Double Threat with Julie Klausner & Tom Scharpling

Double Threat with Julie Klausner & Tom Schar...

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Waiting for Kassir

After a year of trying, we finally book the voice of the Crypt Keeper, John Kassir, on the show. What happens next is Double Threat history. Plus Sbarro's salmon, Sebastian Maniscalco faulty premises, the worst Wizard of Oz character, Marvin Hamlisch's audiobook, Peter Lorre as W ...  Show more

Daddy and Me (and Leatherface Makes Three)

Tom and Julie make up new Halloween songs with the help of pianist Eli Bolin, including "Paula Deen Killed My Parents," "Daddy and Me (and Leatherface Makes Three)," "Sexy Costumes," and "Monster Milk Crate Challenge." Plus lots of birdwatching talk. Pretty, pretty sleazy. Also t ...  Show more

Coming Soon: Storytime with Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen’s new podcast sounds like nothing else. In Storytime with Seth Rogen, Seth puts his own spin on the traditional talk show format by turning every conversation with each guest into its own little audio documentary featuring archival footage, voice over, sound design and ...  Show more

Soylent White is Pillows

BREAKING NEWS! Double Threat reveals the complete playlist of show tunes that the White House official known as "The Music Man" used to subdue former President Trump's fits of rage! MYSTERIOUS PACKAGES IN THE MAIL! Brett opens a package addressed to his newborn live on air! What' ...  Show more

How Do I Play Richard Jewell When I'm So Cool? (with Paul Walter Hauser)

Tom and Julie are joined by one of the best damn actors out there, PAUL WALTER HOUSER, to talk about donut improvisation on Richard Jewell, Clint Eastwood, sharing a $400 shot with Kathy Bates and Jon Hamm, landing the role of Jamie Taco's nemesis on I Think You Should Leave, Tim ...  Show more

Joe Rogan Anti-Vax Charcuterie Board

Tom and Julie create a multilevel marketing pyramid scheme called BrettJuTo and perform a podcast rescue on The Joe Rogan Experience. Plus White House Press Secretary Carrot Top, Gerry and the Pacemakers, the lollipop song, Popeye wishes Julie a happy Yom Kippur, The Dirt, fish s ...  Show more

The Cats Are Coming to Get You

Tom and Julie permit Brett a single week off to celebrate the birth of his child and grill Skyler Hanrath, the one-time fill-in producer, on whether or not he should ever apologize, the elevator pitch on his whole deal, and his preferred invoicing procedures. Plus, Tom's version ...  Show more

The Best of 2021 (Part 1)

The best Double Threat moments from January to August 2021, including Martin Short, Walter B. Bad, Manson Night Live, and more!10 - Alec Baldwin on Talking Sopranos (from Episode 63 "Alec Baldwin's Bathroom Story")9 - Brett’s Jeopardy audition story (from Episode 58 "Moms on Para ...  Show more

Bald to Death (with Paul Scheer & Todd Barry)

Tom and Julie chat with their old pal Paul Scheer (How Did This Get Made?) about UCB, Robert Forster's letter openers, and children's entertainment. Plus Paul thinks he was mistaken for Todd Barry by a drunk Hollywood producer and the real Todd Barry calls in to set the record st ...  Show more

A Tribute to Mooning

Tom and Julie explore the complex history and meaning of mooning. What is mooning all about? Who is mooning for? Why does mooning often happen in a car? Listener mooning stories. Brett shares a PowerPoint about the history of mooning. Mooning, mooning, mooning. Plus Hitler sucks, ...  Show more

Top 10 Dogs of All Time

Tom and Julie select the ten greatest dogs of all time! Who will make the cut? Dogbert? No. Mr. Peabody? No. YOUR dog??? Maybe. Listen to find out! Plus Wes Anderson porn parodies, Fred Durst, Robert Durst, RIP (Rest In Piss), 14 dollar European Berets, that dirtbag Andy Capp, Bi ...  Show more

The Character Actor Episode (with John Ross Bowie)

Tom and Julie welcome character actor John Ross Bowie, host of the new podcast Household Faces, for a journey through the world of character actors! They recast A-list roles in Pretty Woman, Die Hard, and James Bond with character actors. They talk the greats – John Carroll Lynch ...  Show more

On the Third Day of Woodstock, Limp Bizkit Gave to Me

Tom and Julie talk about Woodstock 99, tweet at Scott Adams, and watch listener clips of The Offspring doing karaoke in a plane, the former Australian Prime Minister taking a bite out of a raw onion, the TikTok sparkling water challenge, and the soothing sounds of the prehensile- ...  Show more

Rocky & Mary Poppins & Titanic & Fight Club (with Cinco Paul)

Tom and Julie are joined by writer Cinco Paul (Schmigadoon!, Despicable Me, The Secret Life of Pets) to watch the BIGGEST movies they've never seen! Julie watches Rocky. Tom watches Mary Poppins. Cinco watches Fight Club. Brett watches Titanic. Plus Risky Business, Bob Seger, Men ...  Show more

I Won't Do That Again: A Journey Through Time

Tom and Julie travel the arc of time with seven special guests of varying generations - Greatest Generation Peg, Steve the Boomer, Gen X Alison, Alex the Elder Millenial, Abby the Younger Millenial, and Gen Z Besties Veronica and Miriam! Together they discuss technology, etiquett ...  Show more

