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Can Canola Be the Crop That Keeps on Giving for Australia?

Government initiatives in the northern hemisphere to curb emissions will fundamentally change, and be the key driver of, the global canola market outlook through to 2030. Dennis Voznesenski, RaboResearch Agriculture Analyst, and Cheryl Kalisch Gordon, Senior Commodities Analyst, ...  Show more

Bad to Worse for Glyphosate

Chinese export prices of glyphosate have increased 150% so far this year. In recent weeks, we’ve seen another announcement that will put availability in jeopardy and send prices skyrocketing. In our latest podcast, Wes Lefroy (Sydney) is joined by Lief Chiang (Shanghai) and Sam T ...  Show more

Reasons for the New Zealand Venison Industry to Be Optimistic

New Zealand Senior Agriculture Analyst Emma Higgins sits down with Agriculture Analyst Genevieve Steven to have a chat about the challenges the New Zealand venison industry has faced during Covid-19 and the reasons for the industry to be optimistic. Emma Higgins (@emhiggins) / Tw ...  Show more

Australia Grocery: A Boom and a Bust

Angus Gidley-Baird and Michael Harvey take a (metaphorical) walk down the grocery aisle to discuss the boom in online food retail and the bust in the Australian food market's journey back to normal. Angus Gidley-Baird (@angus_gb) / TwitterMichael Harvey (@MickHarvey77) / Twitter ...  Show more

Can Canada’s Dryness Do for Lentils What It’s Done for Canola?

Canada’s dryness resulted in a canola crop of under 13 million tonnes, according to Statistics Canada’s latest estimate, and helped move global and Australian prices to record levels. Has the dryness affected Canada's lentil production in the same way, and can we expect price rec ...  Show more

NZ Commodity Prices Sprung Ahead of Spring

RaboResearch New Zealand Analysts Emma Higgins and Genevieve Steven catch up to discuss the spring commodity pricing outlook and give an update on increasing fertiliser prices, freight logistics, and the NZ dollar. 

Making Sense of All the Green Noise

Senior Animal Protein Analyst Angus Gidley-Baird and Head of Sustainable Development Lachlan Monsborough chat about some of the carbon programs that are currently confronting the livestock industry. 

Dairy’s Delta Blues

Global milk supply has been on an extended run of uninterrupted growth, which is expected to continue, but at a slower pace. Mick Harvey and Emma Higgins discuss the reasons why. 

AU Ag Prices Going Above and Beyond

The Rabobank Rural Commodity Price Index rose another 3.26% in August, the highest level in more than 12 years. Senior Analysts in Australia’s RaboResearch team Angus Gidley Baird and Cheryl Kalisch Gordon share views on this surge as well as the team’s latest outlooks from Rabob ...  Show more

Economic Unraveling, and Weaving New Cloth From Old

The 2021 Cotton Collective was another Covid cancellation, so Rabobank’s Senior Commodities Analyst Cheryl Kalisch Gordon and Global Strategist Michael Every catch up to discuss the world view and implications for Australian cotton that Michael was planning to share at the event. 

Spring Sweet Spot for NZ Beef

Rabobank’s Senior Dairy Analyst Emma Higgins is joined by Animal Protein Analyst Genevieve Steven to discuss why New Zealand is experiencing record farmgate pricing amid global beef supply chain disruptions. 

Grain Prices Are Hot – Will They Pop or Top?

Rabobank's Global Grains & Oilseeds Strategist Stefan Vogel joins Senior Grains & Oilseeds Analyst Cheryl Kalisch Gordon to consider how long global grain prices will sizzle, as the northern hemisphere’s 2021 crops are harvested. 

Global Dairy Top 20 – A New Leader of the Pack

Emma Higgins and Michael Harvey have a close look at the latest movements and rankings of the world’s largest dairy companies and reflect on the past two decades of change. 

US Beef Market: Looking Strong, Staying Strong

The US beef market has seen some phenomenal prices, which have provided support to Australia in the form of higher imported trimmings prices. In this podcast, Angus Gidley-Baird chats with Don Close in the US about the near-term future for the US beef market. 

Is Australian Canola a Good ‘Fit for EU 55’ Policy?

