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Samurai Champloo W/ Georgina Hanmer

For the second instalment of Samurai Month, my #Anime Sensei Georgina Hanmer has returned to defend #SamuraiChamploo in all its anachronistic glory! As #ShinichiroWantanabe creates a unique mash-up of a #FeudalJapan setting and #HipHopCulture in this wacky yet truly profound seri ...   Show more

Throne Of Blood (1957) V.S. Ran (1985) W/ Angry Andy Reviews

The Sun has finally risen on #SamuraiMonth and Angry Andy-San, The Ragin' Ronin is here to praise #AkiraKurosawa for the creative genius he was and for specifically defining #SamuraiCinema. In this first instalment we compare two of #Kurosawa's very sharpest #Samurai films and as ...   Show more

Hudson Hawk (1991) W/ Tony Farina

“Can you f***ing believe it?” I finally got Tony Farina on here to defend the #BruceWillis box-office bomb #HudsonHawk! But was this satirical spoof of action movies and heist films ahead of its time? Or could not even #DaVinci’s machine turn this tonal mess into gold?? Join us a ...   Show more

100th Episode Cel-Webration: Spider-Dan Meets His Biggest Fan @IAmJacsMusings

Look how far #PrattleWorld has come...From Phantoms Of The Paradise to Giant-Size Man-Things we are finally here at Episode 100 of #SpiderDanAndTheSecretBores! I am finally face to face with my biggest fan and the true Super-Soldier in my #Prattalion @IAmJACSMusings as we celebra ...   Show more

Steve Gerber's Macabre Man-Thing W/ Dennis Whittle

Happy 50th Birthday! To the malodorous melancholic mindless malleable meandering macabre muck-monster and former man #TedSallis now known only as #TheManThing! Forget about his more popular counterpart #SwampThing, this is the character you need to be reading!! In this 99th episo ...   Show more

Caligula (1979) W/ Dan Burgess

This is my filthiest podcast ever by far! As we tackle one of the most infamous films of all time in a brand new format! #Penthouse's #Caligula one part porno and one part historical epic. Who else could guide us through this hedonistic experience other than The Duke Of Debaucher ...   Show more

Top 5 Star Wars Video Games W/ Scott Hodgson

"That's no moon..." It's #PrattleWorld returning to #AGalaxyFarFarAway with dashing rogue Scott Hodgson at the driving seat this time and me as his furry yet very loud co-pilot! We are here to smuggle you the very best with our Top 5 #StarWars video games before we #KesselRun awa ...   Show more

Freddy V.S. Jason: Comic Book Edition W/ Dennis Whittle

The Slash Of The Titans returns...Now in comic form! It's #ElmStreet V.S. #CrystalLake, as Dennis and I compare #Wildstorm's comic book adaptations of #ANightmareOnElmStreet & #FridayThe13th. Join us as we discuss whether slasher films translate into comics, nekkid ladies and Den ...   Show more

The Ewok Adventures - Star Wars: Caravan Of Courage V.S. Star Wars: The Battle For Endor W/ Angry Andy Reviews Part 2

The #StarWarsSaga never ends as we continue our #EwokAdventure with Episode II: What Were They Thinking?!?! As we attempt to sift through the Feech and find a #KyberCrystal in the rough. Which is the best of the worst #StarWars theatrical films? Who will be the victor of the #Clo ...   Show more

The Ewok Adventures - Star Wars: Caravan Of Courage V.S. Star Wars: The Battle For Endor W/ Angry Andy Reviews Part 1

"What have you done?" Angry Andy Reviews & I are leaving #PrattleWorld for a galaxy far far away to revisit forgotten #StarWars Legends featuring everybody's favourite Massa-Care Bears those cuddly cannibals The #Ewoks! Listen as we give in to our anger and complete our journey t ...   Show more

Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia Interview W/ Writers Ed Kuehnel & Matt Entin

As The Ultimate Warrior once said "LOAD THE SPACESHIP WITH THE ROCKET FUEL!" As we journey to Planet Wrestletopia to interview the writers of Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia Ed Kuehnel & Matt Entin of Suspicious Behaviour Productions. Join us for one slobberknocker of a podcast ...   Show more

Predator 2 W/ Max Byrne

Max Byrne of Mandatory Marvel/DC is here to defend "One Ugly Muthaf***er!" There'll be a hot time in the old town tonight! As we hunt through the concrete jungle to find the best trophies in #Predator2. Join us as we discuss #Yautja Lore, Crazy #GaryBusey and the alternate future ...   Show more

The First Cut Is The Deepest: The Origins Of The Slasher Film W/ Dennis Whittle

#TheNightStalker AKA Dennis Whittle is back brandishing a shiny blade and he is not afraid to use it! As he forces me to discuss the beginnings of The #Slasher film genre. Join us as we discuss inexplicable German accents, the censorship of toilets & Christopher Lee's third nippl ...   Show more

Small Soldiers W/ Attention Seeking Geek Ben Crampton

ATEN-HUT! Hope you enjoyed your R&R over Christmas Privates, because were back! #AttentionSeekingGeek Ben Crampton is here to sound off like he's got a pair and defend the film #SmallSoldiers! Will he successfully defend his foxhole or will the situation become FUBAR? Join us as ...   Show more

Maniac Cop 2 W/ Dan Burgess

There's only one thing on this officer's #Christmas list this year...Revenge! He's coming for the naughty and the nice in #ManiacCop2. Not to worry I have Deputy Dan Burgess on the case, lets hope he can stop me from screaming blue murder! Join us on this joyous #ChristmasDay for ...   Show more

