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Man Regains Sight After Spider Bite?! - Feel Good Friday

We may or may not have an answer for Jeremie's sudden change in eye sight and it isn't what you think! Stealthing has been made illegal in California and the WHO has finally authorized the use of a vaccine that will save millions of lives accross the world! Are you looking for th ...  Show more

Man Regains Sight After Spider Bite?! - Feel Good Friday

We may or may not have an answer for Jeremie's sudden change in eye sight and it isn't what you think! Stealthing has been made illegal in California and the WHO has finally authorized the use of a vaccine that will save millions of lives accross the world! Are you looking for th ...  Show more

Cult Dynamics and Conspirituality with Matthew Remski: Routine Checkup

This week Sickboy is bringing you a very special conversation from Jeremie's other podcast that he hosts with his far more eloquent and cool wife, Bryde. Matthew Remski is a long-term meditator and yoga practitioner. An author of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, his current work ...  Show more

One South African's Battle With Endometriosis

Jané is a young graphic designer living in South Africa. For years she was doubted by her doctors despite being in debilitating pain & experiencing intense symptoms surrounding her reproductive organs. Until one day she was listening to and episode of Sickboy podcast all about En ...  Show more

Hot Sauce: Burn Your B-Hole? OR Treat Chronic Pain?! - Feel Good Friday

Trikafta hits yet another province. But it isn't the one that Jer lives in. Congrats British Columbia! Speaking of Jer, he needs your help. Especially if you happen to be an optometrist... or an ophthalmologist. Our boy Naheed posted about a group of ding dongs in Alberta who att ...  Show more

Routine Checkup: One Question Away From Change - Personal Socrates

Marc Champagne unpacks the mental fitness practices and reflective questions shaping the lives of some of the most successful and brilliant thinkers in the world. Marc's first book, Personal Socrates, explores the pointed questions that stimulate our mental fitness and teach us h ...  Show more

The Harrowing Work of First Responders: PTSD

This week the fellas sit down with Sean Conohan, first responder and host of UpTalk podcast. Through his work Sean has seen it all. Like many folks in the world of emergency response, Sean found himself struggling with PTSD from the intensity of the job. Sean shares how he has go ...  Show more

Taylor Almost Died, And Brian Almost Killed Him - Feel Good Friday

Storytime with the boys. This past weekend the fellas had a scare. Taylor's eyes rolled into the back of his head, he passed out, Brian panicked and broke his ribs. CPR saves lives, but in this case, it may or may not have been overkill. Now that Taylor has broken ribs, it's hard ...  Show more

Routine Checkup: One Woman's Raucous, Terrible, Amazing Journey to Finding Healing, w/ Donna Morrissey

Donna Morrissey was born in Newfoundland and has written six national bestselling novels. Her new memoir, Pluck, is a deeply personal account of love's restorative ability as it leads her through mental illness, family death, and despair, to becoming a writer — all told with char ...  Show more

Introducing: Unlocking the Fountain

What if there were a pill that could add decades to your life? Would you take it? For thousands of years, people have searched for elixirs that could delay death and extend human life. Could new advances in medicine finally make this a reality? From madcap medicine to cutting-edg ...  Show more

Resiliency At Its Finest: Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Ben is a sharp young buck about to start his first year at university. He also happens to live with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)! This week the fellas chat with Ben all about his experience in living with SMA. From finding ways to navigate inclusion with friends as a child, to t ...  Show more

Dear Whoren Skanky, We'll Miss You - Feel Good Friday

This week it's hard to feel good about Friday. We say goodbye to one of the most valuable members of the Sickboy podcast crew (no, relax, Jeremie hasn't died yet...). Lauren has landed a dream job that means the world to her and so she is moving on to bigger and better things! Bu ...  Show more

Routine Checkup: Vaping - Healthy Alternative? Or Problematic Substitute

The nicotine market is rapidly evolving due to e-cigarettes. Although e-cigarettes may help some smokers to quit, an increasing number of non-smokers are trying these products. On this weeks Routine Checkup the fellas speak with Dr. David Hammond, Professor in the School of Publi ...  Show more

Lupus Chick - Finding Life's Purpose Through Illness

What's worse than getting hit by a truck? Finding out you have lupus while you're recovering from being hit by a truck. Over 20 years ago Marisa's life was flipped upside down with a diagnosis that led her down a path to finding her true purpose in life. This week, we dive into t ...  Show more

Monkeys Have Endometriosis Too! - Feel Good Friday

We finally put to bed this whole discussion on how the throat knows. The epiglottis is a hell of a thing. Always remember: don't panic. Endometriosis effects roughly 10% of women and has been hard to properly and fully treat. A new genetic discovery could change that. Spoiler ale ...  Show more

Routine Checkup: A Womb In The Shape Of A Heart (Miscarriages Still Suck)

This weeks we bring you a very special Routine Checkup. We are joined by past Sickboy guest Joanne! Last time we spoke to her (we were recording out of Brian's mom's basement), we touched on how tough her two miscarriages were. Since then she's had a child and three more miscarri ...  Show more

