Ain't I Folk? (Indie, Acoustic, Pop, Rock, Weird, And Bedroom Lo-Fi Covers of New York Antifolk Classics)

Ain't I Folk? (Indie, Acoustic, Pop, Rock, We...

25 Songs
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(Why Do You Know so Much) About Wolves?
Did You Put a Spell on Me?
I Don't Get Love
No End 2 Shallow
Nothing That Stitches Can't Sew
Go Away (Goodbye Southern Death Swing) [Remastered]
Timothy McVeigh
You Could Go, You Could Stay
Animal Shelter
1,000 Ice Creams
Oh Elizabeth I (Live, 2013)
Nothing Came Out
Pat Gives Me the Post on Sunday
Woody Allen Surrogate (Kenneth Branagh's Blues) [Live]
Futon Song
Low and Wet
Toin Coss
Lucky Rocks
"What?" (Single Edit)
(The Shame About) Manboobs / Train Solo
Promise Me You'll Be Alright
Mirrors and Smoke