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Sarde After Dinner Podcast

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ALBERT KOSTANIAN: Modernity, Unity & Love for your country | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #43

‏In this Sarde with Economist, Political Analyst, Journalist and Media Personality Albert Kostanian we discussed the following: - Vision 2030 and how Thawra democratized politics  - Privatization of state assets - Albert's political background with Kataeb - How to achieve harmony ...   Show more

DR. NAJAT SALIBA: The Environmental Crisis in Lebanon | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #42

‏In this Sarde with Dr. Najat Saliba, AUB Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry, Co-executive Director of Khaddit Beirut and Director of Environment Academy, we discussed the following: - How toxic is the air we breathe (before & after Aug 4th) - The extreme pollution we live in Leb ...   Show more

ZIYAD BAROUD: Can We Change The System From Within? | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #41

‏In this Sarde with lawyer, lecturer and former minister of Interior Ziyad Baroud, we discussed the following: - Making sense of the Lebanese electoral Law - Can the political system be changed from the inside - Previous political affiliations & their cost - Technocrats vs Politi ...   Show more

OMAR ALSHOGRE: Surviving and escaping the Syrian Prison System | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #40

‏Omar Alshogre is a Syrian refugee, a public speaker and human rights activist who is currently the Director for Detainee Affairs at the Syrian Emergency Task Force. He is one of the few survivors of the notorious Sednaya Military Prison, dubbed “The Human Slaughterhouse.” He now ...   Show more

SHADEN FAKIH :Comedy, Queerness & Solidarity | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #39

‏In this Sarde with Stand-up comedian Shaden Fakih, we had a blast discussing the following: - Shaden’s latest interaction with Lebanese Law Enforcement - Queerness, acceptance and the importance of family - Palestine and its unique relationship to the Lebanese people - Hezbollah ...   Show more

ALBERT MOUKHEIBER : Neuroscience, Psychology & Our Mind | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #38

‏In this Sarde with neuroscientist and clinical psychologist Albert Moukheiber, we did a deepdive into the mind and discussed: - Our brain in Lebanese circumstances - Hope Resilience and other bad words - Psychology in politics: triggers and fallacies - Do we have a tipping point ...   Show more

ART OF BOO : Trauma. Humor. Art. Catharsis | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #37

‏Bernard Hage, known as « The art of Boo » is an illustrator, writer, musician and cartoonist who publishes weekly in the Lebanese French-language newspaper L’Orient-Le Jour. He’s also hilarious and as real as they come. In this Sarde, we spoke about: Therapy through art, (dark) ...   Show more

MÉDÉA & MOUIN: The New Abnormal | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #36

‏Médéa & Mouin examine how their lives have changed, the struggles that come with navigating parallel realities in society and adapting to the new abnormal. ميديا و معين يختبرون كيف تغيرت حياتهم و علاقتهم، و النضالات التي تأتي مع التنقل في الحقائق الموازية في المجتمع والتكيف مع ا ...   Show more

FADI EL KHATIB : TIGER | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #35

‏Fadi El Khatib is a Lebanese basketball player who amongst others pioneered the sport in the Middle East and put Lebanon on the global arena winning multiple national and international championships with his teammates. فادي الخطيب لاعب كرة السلة اللبناني و هو احد رواد اللعبة في ...   Show more

RAWAD TAHA : Youth, Politics & Immigration | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #34

‏Rawad Taha is a journalist, social and political activist, Political Council member at Minteshreen, a new youth-led alternative political party. Rawad played a leading role in the student movement in Lebanon along with his colleagues. رواد طه، صحافي وناشط سياسي واجتماعي، عضو مجل ...   Show more

ALI JABER : Journalism, Politics & Mass Media in The Arab World | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #33

‏Ali Jaber is a journalist at heart, a communicator in essence and an aspiring human. His official titles are: Group Director of the Middle East Broadcasting Center, Dean of the Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication at the American University of Dubai and also happens to b ...   Show more

DR. SANDRINE ATALLAH : Sex & The Middle East Part 2 | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #32

‏Dr. Sandrine Atallah is a consultant in sexual medicine and a certified psychosexologist. Dedicated to spread sexual awareness, she is the editor and host of the Hakeh Sarih Podcast about “Sexual Health”. She also has a private practice of sexual medicine, hypnosis and sextherap ...   Show more

NOUR HAJJAR: Stand-Up Comedy, Society and Politics | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #31

‏Nour Hajjar is a stand-up comedian & satirist نور حجار ستاند اب كوميديان وكاتب ساخر We had a Sarde with stand-up comedian and satirist Nour Hajjar to discuss the current state of play in Lebanese Society. Topics include: Nour’s particular brand of comedy and political parties’ r ...   Show more

KARIM NAMMOUR: The Police State, Cannabis Law, LGBTQ Rights in Lebanon | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #30

‏كريم نمور محامي، عضو من المفكرة القانونية ومضيف البودكاست القانوني Karim Nammour is a Lawyer, member of the Legal Agenda & host of the Qanuni Podcast   Sarde (noun), [Sa-r-de]: A colloquial term used in the Middle East to describe the act of letting go & kicking off a stream of ...   Show more

CHARLES AL-HAYEK: Lebanon's History, Heritage & Roots | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #29

‏We had a Sarde with Charles al-Hayek, historian and researcher, working on bringing Lebanese and Arabic cultural heritage on social media. شارل الحايك، باحث في مجال التاريخ، يعمل على نشر التاريخ والارث الثقافي اللبناني والعربي على وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي.   After our little pit ...   Show more

BASSEM YOUSSEF: Revolution, Reinvention & Defying Expectations | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #28

