the first Emirati woman to be awarded a PhD in urban planning and she’s the author of Planning Abu Dhabi - the first urban history book of Abu Dhabi. Dr. Alamira Reem is actively engaged on a strateg ...   Show more

An insight into Dubai Future Foundation with Head of Area 2071 Maha Al Mezaina

In this new episode of Unlimited Perspectives Series we’re honored to welcome Maha al Mezaina, Head of Area 2071 at Dubai Future Foundation After an initial career in finance, Maha Al Mezaina proudly joined a UAE Government Leaders Programme which, along with a Master in Innovati ...   Show more

Human Intelligence and Emerging Technologies with Dr Sana Farid

In this new episode of Unlimited Perspectives series Dr Sana Farid introduces us to emerging technologies such as VR, AR and helps us to understand how , from her perspective, the use of futuristic technologies can make the world a better place. Dr. Sana Farid is a Pioneer in X-R ...   Show more