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Top 5 British Revenge Films W/ Scott Weatherly

CONTENT WARNING! SEXUAL ASSAULT, RAPE, SUICIDE, LGBTQ+ BIGOTRY, DISABILITY ABUSE & TERRORISM ARE DISCUSSED IN THIS PODCAST! “Revenge is dish best served cold” and no one serves cold better than the British. Revenger Scott Weatherly finally makes his debut on the podcast to list h ...  Show more

The Book Of Life (2014) V.S. Coco (2017) W/ Mike Burton & Megan Gritti

Happy #DiaDeLosMuertos to everyone who celebrates #TheDayOfTheDead! In honour of this, Mike & Megan join me as we REMEMBER two extraordinary family-friendly films set around this very special day. We compare both #TheBookOfLife & #Coco in another #CloneBores to discover which wil ...  Show more

Top 5 Witch Movies W/ Lucy Jane Devane & Scott Hodgson

“Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?” Lucy & Scott have been summoned at The Witching Hour to list their Top 5 #Witch Movies as we conclude this year’s #ShockPhobiaFest! Sadly dabbling in the dark arts does have its price, as the audio is not quite what Satan promised us. Join ...  Show more

Deadly Friend (1986) W/ Tonya Todd

On the last day of her Seed & Spark funding campaign for her new vampiric short film Mourning Sacrifice. Tonya Todd joins us to discuss another director's passion project Wes Craven's Deadly Friend! A film with a multiple personality disorder, given life by meddling execu ...  Show more

Trick Or Treat (1986) W/ John Hammond

This Rocktober, it's Death By Stereo! As John Hammond our very own #Ragman resurrects his rock idol Shockin' #SammiCurr as he defends the Heavy Metal Horror Show that is #TrickOrTreat1986! Starring #GeneSimmons & #OzzyOsbourne. Join us as we discuss #FreddyKrueger success ...  Show more