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Grindr: the Musical (w/ Kalen Allen)

Description: The Ellen Show's Kalen Allen joins us to talk about his eventful 2020, his Christmas album, and who his favorite Elphaba is on this week's RearView! Also, we give our thoughts on Taylor Swift's new album, Netflix's The Prom, and so much more. Enjoy!Listen to The Rear ...  Show more

The Ladies’ Choice (w/ Nikki Blonsky)

Hairspray’s Nikki Blonsky is the “New Girl in Town” on this week’s RearView! Nikki dishes about her time working on set of the movie musical, her new podcast, and how it felt to be held in Zac Efron’s arms. Plus, we talk if we think aliens would be hot, Mariah’s Christmas special ...  Show more

Raw is War

Chester, Jay, and Patrick recap the past week in pop culture in this week's episode of the RearView! They talk about the season finale of the "Undoing," Miley's new album, and their favorite Wendy Williams moments. Enjoy!Listen to The RearView Ad-Free on Forever Dog Plus:foreverd ...  Show more

Great Gowns, Beautiful Gowns (w/ Ira Madison III)

Host of the podcast "Keep It," Ira Madison III joins us this week to reveal his favorite music, television, and OnlyFans creators of the past year. Plus, we talk about "Buffy," Sia's misstep this week, and discover why Ira had his Twitter account deactivated. Enjoy!Listen to The ...  Show more

Top 10 Queer Moments of 2020 (Part 2)

We conclude our Top-10 Queer Moments of 2020 on this week's RearView! Submissions include the impact of "Cats," "Tiger King," Cardi and Megan's, WAP, and more!Listen to The RearView Ad-Free on Forever Dog EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY HELIX:*Get up ...  Show more

Top 10 Queer Moments of 2020 (Part 1)

Our fabulous hosts are counting down their personal Top-10 Queer Moments of 2020 — including Niecy Nash’s gay wedding, the release of the Chromatica jockstrap, Trump getting Covid, and more! Enjoy 💕Listen to The RearView Ad-Free on Forever Dog ...  Show more

Talking Frack (w/ Miz Cracker)

RuPaul Drag Race's Miz Cracker joined us for a conversation earlier this week to talk what performing has been like since March and her new podcast. Plus, we discuss Lady Gaga's role in the presidential campaign, Ivy Park, and our favorite albums of 2020 so far.Listen to The Rear ...  Show more

Seoul Food (w/ Yvie Oddly)

Joining us this week on the RearView is winner of Drag Race season 11, Yvie Oddly! Yvie dishes on her new album, what performing has been like in the pandemic, and her thoughts on digital blackface. Plus, we discuss Halloween plans, Ariana's latest album, and Britney Spears' "Bla ...  Show more

Conservative Throuple (w/ Dave Mizzoni)

"Gayme Show" host, Dave Mizzoni, joins the panel this week to reveal how he keeps his long-term relationship thriving in quarantine, his favorite track off "Chromatica," and what he's obsessed with in pop culture right now. Plus, we talk the Billboard Music Awards, Ariana's upcom ...  Show more

Booty Talk (w/ Sydnee Washington)

Comedian and culinary icon, Sydnee Washington, talks with the panel this week about her Instagram cooking show, how she maintains a long-distance girlfriend, and fetishization in the queer community. Plus, we talk about the masculinity behind bottoming, Only Fans vs. studio porn, ...  Show more

Listen to The RearView Ad-Free on Forever Dog Plus

Forever Dog just launched a premium subscription service that gives you immediate access to ad-free versions of your favorite Forever Dog podcasts, including THE REARVIEW! It's fast, easy, affordable, AND it's compatible with all major podcast players.JOIN FOREVER DOG PLUS BEFORE ...  Show more

Introducing: Do The Work

The RearView fam give you a preview of a new podcast that we love! Hosted by actor and activist Brandon Kyle Goodman, Do The Work is a new weekly podcast that invites us all to have honest conversations about race. Each episode, you’ll meet two people – friends, partners, co-work ...  Show more

Papa Pig & Sport F*cking (w/ Sex Therapist, Ian Kerner)

Sexuality counselor, Ian Kerner, talks with the panel this week about everything from the queer community’s biggest sexual concerns to tips and tricks for pleasing your partner. Plus, we discuss Trump’s COVID diagnosis, the season premiere of SNL, and the bizarre reason why Madon ...  Show more

