Magic of the Musicals, "West Side Story" and "Silk Stockings"

Magic of the Musicals, "West Side Story" and ...

28 Songs
Release Date
Overture (From "Westside Story")
Prologue (From "Westside Story")
Jet Song (From "Westside Story")
Something's Coming (From "Westside Story")
Maria (From "Westside Story")
America (From "Westside Story")
Tonight (From "Westside Story")
Gee Officer Krupke! (From "Westside Story")
I Feel Pretty (From "Westside Story")
One Hand, One Heart (From "Westside Story")
Quintet (From "Westside Story")
The Rumble (From "Westside Story")
Cool (From "Westside Story")
A Boy Like That, I Have a Love (From "Westside Story")
Somewhere (From "Westside Story")
Paris Loves Lovers (From "Silk Stockings")
Stereophonic Sound (From "Silk Stockings")
It's a Chemical Reaction / That's All / All of You (From "Silk Stockings")
Satin and Silk (From "Silk Stockings")
Silk Stockings (From "Silk Stockings")
Without Love (From "Silk Stockings")
Fated to Be Mated (From "Silk Stockings")
Josephone (From "Silk Stockings")
Red Blues (From "Silk Stockings")
The Ritz Rock 'n' Roll (From "Silk Stockings")