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Pain and Purpose: Lessons From Bruce Lee and Frida Kahlo

The days are shorter, colder and 2020 isn’t over. Like you, we’re looking for inspiration to sustain us, so we turned to Shannon Lee and Arianna Davis who are passing on the teachings of great icons Bruce Lee and Frida Kahlo — timeless figures that we continually learn from decad ...  Show more

Hey Young World, The World Is Yours

What’s the world you’re fighting for? We posed this question to some of the most dynamic young voices of our time, including musician Alex Aiono and Good Call NYC founder Jelani Anglin who joined Tonya Mosley to talk about fighting for social justice in the midst of a pandemic an ...  Show more

If I Ruled The World

What happens when two badass Black journalists get together to talk about the stakes of this presidential election? Real talk, that’s what happens. On this episode of Truth Be Told, Tonya Mosley checks in with veteran journalist Farai Chideya who believes the fate of this nation ...  Show more

No More Shame

Here’s a truth: All of us know someone with mental illness, or experience it ourselves. So why are we ashamed to talk about it? Why is there a stigma about it in many communities of color? Author Bassey Ikpi is tired of the secrets and silence. And now more than ever, she says it ...  Show more

Our Lives Matter, Too

How do you educate loved ones about your disability without making them feel like you’re shoving information down their throats? That is this week's question, answered by Alice Wong, founder of the Disability Visibility Project. Alice underscores the connection between disability ...  Show more

Fight Like Chadwick

Chadwick Boseman’s death has raised awareness of colon cancer, but for the men behind TRAPMedicine, Jahmil Lacey and Dr. Italo Brown, it illustrates the healthcare disparities Black people face.Transcript link here: 

Bonus: TBT & California Love's Walter Thompson-Hernández on IG Live

At Truth Be Told, we’re all about honoring the wisdom of our peoples, and so is Walter Thompson-Hernández. He's the host of a new podcast, “California Love," a New York Times alum and author of “The Compton Cowboys: The New Generation of Cowboys in America's Urban Heartland.” Thi ...  Show more

It Is Not In Your Head

Trauma, racism, and our bodies — that is what we’re talking about this week. Healer, trauma specialists and author Resmaa Menakem breaks down what is trauma, what it feels like and how racism contributes.Visit our website for more reading and listening, episode transcript and to ...  Show more

Under One Roof: Doing The Best We Can

There's no right way to parent during the pandemic. Everyone's situation is unique, which is why we asked two Wise Ones to join us this week to answer your questions about parenting during this tricky time. Nancy Redd, author and mother, and Wajahat Ali, New York Times contributo ...  Show more

Together Apart: Redefining Home

How do we fight an enemy like COVID-19 without the power of physical connection - the very force that has bolstered us through tough times in the past? That is the question we are unpacking in this week's episode, prompted by our very own host, Tonya Mosley. She talks with two fr ...  Show more

Friendship: The Other Love of Your Life

This week we’re talking about friendships - how to make them better, if it's okay to take breaks and when emotional labor becomes too much. Tonya Mosley is joined by ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ hosts Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman. They share what it was like to write a co-memoir calle ...  Show more

Holding on to Joy

We're revisiting the first episode of Truth Be Told to take on one of the biggest questions of our time: How can I feel joy when the world is burning?We've witnessed uprisings demand justice for Black lives; we're still living in the grips of a pandemic that is disproportionately ...  Show more

Bonus: TBT Presents NPR's It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders

We’ve got a special bonus in your Truth Be Told feed this week--it’s from our friends at NPR’s It’s Been a Minute with Sam Sanders. In this episode, Sam talks with author James McBride. McBride is the National Award-winning author of The Good Lord Bird and the best-selling memoir ...  Show more

Coming Out While Staying In: Dealing With Homophobia At Home

How do you maintain a relationship with your homophobic family when you're financially dependent on them? How do you manage these relationships while sheltering-in-place? We talk to a queer college student who's out at school but feels unaccepted at home. Wise One Steven Canals, ...  Show more

Protesting For The Soul of America: The New Civil Rights Movement

Millions have taken to the streets to protest the police killing of George Floyd and systemic racism that black people are subjected to everyday. Wise One Dr. Eddie Glaude says we are seeing the accumulation of grief, disregard and contempt for black lives. He is the chair of Pri ...  Show more