Sorry I'm Young (w/ Chase Icon)

Renowned Gaga impersonator and youngest person ever, Chase Icon, joins us this week on the RearView! Our panel discusses Trump’s taxes, Mariah's alternative album, and Vin Diesel's questionable new single. Subscribe, Rate, and Review!THIS EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY PRETTY LITTER AND ...  Show more

Open Toes Shoes (w/ Matteo Lane)

“Inside the Closet” host, Matteo Lane, joins the panel this week to discuss this year’s Emmy’s, a certain gay icon donating to the Republican party, and the premiere of “Drag Race Holland.” Other topics include the biggest dating profile turn-off and what we thought of Ellen’s ap ...  Show more

Man Baby (w/ Michelle Collins and Dan Acton)

The Queen of Talk herself Michelle Collins joins the show this week to hilariously tackle “The Social Dilemma,” disgusting British reality shows, magical terf J.K. Rowling, the Real Housewives, and much much more with her wonderful “Midnight Snack” co-host, Dan Acton.THIS EPISODE ...  Show more

Hole Oriented (w/ Julie Klausner)

This week, the hilarious Julie Klausner (Difficult People, Double Threat) joins the panel to talk about Broadway, Mulan, and the best Queer films of "The Cannon." Other topics include how to be a good top and the thrilling conclusion of Canada's Drag Race. Subscribe, Rate, and Re ...  Show more

Single, Looking, Dating, Italian (w/ Gabriele Bertaccini)

Our hosts are joined by super chef Gabriele Bertaccini for a super fun (and super flirty?) conversation about food, sex, and the man who sells lavender in Santa Monica who has huge hands. Other topics include a tribute to Chadwick Boseman, a review of the VMAs, and an inspiring c ...  Show more

Reading (Randy) Rainbow (w/ Meatball)

Our hosts are joined by THE Diva herself, Meatball, to talk about the RNC, the departure of Kellyanne Conway, and the racist tweets of one Randy Rainbow. The gang offers advice to those of us who have fallen for straight boys, pours into the Janet Jackson catalogue, and gives us ...  Show more

The DNC (w/ Monique Samuels)

The radiant star of Real Housewives, Monique Samuels, joins the podcast to spill the tea on the incredible, must-watch new season of Potomac. But wait...there's more! The gang talk about the new Dua Lipa remix, how they plan to vote, what toys they're masterbating with recently, ...  Show more

WAP (w/ Sasheer Zamata and Matt Rogers)

Not only does the incredible Sasheer Zamata (SNL, Woke) drop in this week to talk roller skating, Nicole Byer, and tarot cards, but special guest host Matt Rogers (Gayme Show, Las Culturistas) hilariously fulfills his destiny as a member of a View-esque roundtable! Monique premie ...  Show more

A Dose of Reality (w/ Billie Lee)

The core four sit down for a beautiful and engrossing conversation with Trans Activist, Model, and former Vanderpump Rules star Billie Lee. Other topics include Black Is King, Biden's Veepstakes, and what prompts moving a hookup from a phone number to a saved name in your phone.  ...  Show more

Getting Intimate

Welcome back to The Rearview! This week, the core four sit down for an intimate discussion featuring Taylor Swift's surprise album, Antoni's buzzcut that nearly broke social media, "Drag Race" villain edits, and real-life villain Elon Musk. Subscribe, rate, and review today!THIS ...  Show more

Hexual Positions (w/ Joel Kim Booster)

Welcome back to The Rearview! This week, we break down the Jeffree Star drama, talk this week’s “All Stars,” and debate the best position to bottom in. We also welcome the hilarious Joel Kim Booster who jumps into this week’s Hot Tops and gives some expert advice on the Grindr Ho ...  Show more

Come Get Your Honey (w/ Alaska Thunderfuck)

Welcome back to The Rearview! This week, we explore the disappearance of RuPaul Charles and debate the best Mariah Carey single of all time. We also welcome our first guest, Drag legend Alaska, who talks about the State of Drag and answers kinky questions on the Grindr Hotline. S ...  Show more

Now Hosting!

Welcome to The Rearview! Come on in and meet your hosts: Patrick Rogers, Monique Heart, Chester Lockhart, and Jay Jurden. This week, we talk about J.K. Rowling's transphobic tweets, Kanye 2020, and our favorite "73 Questions with Vogue" videos. Subscribe, rate, and review today!T ...  Show more