Rock the World (The Club House Edition), Vol. 1

Rock the World (The Club House Edition), Vol....

25 Songs
Release Date
Work da Bass
Lit Like Fire (Roger Horton Remix) [feat. Albeneir]
Ten Years Ago
Light Up (Extended Mix)
Get Big
One More Step
Over (Yanter Remix)
Bola Rebola
Too Loud (feat. Sanna Harfield)
Injection of Pleasure (Dan Mckie Fish Dont Dance Remix)
Don't Leave
Recife (Discojack Remix)
Time to Dance (Andrey Exx & Mart Remix)
Walk the Talk (Luc Adams Remix)
Punchline (Radio Edit)
Le Petit Mort
Dreams (Martyn Negro & Mario Amarillo Remix)
Taber Taber
People Wanna Get Down (Club Mix)
One Two Three