Two Cigarettes In The Dark (Recordings of 1934)

Two Cigarettes In The Dark (Recordings of 193...

12 Songs
Release Date
Now That We're Sweethearts Again (feat. Fred Latham)
Lonely Feet (feat. Fred Latham)
Goodnight, Lovely Little Lady (feat. Peggy Cochrane, Jack Jackson & Fred Latham)
You Turned Your Head (feat. Fred Latham)
Kiss Me Dear (feat. Peggy Cochrane & Jack Jackson)
Ache In My Heart (feat. Peggy Cochrane)
Miss Otis Regrets (she's unable to lunch today) [feat. Alberta Hunter]
Two Cigarettes In The Dark (feat. Alberta Hunter)
Soon (feat. Alberta Hunter)
Ole Faithful (feat. Fred Latham)
Have A Little Dream On Me (feat. Fred Latham)
A Lonely Singing Fool (feat. Alberta Hunter)