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Spider-Man Fanboy Reviews NO WAY HOME

Giant Spider-Man fanatic Anthony is FINALLY reviewing Spider-Man: No Way Home. This is full of SPOILERS so if you haven't seen the film, click away! 

Goodbye Lebanon - DO NOT WORRY #43

On Episode 43 of DO NOT WORRY, the final episode of 2021, Anthony makes a BIG announcement regarding his upcoming trip to the US. He's also quickly touching on Toufiluk and the Dr. Food Kaak story before moving on to answering YOUR questions! 

Dumb Tourist Gets Mugged, Annahar CRINGE, Nour Keyrouz Responds, & Lindsay - DO NOT WORRY #42

On Episode 42 of DO NOT WORRY, Anthony reacts to Annahar's CRINGE new "Give us a Break" campaign. There's also a dumb American YouTuber who came to Lebanon and got mugged. We also found out that Nour Keyrouz has watched the DO NOT WORRY Awards and is upset about her Biggest Racis ...  Show more

How I Got RIPPED, Lebanese Homophobes Go Crazy, & Joseph Merheb Rules - DO NOT WORRY #41

On Episode 41 of DO NOT WORRY, Anthony and the interns react to Anthony's buff look-alike, as well as Ame Bibabi's CHIN UP HIGH. They're also reacting to a bunch of homophobic comments left on Live Love Beirut's post, Linda Christina's surprising video, and more of the amazing Jo ...  Show more

Should Expats Vote, Miss Internet Lebanon, Anya Alaeddin, and KaiZee | DO NOT WORRY #40

On Episode 40 of DO NOT WORRY, Anthony and Nour the intern discuss a number of big topics, like Miss Internet Lebanon, Expat Voter Registration, and Marvel's The Eternals getting banned/censored in the Middle East. We're also digging deeper into Anya Alaeddin's racist rant and cr ...  Show more

I Spent 4 Days with Joseph Chada, Vin Diesel vs The Rock, Travis Scott - DO NOT WORRY #39

On Episode 39 of DO NOT WORRY, Anthony talks about spending 4 days with Joseph Chada while shooting his documentary. He and Elijah the intern also discuss Vin Diesel vs. The Rock, the tragedy at the Travis Scott concert, El 3ama leaving Lebanon, Dr. Food, and possibly the greates ...  Show more