Boost Your Business

Boost Your Business

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Why AI is the Small Business Owners New Best Friend

Boost Your Business is a custom podcast from FastCo works and Intuit Quickbooks. Each episode, host Mayra Ceja dives into everything you need to know to make your small business a success with experts from Intuit.On this episode, Mayra sits down with Ariege Mischerghi, accountant ...  Show more

Understanding Cash Flow

Understanding and managing cash flow is a daunting task, but there are tips that small businesses can leverage to minimize the pain of the cash crunch. On this episode, host Mayra Ceja talks to money expert Rania Succar to provide context on how businesses can forecast for the fu ...  Show more

The Power of Connections

On this episode, host Mayra Ceja talks to Julie Gordon White from the Intuit Quickbooks Connect Conference in San Jose. Julie is Award-winning entrepreneur, bestselling author, and CEO The WELL for Women Entrepreneurs. For some business owners, networking can become an afterthoug ...  Show more