I Come In Peace (1990) W/ Angry Andy Reviews

#AngryAndyReviews is back this #AlterNativityStories season to Dolph your halls with #IComeInPeace! As we are buddying up again for the holidays we thought we'd look at a #BuddyCop movie which is half #LethalWeapon and half #Predator!! Join us as we talk pointless explosions, rou ...   Show more

Better Watch Out (2017) W/ Dennis Whittle

If you always thought #HomeAlone's Kevin McCallister was a little sociopath then this is the film for you! Dennis Whittle is back to celebrate another season of #AlterNativityStories by taking a look at the underrated Christmas Cult Classic #BetterWatchOut. Join us as we talk Chr ...   Show more

Top 5 Worst Fictional Politicians W/ Angry Andy Reviews Part 2

Part 2 of our continuing list of not so honourable gentlemen and women. Join us as I get on my soapbox, Andy laments the death of liberty and we discuss presidents with big red buttons... #PrepareForPrattle  #GreggStilson #TheDeadZone #VilosCohagen #TotalRecall #AmandaWaller #Sui ...   Show more

Top 5 Worst Fictional Politicians W/ Angry Andy Reviews Part 1

In the real world what makes a good or bad politician would be a hotly debated topic. Luckily #AngryAndyReviews is here to cut a swath through the bureaucracy and to tell us exactly what to think and who the #WorstFictionalPoliticians definitely are! Join us as we discuss racist ...   Show more

Batman: The Long Halloween W/ Dan Keatis

As 2020 has been the longest year on record Dan "Calendar Man" Keatis thought it would only be appropriate to close out this year's #ShockPhobiaFest with the longest in year in #TheDarkKnight's career. Join us as we discuss zombie dinner guests, colour blindness and pearl necklac ...   Show more

Ginger Snaps (2000) W/ Hannah Hobley & Nathan Smith

Hannah & Nathan are back for #ShockPhobiaFest with a podcast I think you might take a #Lycan too! This week we discuss #GingerSnaps the underdog of #Werewolf movies! Join us as we discuss The Curse, Goth culture and lots of dead dogs!! #PrepareForPrattle Be sure to visit https:// ...   Show more

House Of 1000 Corpses (2003) V.S. 31 (2016) W/ Roisin McCusker

Scream Queen Roisin is back for some ultra-violence as #HouseOf1000Corpses takes on #31! It's the #TheFireflyFamily V.S. #TheHeadsGang in this year's #ShockPhobiaFest #CloneBores!! Whichever film loses, #RobZombie wins!!! Join us as we discuss #SavingPrivateRyan, switchblades & # ...   Show more

The Changeling (1980) W/ Dennis Whittle

#ShockPhobiaFest has returned from the dead one year later to haunt the airwaves yet again this #Halloween! Speaking of haunting in this episode Dennis Whittle introduces me to the ghostly classic #TheChangeling join us as we discuss modern #HauntedHouse movies, #HighSpiritsWithS ...   Show more

Top 5 DC Elseworlds Comics W/ Dennis Whittle

In the wake of #DCFandome and the announcement that #WarnerBros will be creating more standalone #Elseworlds film universes. Dennis & I have decided to list our favourite DC Elseworlds comics. Join us as we discuss Elseworlds Finest Frankenstein's Monster, #Batman as a man of the ...   Show more

The Twilight Saga W/ Lucy Jane Devane & Scott Hodgson

Lucy & Scott are here to defend a very divisive set of films #TheTwilightSaga based on the books by #StephanieMyers. Featuring the conflicted love triangle between Edward, Bella & Jacob. Join us as we discuss bland protagonists, #Volvo product placement and granite penises. #Prep ...   Show more

Top 5 Sentinel Comics

#TheSentinels Live! Back from my long hiatus I have rebooted and updated my systems (however I'm still suffering from the sniffles) to give you another #Top5 comics featuring the cold merciless #XMen extermination machines The #Sentinels. Join me as I discuss Nano Sentinels, Magi ...   Show more

Meek's Cutoff W/ Hannah Hobley & Nathan Smith

The final installment of #WesternMonth features the stars of #DeathByPie's #Westernized The Good Hannah Hobley, The Bad Nathan Smith & The Ugly Spider-Dan! As we attempt to dig for gold in the contemporary western #MeeksCutoff. Join us as we discuss #WaitingForGodot, child death ...   Show more

Django (1966) VS The Great Silence (1968) W/ Angry Andy Reviews Part 2

After a quick whiskey #AngryAndyReviews and I are back for the results, but who will be quicker on the draw? Will it be the bombastic #Django or will it be the haunting #TheGreatSilence? No matter who loses #SergioCorbcucci is the true victor this #WesternMonth. #PrepareForPrattl ...   Show more

Django (1966) VS The Great Silence (1968) W/ Angry Andy Reviews Part 1

#AngryAndyReviews is back to remind us that this town ain't big enough for two films! In #WesternMonth's celluloid shoot out, we compare the two films #Django & #TheGreatSilence that both heavily influenced #QuentinTarantino's westerns #DjangoUnchained & #TheHatefulEight. Join us ...   Show more

High Plains Drifter W/ Dennis Whittle

Dennis Whittle holds A Dead Man's Hand as #WesternMonth continues, we journey into the morally grey world of #ClintEastwood's #HighPlainsDrifter! Join us as we discuss #JohnWayne's spat with Eastwood, the shooting of a horse and A Town Called Hell! #PrepareForPrattle To be briefe ...   Show more