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Ellen Pompeo is keeping her creativity fresh and intensity in check

Ellen Pompeo has spent 18 seasons playing Dr. Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy—and it's fair to say doing something for that long can either make or break your creativity. For Ellen, it’s been a task of finding new ways to keep Grey’s relevant to audiences, as well as exploring ne ...  Show more

How author Soman Chainani gets into a creative flow state

Author Soman Chainani explains his greatest challenge: getting into a creative flow state. Check out this clip cut for time, as well as Soman's full episode from last week! 

Author Soman Chainani's twisted fantasies are revolutionizing YA fiction

Soman Chainani is a bestselling author who’s on a mission to revamp the young adult space. His wildly popular series The School for Good and Evil and his latest novel Beasts and Beauty: Dangerous Tales subvert conventional fairy tales for something darker and more complex. Soman ...  Show more

Why design is more than you think it is

Fast Company recently released Innovation by Design: Creative Ideas That Transform the Way We Live and Work, a book highlighting the people and companies at the forefront of impactful design. In this episode, Fast Company design editor Suzanne LaBarre shares her top stories from ...  Show more

Jeff Daniels explains his controlled free fall into creativity

One thing is certain: Jeff Daniels has the range. From cutting his teeth in traditional American theater to a wide spread of film and TV roles including The Purple Rose of Cairo, Speed, Dumb and Dumber, The Newsroom, 101 Dalmatians, and Godless, Daniels has an air of creative fea ...  Show more

Michael Jai White doesn’t let others box in his creativity—and you shouldn’t either

It's easy to categorize Michael Jai White as the ripped martial arts action star of Spawn, Mortal Kombat, and Black Dynamite. But with a career that stretches over 30 years, he's done more than you think—even with the shackles of being typecast and, let's be frank, racism in the ...  Show more

Elizabeth Banks and her "quietly revolutionary" creativity

For Elizabeth Banks, acting was her first passion that really clicked—and she’s certainly had success in that regard with roles in 30 Rock, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and The Hunger Games franchise. But over the years, Elizabeth has proven she’s just as talented at creating new oppo ...  Show more

Why collaboration really does matter, according to Joseph Gordon-Levitt

One of the longstanding principles of creativity has always been collaboration. We hear it all the time how thinking in groups and getting feedback from others is essential to the creative process. But how many of us actually do it on a regular basis? Actor and director Joseph Go ...  Show more

How do you define creativity?

We have a bonus episode for you this week! At the end of every Creative Conversation, our host Kc Ifeanyi asks his guests the same question: "How do you define creativity?" In this episode, we've compiled some our favorite answers from this season. Hopefully, these can give you a ...  Show more

Why hearing "no" was exactly what Amber Riley needed

We all first fell in love with Amber Riley as Mercedes Jones on Glee. But before her breakout role, she was actually rejected from American Idol, which almost made her quit singing altogether. With her mirrorball-winning run on Dancing with the Stars; her roles in TV, film, and B ...  Show more

Danielle Brooks is finding the spotlight as a leading lady

Danielle Brooks got her big break as Taystee, the lovable leader in Netflix's Orange is the New Black. That character was only meant to appear in a few episodes but wound up becoming the anchor for one of the show’s most poignant story arcs. But it shouldn’t be a surprise that Da ...  Show more

How Danny Elfman is trying to be a less "sh*tty collaborator"

The celebrated film composer and musician has been trying to be a better collaborator—and 37 years later, he's finally there. In this episode, Danny explains his breakthrough in collaboration with his latest solo album Big Mess, the best advice he's ever gotten from none other th ...  Show more

Quinta Brunson on finding creativity past viral moments

Quinta Brunson is the perfect example of a creator who was able to turn her 15 minutes of viral fame into a solid career. In 2014, she first gained internet fame with her Instagram skit about a girl who's never been on a nice date. That exposure led to an opportunity to producer ...  Show more

How David Oyelowo personalized his passion project

David Oyelowo’s pedigree of being a classically trained stage actor has largely translated into his career in film with weighty roles in Selma, The Butler, Nightingale, and etc. So when the opportunity to make his directorial debut with the kid-centric fantasy The Water Man came ...  Show more

How Julia Michaels pushes past imposter syndrome

At 19, Julia Michaels entered the music industry as a songwriter for artists including Fifth Harmony, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and many others. But she didn't dare step into the booth herself until she wrote her 2017 hit "Issues," which she felt was too personal to give to an ...  Show more