‏Bassem Youssef is a Doctor, satirist & veganism advocate باسم يوسف طبيب، ناقد ساخر، نباتي Sarde (noun), [Sa-r-de]: A colloquial term used in the Middle East to describe the act of letting go & kicking off a stream of consciousness and a rambling narrative. The Sarde After Dinner ...   Show more

NADIM KOTEICH: Assassinations & Hard Politics In Lebanon | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #27

‏We had a Sarde with political satirist, journalist and producer Nadim Koteich ----more---- نديم قطيش هو ناقد سياسي ساخر، صحافي، ومنتج ----more---- 00:00 Nadim Koteich’s career in the Middle East 02:29 The Assassination of Lokman Slim (part 1) 04:21 Being called an Embassy ...   Show more

IBRAHIM MAALOUF: Legacies, Between Two Worlds, Stronger Together | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #26

‏Ibrahim Maalouf is a musician, composer and producer. He’s the winner of 4 Victoires de la Musique Awards, 1 César, and was awarded Knight of the National Order of Merit, Knight of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. He was also chosen by UNESCO as an Artist for Peace.   ‎ابراهيم ...   Show more

DR. ANNA FARRA: COVID-19, Vaccines, Lebanon | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #25

‏Dr. Anna Farra MD PhD is an Infectious diseases specialist at LAUMCRH انا فرا حكيمة أمراض جرثومية ومعدية في المركز الطبي للجامعة اللبنانية الأميركية - مستشفى رزق   Sarde (noun), [Sa-r-de]: A colloquial term used in Lebanon to describe the act of letting go & kicking off a stream ...   Show more

ANAS BUKHASH: Being Arab, From Lebanon to Dubai | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #24

‏This is the first international Sarde recorded in Dubai! Anas Bukhash is an Emirati Entrepreneur & Speaker انس بوخاش، رائد أعمال و متحدث. Follow Anas below to learn more Website: Instagram: Facebook: https://www.fa https://www.fa ...   Show more

MÉDÉA & MOUIN: 2020 A Most Absurd Year | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #23

‏Médea & Mouin go back to basics and review the year Lebanon   ميديا ومعين عم يراجعوا كل شي قطعنا في بلبنان بسنة ٢٠٢٠   LIKE & SUBSCRIBE to our channel for more episodes and clips! Follow @sardeafterdinner https://www.instagram.c https://www.instagram.c ...   Show more

Coffee Break: Nadyn Chalhoub & Nathalie Masri | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #22

‏Nadyn Chalhoub & Nathalie Masri are Comedians and the two halves of "Coffee Break Lebanon". They are also creatives in the advertising world. Nathalie co-founded the agency Operation Unicorn which Nadyn later joined. They are also working on writers on multiple series for televi ...   Show more

MAYA IBRAHIMCHAH: Beit El Baraka, NGOs & Alternative Governance | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #21

‏Maya Ibrahimchah is the CEO of Beit el Baraka, a Lebanon-based charity organization with a support program that assists over 226,000 Lebanese men, women and children in need across Lebanon, through 95 partner NGOs. Their aim is to provide Lebanese families living in strong finan ...   Show more

KARIM DAHER: Lebanon's Economic Crisis & The Way Forward | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #20

‏Karim Daher is an international business lawyer and lecturer on Tax Law and Public Economy at Saint Joseph University of Beirut. He currently represents the Beirut Bar Association at the Parliament for the drafting and adoption of several anti-corruption laws and rules. Karim Da ...   Show more

NAJI ABOU-KHALIL (National Bloc Party): Positions & Future Plans | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #19

‏Naji works as a consultant and a researcher for several international organizations and think tanks on projects related to public sector reform in the MENA region. He joined the National Bloc in November 2018 as a member of the Executive Committee and has been notably in charge ...   Show more

AMANI DANHACH (Ammounz): Freedom Of Speech, Aounists & Toxic Tribalism | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #18

‏Amani Danhach a.k.a @ammounz is an activist and comedian, known for her videos on social media critiquing the entire Lebanese political class in creative ways. She had to leave her beloved country for a better life 11 years ago hoping that one day she can return... أماني خالد دن ...   Show more

WASSIM BOU MALHAM: History & State Of Music In The Middle East | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #17

‏Wassim Bou Malham had a sarde with Medea and Mouin... He is a Co-founder of "Factory People" the creative collective behind The Grand Factory, AHM, The Warehouse & CLAP CLAP. Wassim is also an artist from Lebanon behind the projects Who Killer Bruce Lee, Dabaka, Wass on Earth & ...   Show more

HASSAN KHATIB (BBChannel): Alternative Media & Escaping Lebanon | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #16

‏In this Sarde (after dinner), Mouin & Médéa invite Hassan El Khatib, a Lebanese content creator/filmmaker based in Germany whose main objective has always been to expose the rampant corruption of Lebanese politicians through his videos حسن الخطيب، صانع محتوى هدفه الرئيسي هو فضح ...   Show more

PATRICK DAOUD: Students in Lebanon & Lebanese Mentality | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #15

‏In this Sarde (after dinner), Mouin & Médéa invite Patrick Daoud, an actor, activist and social media content creator  باتريك داود ممثّل، ناشط إجتماعي وصانع محتوى على مواقع التّواصل في سردة مع معين وميديا      

CHLOE KATTAR: History Of Lebanon, Collective Amnesia & The Lebanese Identity | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #14

‏Chloe Kattar is a historian of modern Lebanon, currently finalizing a PhD at the University of Cambridge, where she's working on an intellectual history of the Civil War (1975-1992). Chloe also uses her Instagram platform to write on the Lebanese ...   Show more