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Sound Escape: gentle and relaxing sounds of waves on a pebble beach

Be charmed and soothed by the ebb and flow of waves on a pebble shore. It's an overcast autumn day at Pwll Du on Gower – a hidden smugglers' cove where you can find deep peace. BBC Countryfile Magazine's Sound Escapes offer you a chance to take a few minutes with nature, wherever ...  Show more

120. Tales of nature and protest in the North Wessex Downs with writer Nicola Chester

Roam Gallows Down on the Witshire, Hampshire, Berkshire border and hear tales of ancient and modern history – as well as the battles to defend the precious natural wonders of the area from new roads, American air bases and nuclear missiles. Author and activist Nicola Chester intr ...  Show more

Sound Escape 33: Relax to robins singing in autumn beside the swish and swirl of the River Usk

Ease yourself into the day with the song of robins from a riverside woodland in South Wales. Enjoy the background swirl of the River Usk in the latest calming Sound Escape from BBC Countryfile Magazine. Recorded by Fergus Collins  See for privacy and opt-out inf ...  Show more

119. Join a music festival on the River Wye and meet the folk trying to save the "Queen of Rivers"

Enjoy wonderful folk music beside the River Wye and listen to the story of campaigners "Walking with the Wye" to raise awareness of the river's sad plight due to pollution. Recorded by Maria Hodson. With thanks to the Plump Hill Band, Tracey Dixon, Rob Swannack, Dick Brice and Ro ...  Show more

Sound Escape 32: listening to cries of terns from a bird hide at Hodbarrow, Cumbria

Shelter from autumn rain in a wooden bird hide and listen to the exotic cries of terns at RSPB Hodbarrow nature reserve in Cumbria. BBC Countryfile Magazine's Sound Escapes are a postcard from the countryside every week, offering your a chance to relax to the sounds of nature. Re ...  Show more

118. On the hunt for mystery big cats on the loose in the Cotswolds

There are tales of mysterious black panthers from almost every corner of the land – so we head out with writer and naturalist James Fair to look into one particular story: the Cotswold Cat. Could large felines really be on the loose in the modern British countryside? Don't forget ...  Show more

Sound Escape 31: the calming patter of rain on autumn leaves

Listen to the calming sound of a gentle rain on the leaves of beech and hazel trees while you shelter in a green lane in the Cotswolds. Recorded by Fergus Collins, introduced by Hannah Tribe. BBC Countryfile Magazine's Sound Escapes offer a soothing postcard from the countryside ...  Show more

117. Poetry, peace and corncrakes on the sacred Scottish island of Iona

Relax to the gentle tones of poet Kenneth Steven as he explores the history and magic of Iona: likely birthplace of the ancient Book of Kells, resting place of Scottish kings and queens and sanctuary for the endangered corncrake. Find our more about Kenneth’s work at his website ...  Show more

Sound Escape 30: Tranquil footsteps along a woodland path and stream in autumn

Relax as you walk beside a stream at the bottom of a valley of beech and oak woodland in the Brecon Beacons – known as St Mary's Vale. This is episode 30 of BBC Countryfile Magazine's Sound escapes – your chance to escape into nature and relax to the wild sounds of the countrysid ...  Show more

116. Unearthing the strange histories of the yew trees of Kingley Vale with poet Hugh Dunkerley

Poet Hugh Dunkerley explores mysterious Kingley Vale in the South Downs of West Sussex in search of a bunker created to house resistance fighters in the event of the Nazis ever invading Britain. Along the way he enters the dark and eerie yew woods and reveals tales of Viking mass ...  Show more

Sound Escape 29: relax on a Gower headland while gulls call above and a tractor gathers hay

Listen to gulls as you sit on a headland overlooking the sea on the south Gower coast. Nearby a tractor bales hay as the last rays of afternoon sun light the fields. BBC Countryfile Magazine's Sound Escapes give you a gentle, relaxing postcard of the countryside for you to enjoy ...  Show more

115. Climbing the epic peak of Suilven in Assynt in northern Scotland

Suilven is one of Scotland's most impressive peaks. Fergus Collins joins two old friends for an expedition to climb this magnificent mountain in Assynt and discover some of the intriguing and sometime brutal history of the region. Along the way they encounter fantastic wildlife i ...  Show more

Sound Escape 28: unwind to late summer swallows above an Iron-Age hillfort in the Brecon Beacons

Atop the Iron-Age hillfort known as Pen y Crug high above the edge of Brecon, you can relax to the calls of the last of summer's swallows. Wind and sheep sigh in the bracken and holiday traffic makes its way home on the main road in the Usk Valley below. Sound Escapes – from BBC ...  Show more

114. Exploring the lost town of Old Sarum in Wiltshire with writer Christopher Somerville

Legendary walker and writer Christopher Somerville joins our own Annabel Ross to explore the ruins of Old Sarum near Salisbury in Wiltshire and tells the curious tale of the dark forces at work that led to the medieval town being abandoned. A charming summer adventure in the coun ...  Show more

Sound Escape 27: be calmed by the wild song of the ash tree

Relax to the rustle of a summer breeze through the leaves of an ancient ash tree in the Brecon Beacons. BBC Countryfile Magazine's Sound Escapes offer a mindful few minutes of escape into nature – a few minutes of restful sounds of the countryside to enjoy wherever you are.  See ...  Show more