Probing Particularly Peculiar Pelvic Pain: Pelvic Congestion Syndrome

Here's a not so fun fact — approximately one third of all women will suffer from chronic pelvic pain at some point during their lifetime. So what is pelvic congestion syndrome? Well essentially it boils down to vein dilation down in the nether regions. Zuzanna takes us on her len ...  Show more

Warning: Stop Sticking Eels Up Your Butt - Feel Good Friday

This week gets a little out of hand. While Jeremie is dodging Tornados in Ontario, the gang talk about the worlds largest grave yard, a dad who strips down at a school board meeting in protest, a badass young woman with down syndrome going to UCB, a guy who chopped off his pee pe ...  Show more

Routine Checkup: Why Does The USA Suck At Healthcare?

A report published by the Commonwealth Fund shows the USA ranking dead last amongst its wealthy peers (Canada isn't great either). Why? The fellas are joined by Reggie Williams, vice president of the Commonwealth Fund’s International Health Policy and Practice Innovations program ...  Show more

The Burden Of Cultural Taboos Surrounding Illness: CIDP w/ Ananya

This week we are pleased to welcome back Ananya, professor in McGill’s faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, specializing in Health Promotion, Social Determinants of Health and South Asian Health Equity. Only this time we aren't talking about the important work she does. Inste ...  Show more

Could Liquid Oxygen Enemas Be The Next Medical Breakthrough?! - Feel Good Friday

The gang is back and they are coming at ya hard with some prime time FGF content. Do we have a Ophilia McHock in the audience today? Ophilia McHock? How about a... Don Keedic? No? Okay, moving on. Apparently there is a rollercoaster in Japan that is so fast it's crushing peoples ...  Show more

Routine Checkup: Weird Science - Psychedelics, Trepenation and Mysticism with Science Journalist John Horgan

This week the fellas are joined by prolific science journalist John Horgan (not the BC Premier) to talk about the interactions between science and mysticism. Altered states of consciousness, psychedelics, the science of drilling holes into peoples heads for enlightenment. We get ...  Show more

The Ultramarathon Of Chronic Illness: CVID

Running 500 kilometres in 10 days is insanely tough. Add in an immune system disorder, and it seems impossible. For Cory Reese, who lives with an immune deficiency, running 500 kilometres was an enjoyable vacation. Today Cory joins the boys to talk about the physical and mental e ...  Show more

Our Best Friend Dylan And A Man With A Broken Pee Pee

The crew is on vacay this week! So we've decided to bring you something special for this week's Feel Good Friday! We present to you a recording we did back in July as an exclusive Patreon live show where we are revisited by Sickboy Podcast Alum and our BFF, Dylan Buskermolen! He ...  Show more

Routine Checkup: The Ethics Of Vaccine Passports

As governments and businesses start to make COVID vaccines mandatory, there are a lot of questions about the ethics of vaccine passports. Do they create a two-tiered society? What if they exclude vulnerable people who don't have access to a phone? How can we protect people's pers ...  Show more

Finding Light At The End Of The Tunnel: Surviving The Toronto Van Attack

For Paulina, April 23, 2018 was just as mundane as any other day, until on her lunch break... everything changed. She was walking from her office to a place to grab some food when all of a sudden she heard the van revving its engine behind her as it made its way on to the curb. T ...  Show more

The Vaccine That Is Very NSFW - Feel Good Friday

Have you been a naughty boy/girl/person? Nurse Parker is here to make sure you get your prick. Only this vaccine is not safe for work. Or public. Or anywhere in earshot of anyone who might feel uncomfortable with audible medical fetish pornography. On a more serious note, Nova Sc ...  Show more

Routine Checkup: The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Bias w/ Dr. Glenn Geher

We all have unconscious biases that affect how we judge people. While those biases used to serve a purpose when we humans were hunter-gatherers in small groups, they no longer help us now that we live in cities and can anonymously interact with millions of other people. On today' ...  Show more

No Sweat! One Woman's Struggle With ADHD

They say to 'never let them see you sweat.' That's not a problem for Rielle, who has a rare skin condition that prevents her from sweating. On today's episode of Sickboy Podcast, Rielle joins the gang to talk about how she stays cool and her experience as a woman in engineering w ...  Show more

Placebo To Death & A DIY C-Section - Feel Good Friday

Kick back, chow down on some banana nut bread edibles and get ready to lose your god damn mind! This week the gang revisit the sh*t show that is: Alberta. A man who tried to end his life by intentionally overdosing on antidepressants was saved by the pills he took- because it tur ...  Show more

Routine Checkup: Climate Change - It's Bad For Your Health

While it’s clear that climate change hurts the health of our environment, we don’t always think about how it affects our health. On today’s episode of Sickboy Podcast, Dr. Kristie Ebi joins the fellas to talk about the unexpected ways that climate change impacts our health — incl ...  Show more