How author Amy Tan transforms trauma into art

The author of critically acclaimed novels including The Joy Luck Club and The Kitchen God's Wife is known for beautifully unpacking facets of the Chinese immigrant experience, the complexities of family dynamics, and the trauma that often fuels it. In this episode, Amy breaks dow ...  Show more

How social media star Zach King builds creative momentum

Zach King has made a name for himself as a digital illusionist, using seamless editing to create mind-bending videos. He gained popularity on Vine and has translated his brand of "magic" to TikTok where he's one of the platform's most followed creators. It's easy to get caught up ...  Show more

Inside the method of Eric Andre’s madness

No one is doing prank comedy quite like Eric Andre. He got his start in standup but rose to fame/notoriety with Adult Swim's The Eric Andre Show, a psychedelic sendup of late night talk shows where celebrity guests and everyday people on the street are at the mercy of his freneti ...  Show more

Wayne Brady on giving yourself permission to own your passion

Wayne Brady is arguably one of the hardest working performers in show business. From Broadway to TV and film and everything in between, Wayne has done it all—and often simultaneously. In this episode, Wayne explains how he gave himself permission to pursue all of his passions (an ...  Show more

The Russo brothers explain the process of their creative "f*ckery"

It’s easy to get caught up in the staggering commercial success directors Joe and Anthony Russo have had in the Marvel Cinematic universe. But what’s always worth mentioning are creative swings they’ve taken—not just in the MCU but throughout their entire career in TV and film. I ...  Show more

How rapper Kota the Friend conquered burnout

 Even without the machine of a major label behind him, Brooklyn rapper Kota the Friend has managed to release three EPs, three mixtapes, and two studio albums in the span of six years, earning him more than 200 Million global streams and co-signs from everyone from LaKeith Stanfi ...  Show more

Viggo Mortensen on the art of memory

Viggo Mortensen has cemented himself as a powerhouse actor in films including A History of Violence, Eastern Promises, and, of course, The Lord of the Rings trilogy. And now he's stepping behind the camera with his directorial debut "Falling," a beautifully fractured portrait of ...  Show more

How the co-CEOs of Glow Recipe found creativity (and heritage) in skincare

Since launching their first line of products in 2017, Sarah Lee and Christine Chang’s skincare brand Glow Recipe has been a driving force in the Korean beauty wave, particularly in the US—and it’s not hard to see why. From their colorful packaging to alluring scents, Glow Recipe’ ...  Show more

How Jermaine Fowler is fighting past pain to find his funny again

Comedian and actor Jermaine Fowler has found great success in TV and film, most recently starring in Coming 2 America. But personal trauma has kept him away from what started his career in entertainment: stand-up comedy. In our conversation, Jermaine explains how he's channeling ...  Show more

LIVE SHOW: The Year That Changed Everything

On December 16, Fast Company Podcast Network went live on Facebook and Youtube. Creative Conversation host, KC Ifeanyi, was joined by Kate Davis--host of Secrets of the Most Productive People--and Talib Visram--host of Fast Break--to talk about 2020. 

How supermodel Ashley Graham channels confidence into creativity

They say "confidence is key," which is true. But in Ashley Graham's case, it's a little more than that: confidence is her brand. From her entrepreneurial endeavors to her career in media with her podcast "Pretty Big Deal," confidence is at the root of everything she does and her ...  Show more

How choreographer JaQuel Knight's obsession with details defines his career (and saved Beyoncé's "Single Ladies")

Choreographer and creative director JaQuel Knight has become to the go-to creative force behind major artists including Britney Spears, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Megan Thee Stallion, and yes, Beyoncé. For Knight, it's not just the big moves he obsesses over—it’s the r ...  Show more

Creativity Equation: Innovation

A custom series on science, technology, and innovation in partnership with GSK.In this episode, we hear from GSK's Chief Scientific Officer and President of R&D Hal Barron as he explains how GSK celebrates smart risks in order to build an innovative culture. 

How a former software engineer is changing the future of medicine

Joel Dudley, chief scientific officer at health startup Tempus and one of Fast Company's Most Creative People in business, has spent the better part of his career using big data and AI to find better solutions in how we treat diseases. In this episode, Joel explains how he's tack ...  Show more

Creativity Equation: Collective Knowledge

A custom series on science, technology, and innovation in partnership with GSK.In this episode, we hear from Kim Branson, global head of artificial intelligence and machine learning at GSK. He talks about how AI helps automate the boring and create knowledge for future generation ...  Show more