You’re OK, I’m Not: Black Men & Therapy

We’re making space for something we don’t talk a lot about - the mental health burdens of black men. In this week’s episode, we have three Wise Ones - Bakari Sellers, author and CNN commentator, Karamo Brown from “Queer Eye” and Ron Finley, the Gangsta Gardener. They offer wisdom ...  Show more

Mom, We Need A Break

This Mother’s Day we tackle the complicated relationship some women of color have with their mothers. This episode’s Wise One is Kulap Vilaysack who shares lessons from her experience in mending her relationship with her Lao refugee mother. Episode transcript here: https://drive. ...  Show more

Deportation Wounds

Before physical distancing, seeing loved ones through a screen was already “normal” for our producer Isabeth Mendoza. Her dad was deported 11 years ago. Since then, her family was doing their best to cope , but they have not healed. Now, Isabeth wants to work towards a future tha ...  Show more

White World, Black Body

Wise Ones Virgie Tovar and Chloe Hilliard move in this world as big women. They’ve faced covert fatphobia from doctors and co-workers and even experienced it on dates. Being a fat person of color means confronting the intersection of being unseen and taking up too much space. You ...  Show more

‘Rona and Racism: A Survival Guide

Public health emergencies hit differently for people of color. Historical trauma and lack of systemic trust all contribute to deep angst. As both a medical doctor and journalist, Dr. Seema Yasmin answers your questions about living in the time of COVID-19 as a person of color, an ...  Show more

Healing for Black America

"How are Black Americans expected to overcome and thrive in this country without the necessary mechanisms of healing?" Tonya called on the help of two Wise Ones for this question. Ibram X. Kendi gives helpful framing on how to even start thinking about this and Kiese Laymon offer ...  Show more

We're Back!

We all experience life in our unique bodies and skin. And yet, we’re alone in surviving, growing, and thriving. The world we live in gaslights us into thinking anything to do with identity is in our imagination. Well, Truth Be Told is here to tell you it’s not. You are not the on ...  Show more

Community Live Show

Truth be Told is all about building community and connecting people of color to find collective wisdom and joy in these dangerous and difficult times. We are also a podcast proudly made in the Bay Area, so we knew from the start that we HAD to do a live show and get our people to ...  Show more

Family Ties

We’ve all had that one big question in our lives that looms over us and keeps us up at night.Maybe you are making a life altering decision about a relationship; whether to get into one, get out of one — or stay in one. Maybe you’re one step away from leaving a job, or taking a ne ...  Show more


Before we even know who we are and what we want out of life, women are expected to mother, to ultimately be mothers. And for women of color? There are added financial and cultural pressures as well as legacies of historical trauma and present-day racism that we are often up again ...  Show more

Well-Meaning White Folks

Allies are necessary to our collective pursuit of racial equity and antiracism, but sometimes talking across and through differences can be messy, hurtful, and downright exhausting. As people of color we ALL have had our fair share of those “unintentionally” painful encounters.In ...  Show more


Have you ever been made to feel like you aren’t enough? Not black enough, not queer enough, not Asian enough, not enough? In this episode of Truth Be Told, we explore how we can move beyond the question of “enough” and ask ourselves if we are doing enough, for our communities wit ...  Show more

Colonized Desire

Do you have “a type?” What if you’re a person of color, and you only have crushes on white folks? There’s a lot of mystery about what gets our hearts pumping, but one thing is for sure, our attractions aren’t simply just our own.From romantic movies to commercials, we are inundat ...  Show more


Our first episode of Truth Be Told is finally here and we’re going in deep to take on one of the biggest questions of our time: How can I feel joy, when the world is burning?Families are being separated at the border, drugs are ravaging our communities, the wealth gap between the ...  Show more

Introducing Truth Be Told, Hosted by Tonya Mosley

KQED’s Truth Be Told is a brand-new advice show made by and for people of color. If Miss Manners tells you how to behave, Truth Be Told explores how you can be you in a world that doesn’t always want you to…just be.Through unfiltered advice, host Tonya Mosley takes on listener qu ...  Show more