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How Playing Video Games Can Help Fight Malnutrition

According to UNICEF, severe acute malnutrition threatens an estimated 16 million children worldwide and claims the lives of approximately one million more. One of the most common interventions by the UN is to provide Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food packets.Talib sat down with hive ...  Show more

Best of WCI: Mayors for a Guaranteed Income

Last week, Andrew Yang released a book about his ideas on transforming our political and economic systems. Yang is most well-known for popularizing the idea of a universal basic income but it’s a concept that’s been around for centuries and now it’s having a moment on the local l ...  Show more

How We Can Solve the Water Crisis by Grabbing Water from Thin Air

Over 2 billion people suffer from unsafe drinking water or lack access to a reliable source of drinking water.Talib talked with Source Global CEO and Founder Cody Friesen about how his company collects water by using hydropanels. They harness the energy of the sun to draw water v ...  Show more

Innovator's Inspiration: Source Global CEO and Founder Cody Friesen

As part of our new initiative to bring you more context on the topics we cover, we’re starting a series we’re calling, “Innovator’s Inspiration.” Since our show is all about innovation, we wanted to really home in on what drives people to develop the ideas that ultimately solve t ...  Show more

How Purchasing this Office Chair Could Help Keep Plastic Out of the Ocean

These days plastics contribute to 300 million metric tons of waste in the world. In the early 2000s, our plastic waste rose more in a single decade than it had in 40 years. But what if there was a way to intercept that plastic before it enters our oceans?Talib talked with Lonely ...  Show more

Best of WCI: ICON and Cariuma

We’re going to start bringing you bonus episodes to give you more context on the topics we cover and a chance to tune into some highlights from the show.Today, we’re taking a look back at some moments that stood out this past year. First, Talib talked with ICON co-founder and CEO ...  Show more

This App Wants to Solve Hunger with a Text

Solving hunger is something we’ve talked about on this show before. Back in June, we talked with Leah Lizarondo about the organization she founded to help the food insecure.Talib sat down with Mick Ebeling, the founder of Not Impossible, a social innovation lab and production com ...  Show more

Inc. Magazine's Planet Purpose: What Millennials Think About Purpose

Hey World Changing Ideas listeners, we’ve got a special episode for you today. It’s from the folks over at Inc. Magazine’s Planet Purpose podcast, which is hosted by Strawberry Frog CEO and Founder Scott Goodson, Dayo (DAY-oh) Founder and CEO Yolanda White and Strawberry Frog Hea ...  Show more

How This Novel Approach to Book Publishing is Helping Gen Z Read More

While reading may not be our most popular pastime (Americans still spend more than half their spare time watching TV), research shows there was an uptick in reading last year because of the pandemic. Even by Gen Z, the most digitally-oriented people who always seem to have their ...  Show more

How Streaming Movies Could Help Combat Global Warming

Whether you turn on Disney+, Amazon Prime or Apple TV+, you’re watching content in an entirely new way than you did just a few years ago. With new and original programming, these streaming platforms compete with Hollywood’s legendary studios like Warner Brothers and iconic entert ...  Show more

Guaranteed Income Isn’t Just About Solving Poverty — It’s About Dignity

The idea of a universal basic income has gained more prominence recently-most notably with former New York Mayoral Candidate Andrew Yang pushing for a basic income program that would give $2,000 a year to those living in extreme poverty. To clarify—guaranteed income is similar, b ...  Show more

How this Company is Unlocking the Potential of Plants with AI

The concept of food as medicine isn’t new … we’ve heard about the antioxidants in blueberries, that chamomile tea is a good sleep aid and how a glass of wine can be good for your health because of the resveratrol it contains.But could we be missing a few things?Talib sat down wit ...  Show more

There’s Nothing Fake about Beyond Meat’s New Plant-Based Burger

Over the course of the pandemic, people started cooking more. It wasn’t just comfort food staples like meatloaf and pancakes - people bought more plant-based products too.Talib sat down with Beyond Meat Founder and CEO Ethan Brown to discuss the company's newest burger and how pl ...  Show more

How This App Works like DoorDash to Help Solve Hunger

We just celebrated Memorial Day and people certainly made up for last year’s cancelled holiday. With more people vaccinated and lockdown restrictions easing up, friends and family all over the country gathered to meet, and eat. But a lot of Americans are not enjoying plentiful fo ...  Show more

This Pregnancy Test Came Back Positive for the Environment

One of the most well-known home healthcare products in the U.S is the at-home pregnancy test. Since the original version came out on the market in 1977, there have been several iterations of it ...That is, until one group of women decided to flip the old design on its head. Talib ...  Show more

