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Drag / Slash / Murder (Part 1)

Celebrate your spooky season this year with a horrifying audio experience from the twisted minds at Moguls of Media.  Follow Freida B. Me as she competes on Season 73 of Rupert’s Drag Chase in hopes of becoming America’s Next Drag Stupid Star. Will all the murders stand in her wa ...  Show more

Drag / Slash / Murder (Part 1)

Celebrate your spooky season this year with a horrifying audio experience from the twisted minds at Moguls of Media.  Follow Freida B. Me as she competes on Season 73 of Rupert’s Drag Chase in hopes of becoming America’s Next Drag Stupid Star. Will all the murders stand in her wa ...  Show more

HOT GOSS #121: Extra Spelunking, DRUK 3 Chats, and Is The Bussy Still Running?

This week the the mailbag is overflowing with DM’s and Alaska and Willam take the time to answer many of your letters. Also some DRUK 3 chats and spot on British accents on the pod.Listen to Race Chaser Ad-Free on Forever Dog PlusFollow us on IG at @racechaserpod and click the li ...  Show more

RACE CHASER S6 E14 “RuPaul’s Drag Race Reunited” (w/ Courtney Act)

Willam and Alaska are joined by their sister Courtney Act to discuss the last episode of Drag Race Season 6. It’s basically a mini “AAA Girls” reunion and a deep dive into Courtney’s experience shooting the finale; goops and gags and all. Plus a preview of Courtney’s authorial sk ...  Show more

HOT GOSS #120: Fall is Falling, Campfire Couture, and Good News: He Got a Pet Cam

An autumnal check in with Alaska and Willam about Halloweens past, horror movies, and the phenomenon where people try and book drag queens super last minute to put them in drag for Halloween. Good News: they discuss DRUK 3 episode 3 and go spelunking into some wild DM’s about tox ...  Show more

RACE CHASER S6 E13 “Countdown to the Crown”

Alaska and Willam are dedicated podcasters with a mission to cover EVERY episode of Drag Race ever, including the filler eps; and that’s just what they’re up to this week. It’s the Season 6 she-cap episode covering all the top runway looks, judgmental moments, and reality TV smac ...  Show more

HOT GOSS #119: Theatre Gals, Fitness Freaks, and A Wig Liaison

The gals are back this week to get into some theatre chats, an update on Britney’s path to freedom, and of course a quickie recap of the fitness freaks over on DRUK 3. Plus Willam and Alaska ponder the idea of a real life spelunking trip in their future before having an education ...  Show more

RACE CHASER S6E12 “Sissy That Walk”

It’s time for the top 4 queens of Season 6 to “Sissy That Walk” in their final challenge. These alphabet divas talk about A.B,C,and D with Ru at their Tic Tac lunch, perform sissy-ography on a green screen set, and overact with Mother in a skit that lives on the cutting room floo ...  Show more

HOT GOSS #118: Rolaskatox Rundown, DRUK 3 Chats, and So Much Hole

Willam and Alaska are back with a piping hot scalding beverage full of gossip including a Rolaskatox Tour debrief, some exciting Autumnal MOM updates, the announcement of Alaska’s Original Unflavored Serv Vodka, and some highly anticipated DRUK 3 Chats. Plus the pics of letters o ...  Show more

RACE CHASER S6 E11 “Glitter Ball”

Still in the Classique mood, Alaska and Willam recap the Glitter Ball from Season 6. The top 5 queens shine bright like Diamonds from head to Topaz as they show off their wicked Ruby, to Rose Quartz and all her friends because their pussies are on Sapphire. Plus they get to read ...  Show more

HOT GOSS #117: Mistress of the Dark, New Now Next, and Iconic Justice (w/ Matthew Camp)

Willam and Alaska are ready for some piping dish this week as they discuss Elvira’s new book, the loss of Willie Garson, and more historic Emmy moments for Drag Race. Plus, the dreamy Matthew Camp stops by to rave about Willam’s professionalism on the set of Iconic Justice. And W ...  Show more

RACE CHASER S6 E10 “Drag My Wedding”

Willam and Alaska are such dedicated podcastresses, they dove deep into the dark web to find this lost episode from Season 6. It’s the makeover episode and the queens need to turn gruff grooms into blushing brides…some of them against their better judgement. What is it about this ...  Show more

HOT GOSS #116: Red, The Bushwig Report, and Gayness and Lesbianism (w/ Meatball)

Willam and Alaska are giving you all the goss from a very busy entertainment industry weekend: The Emmys, The VMA’s, the Met Gala, and more! Plus Meatball stops by for a little tip spot to recap her drug-fueled experience at Bushwig’s 10th year anniversary.Listen to Race Chaser A ...  Show more

RACE CHASER S6 E9 “Queens of Talk”

Willam and Alaska are diving back into Race Chaser Classique with a return to Season 6 coverage with E9 “Queens of Talk.” Ru asked the queens to interview Chaz Bono and his grandmother Georgia Holt (possibly the closest the show has ever gotten to booking Cher). The interviews we ...  Show more

HOT GOSS #115: Continental, Vote ‘No’ in the Recall, and Love Wins! (w/ Kylie Sonique Love)

Alaska and Willam are back to talk about the hottest topics of the day: a new season of Dragula, a weekend of pageantry at Miss Continental, and the California Recall Election. Plus they are joined by the freshly crowned All Stars 6 winner Kyle Sonique Love for an extra special T ...  Show more

RACE CHASER AS6 E12 “This Is Our Country”

