Uplifting Only 398: No-Talking Version [All Instrumental] (Sept. 2020) [FULL]

Uplifting Only 398: No-Talking Version [All I...

28 Songs
Release Date
Listen to My Tears [UpOnly 398] (Intro Edit - Mix Cut)
Autumn Meeting [UpOnly 398] [FAN FAVORITE 397] (Mix Cut)
Paper Mountains [UpOnly 398] (Mix Cut)
Caro [UpOnly 398] (Mix Cut)
Reconnected [UpOnly 398] [PRE-RELEASE PICK] (Dub Mix - Mix Cut) [feat. Yeonsooyura]
Culmination [UpOnly 398] (Mix Cut)
Gemini [UpOnly 398] (Escea Remix - Mix Cut)
Eros [UpOnly 398] (Braulio Stefield Remix - Mix Cut)
Momentum [UpOnly 398] (Mix Cut)
Sunbeam [UpOnly 398] (Tycoos Remix - Mix Cut)
Fairy Tale [UpOnly 398] (Mix Cut)
Eternal Sunlight [UpOnly 398] [FAN FAVORITE 396] (Mix Cut) [feat. 9.9]
Starfall [UpOnly 398] (Mix Cut)
Dreamcatcher [UpOnly 398] (Mix Cut)
Casper [UpOnly 398] (Mix Cut)
Oblivion [UpOnly 398] (Mix Cut)
Transcend Dimensions [UpOnly 398] [Premiere] (Mix Cut)
Sunny Francisco [UpOnly 398] (ReOrder Remix - Mix Cut)
Mellifluous [UpOnly 398] (Mix Cut)
Emotions [UpOnly 398] (Mix Cut)
Ultimately [UpOnly 398] (Mix Cut)
Nemezis [UpOnly 398] (Mix Cut)
Beyond The Stars [UpOnly 398] [Premiere] (Mix Cut)
Deep Into My Mind [UpOnly 398] (Binary Ensemble Remix - Mix Cut)
Rise [UpOnly 398] [Premiere] (Mix Cut)
Wanderlust [UpOnly 398] [SYMPHONIC SEND-OFF] [Premiere] (Orchestral Mix - Mix Cut)
Winds of Ararat [UpOnly 398] [CHILLOUT SEND-OFF] [Premiere] (Ori Uplift 'UpOnly 138' Edit - Mix Cut)
Haru [UpOnly 398] [Premiere] (Piano Mix - Mix Cut)