How this New Bamboo Sneaker is Changing the Shoe Industry One Tiny Carbon Footprint at a Time

We know greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation and food waste. But one carbon contributor that doesn’t always get a lot of airtime is the retail industry. Fashion accounts for nearly 10 percent of carbon emissions and 85 percent of discarded clothes end up in landfills ...  Show more

How Eating Ugly Fruits and Veggies Can Help Save the Planet

We've got a special bonus episode for you this week. Since we're celebrating Earth Month, we wanted to bring you another great innovation on sustainability. Enjoy the show and happy Earth Day tomorrow!Talib speaks with Christine Moseley, the founder and CEO of Full Harvest. They ...  Show more

Why You Should Be Concerned that the 18-Wheeler Cruising Beside You is Probably Empty

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the number one carbon “culprit” in the U.S is transportation. It accounts for about 28 percent of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.Talib chats with Jennifer Wong, head of sustainability at Convoy, a trucking software startup that aims to ...  Show more

How a 3D Printer Could Help End Homelessness

While the pandemic has exposed underlying issues of housing insecurity for many Americans, homelessness in the U.S was already a massive crisis.Talib Visram talks with Jason Ballard, CEO and co-founder of ICON, a digital construction company that 3D-prints houses. They discuss ho ...  Show more

How Can We Make Our Democracy Better? Go Back to Ancient Greece

For many years the U.S has seemed more politically divided than ever before. Only 16 percent of Americans think democracy is working well and almost 80 percent live under one-party rule in their state.Talib Visram talks with Adam Cronkright about of by for*, a non-partisan, non-p ...  Show more

How One CEO Decided to Pay Every Employee $70,000

The federal minimum wage has not increased since 2009. Lawmakers are haggling over different ways to introduce legislation for a wage hike but until that happens, company leaders have stepped in with their own plans.Talib Visram talks with Gravity Payments CEO and Founder Dan Pri ...  Show more

Fast Company Presents World Changing Ideas

Hey Fast Break listeners, we’ve got a new show for you where we’re going to explore the ways people are striving to change the world for the better. It’s called, World Changing Ideas. We’ll highlight the solutions that could end pollution and change food production. We'll also in ...  Show more

Uncommon Good - Leveling the Hiring Field

Uncommon Good is a custom series from FastCo works and Facebook. We'll hear from industry leaders who combine purpose with innovative thinking to give back to their local or global community.In this episode, Chris Denson talks with LinkedIn's Vice President of Global Diversity, I ...  Show more

Uncommon Good - Innovating It Forward

Uncommon Good is a custom series from FastCo works and Facebook. We'll hear from industry leaders who combine purpose with innovative thinking to give back to their local or global community.In this episode, Chris Denson talks with Facebook's Head of Industry, Technology and Tele ...  Show more

Uncommon Good - Generation Innovation

Uncommon Good is a custom series from FastCo works and Facebook. We'll hear from industry leaders who combine purpose with innovative thinking to give back to their local or global community.In this episode, Chris Denson talks with Senior Director of Corporate Citizenship at Sams ...  Show more

Eve Rodsky Reveals Invisible Work

This week we’re doing an end-of-year recap where we’ll take a look at what changed in 2020-from the theater community, to education, to police reform. Then, we’ll hear how the pandemic has upended the fight for labor equity, by shining a glaring light on the invisible work women ...  Show more

LIVE SHOW: The Year That Changed Everything

On December 16, Fast Company Podcast Network went live on Facebook and Youtube. Creative Conversation host, KC Ifeanyi, was joined by Kate Davis--host of Secrets of the Most Productive People--and Talib Visram--host of Fast Break--to talk about 2020. 

Dr. Megan Ranney Shares her Lessons from COVID

This week we’re reviewing what we learned about COVID this past year. First we chat with an emergency physician and public health researcher about her experience. Then Secrets of the Most Productive People host Kate Davis delves into how two popular governors responded to the cri ...  Show more

Jad Abumrad & Karla Murthy Depict Small Town America

This week we’re taking a look at the American image. First, how does a post-industrial town bounce back from devastating decline? And why is the American brand vital for the future?GUEST:Jad Abumrad & Karla Murthy Reginald Dwayne Betts 

Dr. Gregory Poland Explains the New COVID-19 Vaccines

This week we learn more about the recent vaccine developments and how they will actually affect our future and then we’ll find out what therapists are doing to treat their patients amid the pandemic.GUESTDr. Gregory PolandRESEARCHPew Research SurveyMUSICScott Holmes "Stomps and C ...  Show more