It’s finally time for the Grand Finale of All Stars 6! The Top 4 divas join RuPaul and Tanya Tucker on the new hit song “This Is Our Country” and wow the judges in an all country themed boot scooting performance. The dolls delivered Finale Eleganza on the runway and performed to ...  Show more

HOT GOSS #114: Abortion Rights, the Jennifers, and ‘What Nude Delusion?’ (w/ Jinkx Monsoon)

They might be speaking gibberish, but the goss is truly hot this week. From mistaken identities to music releases to the cowardly conservatives in Texas stripping abortion rights, Alaska and Willam discuss it all. Plus an extra special Tip Spot from sister Jinkx Monsoon to talk a ...  Show more

RACE CHASER AS6 E11 “Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent Monologues”

Deep dissection of Episode 11 of All Stars continues this week on Race Chaser as the queens do a product placement mini challenge photo shoot, a theatrical monologue maxi challenge, and a fashion ‘oopsie whoopsie’ on the runway. Jaida Essence Hall makes a triumphant return to lip ...  Show more

HOT GOSS #113: Iconic Justice, Just Because, and Coyotes

Alaska and Willam have all the Hot Goss this week, from the premiere of “Iconic Justice” on Out TV, to Alaska’s new squat regime taking shape in her body, to the coyote feast in her backyard. Plus some news about an HIV vaccine trial and some editorial comments on the new Only Fa ...  Show more

RACE CHASER AS6 E10 “Rudemption Lip-Sync Smackdown”

Alaska and Willam are backpack backpack back again to discuss the most recent episode of All Stars 6: The Silky Ganache Lip Sync Gagatrontra Extravaganza. They discuss each Smackdown pairing, the fashions, the strategies, and even call Ru on the phone to find out the details of t ...  Show more

HOT GOSS #112 : Southern Nights, Womenforwomen.org, and Too Many Towels

Alaska and Willam cover all the goss as they recap their hot steamy southern nights in Florida, and wet and rainy nights in Brooklyn. They also discuss the situation in Afghanistan and what we can do to help those at risk right now. Plus, this week the DM’s include compliments, t ...  Show more

RACE CHASER AS6 E9 “Drag Tots”

Do you love drag? Do you love children’s programming? Well boy do we have a podcast for you! Alaska and Willam are back with a fresh recap of All Stars 6 and they do their best to milk everything they can out of these “Drag Tots.” Plus the dip their toes into the Kameron Michaels ...  Show more

HOT GOSS #111: Meatball Subs, Drag with no Bags, and Her Very Own Podcast Room (w/ Gigi Gorgeous)

Willam is joined by special guest co-host Meatball to catch up on the happenings in the world. They discuss doing shows in borrowed drag, the children getting spicy on the internet with Coco Peru, and how to politely decline a fetish when you’re not into it. Plus a Tip Spot from ...  Show more

RACE CHASER AS6 E8 “Snatch Game of Love”

The queens are searching for love in all the wrong places and Willam and Alaska are ready to talk about it! The All Stars are back again with their best celebrity impressions for the Snatch Game of Love. Some queens knock it out of the park, some queens let the pressure get to th ...  Show more

HOT GOSS #110: Dial Up Goss, Quiet Heroes, and Photo Shoots with Cave Penguins

Alaska and Willam are hot and wild on the dial up goss this week. They discuss Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett in NYC, Willam’s new TV gig, and they get a Tip Spot visit from “Quiet Heroes” Director Jared Ruga. Plus, there’s some garbage anti-vax father-son role play drama in the DMs. ...  Show more

RACE CHASER AS6 E7 “Show Up Queen”

Alaska and Willam really “show up” for this extra long episode of Race Chaser. They discuss episode 7 of All Stars 6 and the unexpected twist ending determined by rules no one has ever heard of. From the queen’s original versus, group choreography, and runway fashions, to the cha ...  Show more

PAGEANT POD 8. Drag Queen of the Year

In the final installment of Pageant Pod, Alaska and Willam discuss the first few years of The Drag Queen of the Year Pageant Competition Award Contest Competition. They speak with pageant co-founder Lola LeCroix, former DQOY contestants Sabbyianna (2019) and Chiquitita (2021) and ...  Show more

HOT GOSS #109: “Cellphone Lighters, Flagged For Sensitive Content, and The Other Alaska”

Willam and Alaska take a sip of some absolutely scalding teavantra this week on Hot Goss. They discuss the Olympics and Tom Daley, Lil Nas X’s new music video, and a dumb baby who made ignorant comments. Plus they talk about the need for a higher minimum wage and dive deep into a ...  Show more

RACE CHASER AS6 E6: “Rumerican Horror Story: Coven Girls”

Alaska and Willam discuss the newest episode of All Stars Season 6 and all the witchy, gothy, dark-sided acting skills and fashions the queens possess. Is Eureka is a sex magnet? Is Ru saying “convent” with a “t” ? And why wasn’t Angela Bassett a judge on the mainstage? Let’s get ...  Show more

PAGEANT POD 7. "All The True Beauties"

We couldn’t fit all the amazing pageant stories into the first six episodes, so here are some more clips from our exclusive interviews with Asia O’Hara, Alexis Gabrielle Sherrington, Aurora Sexton, Kennedy Davenport, Jazell Barbie Royale, Candis Cayne, Tasha Kohl, A’keria Davenpo ...  Show more

HOT GOSS #108: Shadow Banned, No T…SA, and Gut-Busted Sheets

Willam and Alaska are back with another scalding episode of Hot Gossica. The gals discuss shadow banning on social media, some clarifications about the Covid Vaccines, and how TSA treated Bob and her wigs. Plus a DM with a little insight about gut-busted sheets and makeup-ruined ...  Show more