Smooth Jazz Cafe (Relaxing Coffee Table Grooves)

Smooth Jazz Cafe (Relaxing Coffee Table Groov...

15 Songs
Release Date
Like Water, Like Wind (Smooth Sax'n' Groove Mix)
Windy (Aloe Trumpet Nightmix)
When I Dream (Sexy Trumpet Mix)
Miracle In My Mind (Sunset Mix)
Black Wedding (Romantic Smooth Jazz Chill Mix)
Slow It Down
In the Morning (Breakfast Kiss Desire Mix)
Moonlight in Paradise (Late Night Chill Out)
Zenith (Midnight Mix)
Hang Me out to Dry (Cool Mix)
Capture The Sun (Extended Mix)
The Good Life (Billionaires Luxury Lounge Mix)
Please Come Home (Nightsnip Mix)
Missing the Train (Dinner Night Lounge Mix)
City Lights (Extended Mix)