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#Sarde139 with Médéa & Mouin - سردة مع ميديا ومعين | Being An Expat - أن تكون مغترباً

‏You asked, we listened! There’s this one feeling that we all can relate to in the Arab region, and it’s wanting to return home. Whether it's for a university, work or political exile, there isn’t a single Arab family that doesn’t have one of its members abroad. This #sardeaf ...  Show more

Sarde 138 with Albert Moukheiber - سردة مع ألبير مخيبر | Stress, Anxiety, Burnout & Health Hoaxes

‏This is your brain on STRESS Why do we keep having burnouts and what can we do about it? Can we actually detox our bodies or is it just another health hoax 🤔? This #Sardeafterdinner with cognitive neuroscientist & clinical psychologist Dr. Albert Moukheiber is the wake-up call ...  Show more

Sarde 137 with Tarek Sakik - سردة مع طارق سكيك | From Gaza to Beirut - Mothers, Shared Cultures & Evil Eyes

‏This is the kind of heart-to-heart we’ve all been wanting to have since all this madness started on October 7th. In this #Sardeafterdinner we sit down with our friend and fellow podcaster Tarek Sakik from G*z@ in an incredibly powerful conversation about Mothers, Shared Cultures ...  Show more

Bassem Youssef: Facing The Media Machine, Zionist Conspiracies, Palestine & Superman | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #136

‏باسم يوسف: مواجهة الآلة الإعلامية، والمؤامرات الصهيونية وفلسطين وسوبرمان Bassem is Back. We reconnect with the legendary satirist and stand-up comedian to try to make sense of what the f*ck is going on. Here’s what we discussed in this iconic #sardeafterdinner: -Behind the scene ...  Show more

Kifak Jawad? | كيفك جواد؟ - Sarde Chou Maken | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #135

‏The Internet is a strange and incredible place. Who would’ve thought that a real and heartfelt answer to an everyday question “Kifak Jawad?” (Asked by Rana & answered by Jawad on would send the Arab world into a frenzy?  The answer is simple.  We’re fed up with wh ...  Show more