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Michael Hichborn Exposes the Vatican’s Involvement With the Occult, Abortion & The Great Reset

Many Evangelical Christians have been fighting the infiltration of Cultural Marxism the past few years, yet the Catholic Church has been waging this war for decades. Michael Hichborn, who is Catholic, exposes the sinister infiltration and overthrow of the Catholic Church and its ...  Show more

Pastor Sam Jones: What You Must Believe In Order For Religious Exemptions to Work Against the Vaccine Mandates

In response to the widespread vaccine mandates being implemented across America, many have been turning to religious exemptions in order to avoid getting the COVID-19 mRNA “vaccine”. Pastor Sam Jones explains what you must believe in order for the most effective exemption to work ...  Show more

The Staff Of Southwest Airlines Have Given Us The Template For Saving America

Many Americans have felt helpless as Big Government and Big Business tries to jam the COVID-19 injections into our arms whether we want it or not. However, the employees of Southwest Airlines didn’t show up to work in protest, causing millions of dollars of loss to their employer ...  Show more

Should The Electoral College Be Abolished? A Debate With Progressive Libertarian Jasen Dutch

Jasen Dutch, co-host of the progressive libertarian podcast Dig on America, joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to debate whether the Electoral College should be abolished. Throughout this back-and-forth, several peripheral topics are also discussed, including states right ...  Show more

Biden’s Jobless Report is proof that the Democrats are intentionally tanking our economy

The latest Jobs Report came out, and (not surprisingly) it was disappointing. Less than 200,000 jobs created in the month of September. Team Biden blames the Delta Variant. The truth is much more sinister.Sponsors:- Freedom First Coffee - Drink the coffee of Patriots. Use code JE ...  Show more

Freedom Phone Founder Erik Finman: US Intelligence Agencies Threatened Facebook’s Leadership Unless They Ban Certain Conservatives

Despite the government being restricted by the Constitution from censoring Americans, they are working a loophole by threatening Big Tech’s leadership unless they ban particular conservatives, according to Freedom Phone founder Erik Finman.Sponsors: - Freedom First Coffee - Drink ...  Show more

Matt Couch: How Can Christians Be OK Getting The Jab After Learning Pfizer Used Aborted Babies?

The Project Veritas most recent video really exposes Pfizer covering up the truth in massive proportions. They showed the world that these “vaccines” were, in fact, created using tissue from aborted babies murder at places like Planned Parenthood. Matt Couch gets down to the mora ...  Show more

Gary Sheffield Jr Explains Why NBA Stars LeBron James & Draymond Green Are Taking A Stand For Medical Freedom

The Democrats have always used celebrities to get their propaganda out to the masses. They know that actors, musicians and athletes can influence Americans in ways politicians never can. They’ve faithfully proclaimed the doctrine of face masks, vaccines, Blacks Lives Matter and v ...  Show more

Dr Richard Fisher Explains How China Attacking Taiwan Could Be Catastrophic For America

China is on the brink of attacking Taiwan. It could literally happen any day now. While many Americans are not paying too much attention to this story, Dr Richard Fisher joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to explain the far-reaching ramifications we can expect to experien ...  Show more

Power-Hungry Fauci Declares That Americans Have No Constitutional Rights

Our Founding Fathers established the Constitution of the United States to restrict the government and preserve our rights that are given to us by God. Fauci and the godless government do not believe in God, thus they do not believe that you have inherent rights given to you by Go ...  Show more

Jimmy Lee Tillman II: Joe Biden’s Handling of the Haitians at the Border Proves He’s a Racist

Alleged President Joe Biden’s handling of both the illegal immigration crisis and how our government is treating the Haitians proves that he’s a racist, according to Black Conservative and former GOP Congressional Candidate Jimmy Lee Tillman. The Left always cries about systemic ...  Show more

Pfizer-BioNTech Confirms Comirnaty is Just as Dangerous in Children as Adults

Pfizer-BioNTech released a press release bragging about their new study where they injected children with Comirnaty. They claim that it’s just as safe in children as it is in adults. For those of us actually paying attention to the data, this is a very scary claim. Sponsors:- Gra ...  Show more

Denton Knapp: The People of Wyoming Don’t Want Liz Cheney to Represent Them Anymore

This episode of The Jeff Dornik Show features an exclusive interview with Liz Cheney challenger Denton Knapp. Citing the fact that she turned her back on her own constituents to attack President Donald Trump in the aftermath of January 6th, it’s clear that the people of Wyoming h ...  Show more

Clay Clark: The Three Questions Every Person Must Ask Before Getting the Jab

Clay Clark, host of the Thrivetime Show and emcee of the ReAwaken America Tour, joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss the five things that every American needs to do to in light of current events. However, before we get to that, we first have to understand what’s ...  Show more

Jimmy Lee Tillman II: Democrats Are Slave Masters Implementing the Southern Strategy… Blacks Are Not Allowed to Think

Jimmy Lee Tillman is the founder of the Martin Luther King Republicans and author of Tillman’s Handbook of Great Black American Patriots. During this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, he explains why it’s so important to understand Black history in America. Looking at today, he po ...  Show more

