Uplifting Only 428: No-Talking Version [All Instrumental] (Apr 2021) [FULL]

Uplifting Only 428: No-Talking Version [All I...

27 Songs
Release Date
Golden Plains Under The Blue Sky (UpOnly 428) (Intro Mix Cut)
Never Enough (UpOnly 428) (Mix Cut)
Paradisiacal (UpOnly 428) (Mix Cut)
Magic (UpOnly 428) [FAN FAVORITE 426] (Mix Cut)
Rescue Me (UpOnly 428) (Dub Mix - Mix Cut) [feat. Milos Novotny]
Dreaming of a Better World (UpOnly 428) (Mix Cut)
Last Summer Days (UpOnly 428) (Mix Cut)
The Beginning (UpOnly 428) (Mix Cut)
Time Warp (UpOnly 428) (Mix Cut)
Hyperspace (UpOnly 428) [PRE-RELEASE PICK] [Premiere] (Club Mix - Mix Cut)
EsCape (UpOnly 428) (Mix Cut)
Against The Winds (UpOnly 428) (Melodic Culture Dark Sense Remix - Mix Cut)
Lost & ReBorn (UpOnly 428) [Premiere] (Mix Cut)
Wonder Why (UpOnly 428) (Activa Remix - Mix Cut)
Velvet Skies (UpOnly 428) (Mix Cut)
Back To The Future (UpOnly 428) (Daniel Kandi's Classic Mix - Mix Cut)
Legacy (UpOnly 428) (Mix Cut)
Ocean Paradise (UpOnly 428) (Kiyoi & Eky Remix - Mix Cut)
A Million Times (UpOnly 428) (Mix Cut)
Unity (UpOnly 428) (Mix Cut)
Calling For You (UpOnly 428) (Mix Cut)
Club Voltiere (UpOnly 428) [BREAKDOWN OF THE WEEK] (Mix Cut)
Aura (UpOnly 428) (Mix Cut)
Another Reality (UpOnly 428) (NyTiGen Remix - Mix Cut)
Nena (UpOnly 428) (Mix Cut)
Stronger Together (UpOnly 428) (Mix Cut)
Kensho (UpOnly 428) [SYMPHONIC SEND-OFF] [Premiere] (Orchestral Mix - Mix Cut)