The Offspring Karaoke

Tom and Julie perform an Offspring karaoke medley with Brett on backing vocals! Plus Charles Manson's SNL audition, the Most Popular Boat Names of 2021, the lobsterman that got eaten by a whale, the boy who loved movies, and the search for the word "diarrhea" in the Frank Zappa c ...  Show more

Julie's Surprise Party (with Columbo, Scott Thompson, & More)

CELEBRATE! Tom and Brett throw a surprise party for Julie featuring a visit from Lt. Columbo and special guests Scott Thompson (Kids in the Hall), Alex Scordelis (Difficult People, Billy on the Street), Katie Notopoulos (Buzzfeed), and Gerry (formerly of TeePublic). Plus Julie ge ...  Show more

The Orson Welles Seance (with Psychic Medium Colby Rebel & Jon Daly)

Tom and Julie are joined by Psychic Medium COLBY REBEL for a journey beyond as they channel the spirit of Orson Welles and talk about supernatural experiences with Mama Cass Elliot, Tawny Kitaen, Chris Farley, and Paul Walker. Plus JON DALY stops by to chat about his brand new so ...  Show more

Tom & Julie Q&A

Tom and Julie stage a spontaneous Meet and Greet for listeners and answer YOUR questions about John Wayne Gacy, celebrity seances, Double Threat Live, Tom's book It Never Ends, the Double Threat Data Analytics Dept, Clifford's best scenes, the redhead hall of fame, Downtown NYC, ...  Show more

Alec Baldwin's Bathroom Story

Alec Baldwin on Talking Sopranos! An Australian furniture magnate starts the world's most successful spite store! And Extreme Sisters! That's right, Tom and Julie are basking in the glow of some stellar listener clips on this week's Double Threat. Plus the big Bo Burnham special, ...  Show more

Cruising 2: Cruise Control (with Danielle Henderson & Millie De Chirico)

Danielle Henderson and Millie De Chirico (I Saw What You Did podcast) join Tom and Julie to talk movies, movie candy, TCM Underground, Green Book, unexpected movies that make you cry, Hart to Hart, that Christian Slater movie with the baboon heart, The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, th ...  Show more

Tom & Julie Watch Meatballs

To celebrate the start of summer, Tom and Julie watch Meatballs (1979) in its entirety and talk about summer camp memories, Bill Murray vs. Chevy Chase, Lisa finally getting her period, the It Just Doesn't Matter speech, Morty, rich kids, and more. Plus Tom and Julie come up with ...  Show more

The Charles Grodin Episode (with Martin Short, Elayne Boosler, & Merrill Markoe)

Tom and Julie celebrate the life and career of the legendary Charles Grodin (1935-2021) with help from legendary guests Martin Short, Elayne Boosler, and Merrill Markoe. They talk Clifford, Grodin's infamous appearances on Carson and Letterman, Midnight Run, the invention of crin ...  Show more

Can I Pre-Pay For My Cremation?

Scott Baio recites his IMDB page on a MAGA talk show! A parrot sings Blue Oyster Cult! A midwestern crematorium answers your questions! The Mighty Mighty Bosstones skank all over racism! Paul Giamatti hunts the Sons of Sam! Plus Gerry from TeePublic stops by with some big news an ...  Show more

Moms on Parade (with Jackie Hoffman)

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Legendary actress Jackie Hoffman (Feud, Difficult People, Fiddler on the Roof) joins Tom and Julie for a salute to moms, including the Texas mom who hired a hitman to kill her daughter's cheerleading rival, the Pennsylvania mom who deep faked her daughter's ch ...  Show more

Double Threat Roulette (with 9 Surprise Guests)

Tom and Julie and Brett attempt to book guests in real time, frantically texting everyone they know and learning a thing or two about friendship in the process. The good news is, this episode features nine very special guests who had no advance warning they were going to be on th ...  Show more

Drinking Soda through a Plague Mask

Elon Musk on SNL, Ben Shapiro at Home Depot, Jerry Seinfeld Private Detective! It's a brand new Double Threat with Tom and Julie! Plus Jon Daly makes a surprise appearance to brainstorm lyrics to Walter B. Bad and Yakety Vax, Brett crowbars a couple new transitions into the show, ...  Show more

Mount Rushgore (with Fangoria Editor-in-Chief Phil Nobile Jr.)

The Horror! The Horror! Tom and Julie are joined by Fangoria Editor-In-Chief Phil Nobile Jr for a deep dive into your darkest nightmares: Freddy Krueger's 900 number, The Host, The Exorcist, John Landis, Godzilla vs Kong, The Dawn of the Dead, Trilogy of Terror, John Kassir horro ...  Show more

2nd Annual NYC Fantasy Draft: Underground Edition (with Ann Magnuson & Lady Bunny)

NYC downtown legends Ann Magnuson and Lady Bunny join Tom and Julie for the 2nd Annual NYC Fantasy Draft: Underground Edition, battling over top prospects like Richard Hell, Sister Dimension, Yoko Ono, and Kim Gordon. Plus Tom and Julie come up with one of their best ideas yet-- ...  Show more

Get Off My Rope Bridge!

Tom and Julie line up for a classic clip buffet and chow down on listener submitted clips of Marianne Williamson and James Cameron talking Avatar; The Crypt Keeper's short-lived children's game show; David Lee Roth's political cartoons; the rogue helicopter pilot terrorizing one ...  Show more