Matt Couch & Schumann: How Can America Be The Leader Of The Free World If We’re Not Leading Or Free? | Freedom Squad

Matt Couch (EIC of The DC Patriot & Host of The Matt Couch Show on Freedom First Network) and Schumann (Host of The Federalist Faction on Freedom First Network) join this episode of Freedom Squad to break down the Afghanistan debacle. How did this happen? What could we have done ...  Show more

The California Recall Election Can Make or Break the Future of America

Today is Recall Election Day, where millions of Californians are voting to decide whether to recall CA Governor Gavin Newsom. While clearly many of us want to replace Newsom with Larry Elder, it’s also important to understand the ramifications of this election and how it can fore ...  Show more

Tracy Beanz: There Have Been 26 Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Studies Proving the Effectiveness of Ivermectin

Tracy Beanz from Uncover DC joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to take a deep dive into COVID-19, the vaccines and Joe Biden’s insanely unconstitutional vaccine mandates. There are effective treatments and preventative measures that we can take for COVID-19, but the gover ...  Show more

GETTR CEO Jason Miller: Taliban Terrorists are Allowed on Twitter Despite Horrific Violence and Threats

The latest social media startup in the aftermath of Big Tech’s censorship of Donald Trump and many conservative voices is GETTR. Jason Miller, the CEO, joined this episode of Freedom One-On-One to discuss their new platform which is already extremely popular among conservatives. ...  Show more

Taylor McCray: Once You Can’t Voice Opinions Contrary to the Norm, You’re No Longer Free

Taylor McCray is organizing the Will You Stand Rally coming up on September 5th, and joins this episode of Freedom One-On-One to discuss what motivated her to launch this movement. She explains that our freedoms are being stripped away one by one, and if we are going to preserve ...  Show more

Chad Prather: The Constitution Wasn’t Written to Keep us Safe, but to Keep us Free.

Comedian and Blaze TV host Chad Prather has thrown his hat into the ring to run for governor of the great state of Texas. Current Governor Greg Abbott has attempted to pose as a conservative defender of the Constitution, but nothing could be further from the truth. Chad brilliant ...  Show more

Freedom Squad with Gary Sheffield Jr, Eric Matheny and Chad Caton

Gary Sheffield Jr, Eric Matheny and Chad Caton join this week’s episode of Freedom Squad to talk about a wide variety of topics, including whether we are any closer to exposing election fraud than we were six months ago, Charlies Kirk’s Turning Point USA kicking out porn star Bra ...  Show more

Chase Geiser: How a Third Party Could Save the GOP

Chase Geiser, host of One American Podcast, joins this episode of Freedom One-On-One to talk about the current state of the conservative movement. We are facing unprecedented censorship, unlike anything we’ve experienced in American history. We are also facing a Republican leader ...  Show more

Freedom Squad: Karlyn Borysenko & Schumann

Another episode of Freedom Squad brings on Dr Karlyn Borysenko and Schumann, host of The Federalist Faction here on Freedom First Network. In light of the fourth police officer committing suicide after the January 6th debacle, the conversation heads into what’s really going on. A ...  Show more

Patrick Howley Exposes the Sinister Orchestration by the Globalist Elites

Patrick Howley from the National File joined this episode of Freedom One-On-One with Jeff Dornik to discuss a wide variety of topics from how we know January 6th was a setup to COVID-19 being used for world domination to the pitting of races against each other for the purpose of ...  Show more

Flat Earther David Weiss: The Truth About UFOs... They Aren’t From Another Planet

David Weiss, host of The Flat Earth Podcast, is a flat earther who joined this episode of Freedom One-On-One to make his best case against the Earth being a spinning globe in space circling the sun. It’s a fascinating discussion, especially when we get into the conversation about ...  Show more

Rob Harper: Trump gave us the template to save America

Rob Harper, co-host of Rob and Andrew After Dark, joined this episode of Freedom One-On-One to break down the problems the Republican Party is facing. If we are going to compete with the Left to save America, we’re going to have to fix our own house first. Let’s fix our party fir ...  Show more

Doni Anthony: Texas Governor Greg Abbott is not a Conservative... He's a Dictator

Doni Anthony joins this episode of Freedom One-On-One to talk about the current state of the Republican Party, as well as announce her brand new show coming to Freedom First Network. She’s extremely concerned with the tribalistic mentality within the Conservative movement, as wel ...  Show more

Jeff Groh explains whether a Convention of States could backfire on Conservatives

Mark Levin has inspired many Conservatives across the country to consider whether a Convention of the States could be the solution to the Constitutional crisis we find ourselves in today. Jeff Groh is a Regional Captain of the Convention of the States Project and joins this episo ...  Show more

Jim Watkins: People don’t understand how deep Big Tech is with the Deep State

Jim Watkins returns for another episode of Freedom One-On-One for yet another fascinating conversation, this time taking a look at exactly how the Deep State was able to conquer our nation. When talking about the Deep State, it goes beyond just our government. We are talking abou ...  Show more