We Bare Bears (Original Television Soundtrack)

We Bare Bears (Original Television Soundtrack...

55 Songs
Release Date
We'll Be There (feat. Estelle) [Abridged]
Bear Facts (feat. Leslie Odom, Jr.) [From We Bare Bears]
Raincloud Chill (feat. Brad Breeck)
Hey Shmorby (feat. Eric Edelstein, Bobby Moynihan, Demetri Martin & Griffin McElroy)
Lucky Me (feat. Courtney Fortune)
Best Friends (feat. Eric Edelstein)
Girl Be Selling Sunshine (feat. Bobby Moynihan)
Painting Rainbows (feat. Sarah Bonito)
Be Your Dude (feat. Brad Breeck)
Get up and Dance (feat. Dia Frampton)
Play it Smooth (feat. Gallant, Duncan Joiner & Sam Lavagnino)
Shut It Down (feat. Kalilah Harris)
Tell me (feat. Gallant)
I Have TIme (feat. Dia Frampton)
Just My Type (feat. Poppy)
Me And My Boo (feat. Brad Breeck)
Dance With Her (feat. Eric Edelstein)
Tomorrow And Forever With You (feat. Sarah Bonito)
I'm an Instigator (feat. Richie McGregor)
This My Squad (feat. Brad Breeck)
Play The Game (feat. Duncan Joiner & Sam Lavagnino)
I Think We Gonna Be Chillin' (feat. Brad Breeck)
Panda and Samantha's Song (feat. Brad Breeck)
Pizza You (feat. Steve Harwell)
Livin' That Dream (feat. Steve Harwell)
Dance Outside Your Window (feat. Brad Breeck)
Escandalosos (feat. Ismael Gallegos)
Forever On The Dancefloor (feat. Vincent Coleman)
Let's Fly Away (feat. Brad Breeck)
Happy Again (feat. Charlyne Yi & Demetri Martin)