113. Investigating the chilling Pool of Witches on a Brecon Beacons mountain

Lost on a lonely, trackless mountain lies Pwll Gwy-Rhoc – the Pool of Witches – a mysterious lake that is the source of strange tales. Come with us on a quest to find the stories hidden in this untamed, ancient landscape.  See for privacy and opt-out information ...  Show more

Sound Escape 26: slow down with the sounds of a narrowboat passing through a lock on the Peak Forest Canal

Enjoy the gentle drama of a narrowboat passing through a lock on the Peak Forest Canal on the western edge of the Peak District. This slow radio is the latest Sound Escape from BBC Countryfile Magazine. Each one allows you to be soothed by the sounds of nature.  See ...  Show more

112. Strange tales at a Dorset henge… Part 2 of the Knowlton Circles mystery with Mary-Ann Ochota

Explore the extensive earthworks or Knowlton Circles in Dorset and the eerie ruined church at their centre. Archaeologist, anthropologist and broadcast Mary-Ann Ochota looks for answers in this ancient landscapes and meets local people with tales of strange encounters within the ...  Show more

Sound Escape 25: be charmed by the gentle babble of a farmland stream

Cool off beside a babbling brook on the border of Cheshire and Derbyshire. In Countryfile Magazine's latest Sound Escape, it's early afternoon on a hot summer's day and you find yourself on the banks of a tiny but lively stream – a calm place for cooling off. Recorded by Andrew G ...  Show more

111. The mystery of Knowlton Circles in Dorset with Mary-Ann Ochota – part 1

Join archaeologist, anthropologist and broadcaster Mary-Ann Ochota on the Dorset downs as she ventures across an ancient landscape of mysterious pathways, burial mounds and unexplained earthworks. She's on a quest to explore the secrets of enigmatic Knowlton Circles - a little-kn ...  Show more

Sound Escape 24: sit back and relax to the sleepy hum and buzz of a midsummer meadow

Chill out to the hum and buzz of a summer meadow. In Sound Escape 24, you find yourself waist deep in glorious midsummer wildflowers in a meadow in the Gwent Levels in South Wales. Crickets and grasshoppers chirrup and sing, bees bumble by, while blackcaps, chiffchaffs and a reed ...  Show more

A new season of Plodcasts: explore the histories and mysteries of the countryside

Join us for 13 thrilling adventures of discovery as we head out into the countryside to explore ancient sites, hear haunting tales and enjoy atmospheric walks in strange and beautiful places.Guests includes archaeologist Mary-Ann Ochota, walker and writer Christopher Somerville, ...  Show more

Sound Escape 23: a walk among birdsong in Dovedale in Derbyshire

Enjoy the delights of Dovedale in this mindful walk through one of the Peak District's most beautiful valleys. Deeply relax to the gentle melodies of nature – including summer blackbirds and robins – in the latest Sound Escape from BBC Countryfile Magazine. Recorded by Andrew Gri ...  Show more

Sound escape 22: the joyful song of summer on the allotment

Sit back and relax to soothing birdsong on a gentle summer’s morning on the allotment. In this Sound Escape, a meditative short podcast that celebrates the seasonal melodies of nature, relax to the tinkling song of a charm of goldfinches as they forage on the edge of the veg plot ...  Show more

Sound Escape 21: the song of the River Dove in the Peak District

Relax to the song of the Peak District's most beautiful river. Sit on the banks of this gentle bubbling stream with delightful birdsong raining down – in this short Sound Escape: mindful moments of nature brought to you by BBC Countryfile Magazine. Recorded by Andrew Griffiths an ...  Show more

110 . Rewilding in the Black Mountains with woodsman Rob Penn

Hear how a massive tree-planting project will transform the Black Mountains peak of Bryn Arw in the Brecon Beacons. Woodsman and writer Rob Penn explains how the Stump Up For Trees project has convinced local farmers and landowners to embrace nature and reveals how making the hil ...  Show more

109. A Yorkshire River Journey with Radio 3's Petroc Trelawny

Presenter of "Breakfast" on BBC Radio 3 Petroc Trelawny talks about his week of live shows following a Yorkshire river from source to sea. Petroc reveals how the show will blend the evocative sounds of nature with chosen pieces of classical music including local composers and per ...  Show more

108. Take a boat adventure onto a beautiful loch in wild and rugged Assynt, Scotland

In the last of the current series, we head to the far north of Scotland to explore a remote loch and its wildlife – plus we attempt to fly-fish for brown trout in the beautiful waters while serenaded by cuckoos and buzzards.  See for privacy and opt-out informat ...  Show more

Sound Escape 20: the mesmerising churring of a nightjar on a summer's night

Welcome to Sound Escapes from BBC Countryfile Magazine: your chance to relax to the seasons sounds of nature wherever you are – and however busy your day. In this episode, it's a warm June evening on a hill in the Brecon Beacons and the strange churring of a nocturnal bird called ...  Show more

107. Searching for a very rare butterfly in Rockingham Forest

Extinct in England, the chequered skipper has been reintroduced to a secret site in Rockingham Forest in Northamptonshire by the Back from the Brink project The plodcast's Megan Shersby tells this heartening story and explores the forest in the hope of seeing one of these jewel-l ...  Show more