The European Commission has proposed ‘Fit for 55’, a package of policies aimed at reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030. What does this mean for biofuel and, consequently, canola demand? Our G&O analyst in Australia, Dennis Voznesenski, chats with Rabobank ...  Show more

Half-Time Health Check on Food Markets

Wes Lefroy and Michael Harvey undertake a half-time health check on food markets to look at how they are performing and what the second half might look like. 

NZ Sheepmeat: Green Grass and Good Prices

With prices buoyant for this time of the year, it's a good story all around for NZ sheepmeat farmers. Emma Higgins and Angus Gidley Baird discuss the drivers underpinning optimism in this sector. 

Australian Dairy: De-Risking Through Diversity?

Angus Gidley-Baird and Michael Harvey join forces to dig a little deeper and assess how diversification is at play across the Australian dairy supply chain. 

Another Year of Buying Crop Inputs Early?

Throughout 2021, higher prices and supply chain disruption have prompted Australian farmers to buy their fertiliser and agrochemical supplies earlier than usual. Was this a one off, or is this buying pattern here to stay for 2022? Wes Lefroy joins Michael Harvey to discuss. 

Any Catches for Aussie Cotton?

The 2021/22 outlook for the Australian cotton sector appears bright in terms of production prospects and price. To find out if there are any catches, RaboResearch’s Agri Commodity Markets Cotton Analyst Andrew Rawlings joins Cheryl Kalisch Gordon of RaboResearch Australia to disc ...  Show more

NZ Urea Prices Are at Record Highs… but Is It All Bad News?

For the first time since 2012, local NZ urea prices have nearly cracked NZD 800/tonne. Why? And just what does this mean for dairy margins ahead of the spring? Wes Lefroy, Senior Inputs Analyst, and Emma Higgins, Senior NZ Analyst, answer these questions… and many more! 

What’s Driving the US Lamb Market

Australian lamb is seeing a lift in US import prices. Angus Gidley-Baird speaks with US Rabobank Rural Manager Kyle Brungardt about the US lamb industry, including the dry conditions that are impacting supply and the demand that is driving prices. 

Heavy Rains Batter Europe as Harvest Gets Serious

First, we saw severe dryness in the western US and Canada, which continues. Now, we have heavy rains and even flooding across parts of Europe during harvest. Are these weather events a big deal? Dennis Voznesenski, Agricultural Analyst in Australia, is joined by Stefan Vogel, Glo ...  Show more

Trading (Dry) Places

RaboResearch Grain & Oilseed Analysts Cheryl Kalisch Gordon (Australia) and Steve Nicholson (US) discuss the vastly different seasonal conditions of Australia and North America, what the hot temperatures and insufficient rainfall across important grain-growing regions of the US a ...  Show more

GHG Emissions in the Beef Supply Chain: Opportunities for Industry Participants

Angus Gidley-Baird chats with Eva Goscik and Justin Sherrard, authors of a recent Rabobank report titled Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Beef Supply Chains, about opportunities to reduce GHG emissions and who might drive this change. 

What Didn’t Make the Front Page?

Listen in as Wes Lefroy and Dennis Voznesenski take a look at some interesting things that you might have missed in the headlines recently. In this wide-ranging podcast, we discuss wheat exports, apparel sales, foreign investment – and we even provide a quick review of a new agri ...  Show more

Will Winter Cool Rising NZ Ag Prices?

Emma Higgins and Cheryl Kalish Gordon discuss whether the winter period can hold the pricing heat for NZ ag commodities. 

Can Mid-Year Momentum be Maintained for Aussie Ag?

Prices are good, production prospects are good as we enter FY2022. Cheryl Kalisch Gordon and Angus Gidley-Baird, RaboResearch Senior Analysts in Australia catch up to discuss Aussie Ag’s momentum and if it can be maintained. 

Australian Winter Crop Planting Outlook and Its Impact on Southeast Asian G&O Importers

In this episode, Dennis Voznesenski joins Oscar Tjakra to discuss the outlook for 2021/2022 Australian winter crop planting and how this will impact grain & oilseed importers in Southeast Asia. This episode is also on our sister podcast, RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness: Asia 

Bringing the Heat: Milk Pricing in the New World

Angus Gidley-Baird joins Michael Harvey to take a look at the hot and new world of milk pricing in Australia.