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Bad to Worse for Glyphosate

Chinese export prices of glyphosate have increased 150% so far this year. In recent weeks, we’ve seen another announcement that will put availability in jeopardy and send prices skyrocketing. In our latest podcast, Wes Lefroy (Sydney) is joined by Lief Chiang (Shanghai) and Sam T ...  Show more

What Changing Demographics Mean for F&B Industries in Asia

China's population is aging. Households are getting smaller, and women have more purchasing power than ever before. In this episode, Sudip Sinha, Stacie Wan, and Michelle Huang discuss what this could mean for demand for CPG products and how brand manufacturers can position thems ...  Show more

Rabobank’s Project Acorn and the Benefit for Smallholder Farmers

Martine Jansen, Head of Supply of Project Acorn, joins Oscar Tjakra to discuss Rabobank’s new tech-driven, nature-based solution for carbon sequestration. 

2021 Indian Poultry, Dairy, and Animal Feed Industries Outlook

Shiva Mudgil joins Oscar Tjakra to discuss the outlook for the Indian poultry, dairy, and animal feed industries in 2021, while also looking at the progress of the Indian monsoon and its impact on domestic grain & oilseed production. 

Australian Winter Crop Planting Outlook and Its Impact on Southeast Asian G&O Importers

In this episode, Dennis Voznesenski joins Oscar Tjakra to discuss the outlook for 2021/2022 Australian winter crop planting and how this will impact grain & oilseed importers in Southeast Asia. This episode is also on our sister podcast, RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness: Australi ...  Show more

The Canola Files, Part 3: Golden Prices Flatten China’s Demand

Cheryl Kalisch Gordon, Senior Grains & Oilseeds Analyst with Rabobank Australia & New Zealand, is joined by her colleague Lief Chiang, Grains & Oilseeds Analyst based in China, to discuss why the outlook for canola demand in China is flat. 

Grains, Oilseeds, and Pulses as Plant-Based Meat Ingredients: A Global Perspective

Plant-based meat substitutes are a rapidly growing segment in an established and large consumer food market, attracting significant investments and consumer acceptance in recent years. How will this trend potentially affect the global grains, oilseeds, and pulses sectors? In this ...  Show more

The Future of Alternative Protein in Asia, Part 2: An Interview With Just Asia – Eat Just

Alternative protein markets in Asia are top-of-mind for consumers and food companies alike in the region. In this episode, Saurabh Bajaj, Asia CEO of Just Asia – Eat Just, shares his views on the current and future developments of alternative protein markets in Asia, what the key ...  Show more

The Future of Alternative Protein in Asia, Part 1: An Interview With Impossible Foods

Alternative protein markets in Asia are top-of-mind for consumers and food companies alike in the region. In this episode, Nick Halla, SVP International at Impossible Foods, shares his views on the current and future developments of alternative protein markets in Asia, what the k ...  Show more

2021 Demand Outlook for Southeast Asian Sugar and G&O

Charles Clack and Oscar Tjakra get together to discuss the 2021 demand outlook for Southeast Asian sugar and G&O, current high freight rates, and CO2 emissions from the shipping industry. 

The 2021 Outlook for China’s, India’s, and Southeast Asia’s Edible Oils

Lief Chiang and Oscar Tjakra join to discuss the 2021 outlook for edible oils in China, India, and Southeast Asia. 

Global Container Freight Rates Outlook and Its Impact on Agri Commodities Trade and Logistics in 2021

Xinnan Li, Matteo Iagatti, and Oscar Tjakra gather together to dissect the root causes of high global container freight rates and their impacts on global agri commodities trade. Rabobank clients can read the full report on the RaboResearch website. 

Bull Waves Don’t Break: What Rabobank’s Agri Commodity Market 2021 Outlook Means for Asia

Three of our analysts – Charles Clack, Oscar Tjakra, and Lief Chiang – join forces to dissect our 2021 global commodity outlook for grains & oilseeds, vegetable oils, and soft commodities. Covid-19, La Niña, and geopolitical tensions are all on the agenda, amid a relatively bulli ...  Show more

Asian Animal Protein Outlook for 2021

Asian animal protein markets saw a very challenging year in 2020, not only from the continuing impact of African swine fever, but also from disruptions due to Covid-19. In this podcast, we look into key global and local issues that will shape Asian animal protein production and c ...  Show more

Is China’s Demand for Beef Waning?

Angus Gidley-Baird speaks with Chinese analyst Chenjun Pan about that country’s current demand for protein (including beef) and what the demand is expected to look like over the coming year. 

Oil Heats Up, and Farmers Get Cooking

Vegetable prices surged near YTD highs last month, buoyed by strong demand and lower production. Join Rabobank’s Oscar Tjakra and Michael Magdovitz as they analyze MDE Palm Oil and CBOT Soy Oil supply & demand fundamentals and the price risks ahead. Can the Q3 2020 momentum be su ...  Show more

An Off-Premise Future for Foodservice

Cloud, dark, and ghost kitchens are a hot topic in foodservice boardrooms worldwide. Umesh Madhavan talks to Nicholas Mah, Asia-Pacific Regional Managing Director at Wingstop. How have his company’s experiences been so far? And what is his take on the future of foodservice and of ...  Show more

Opportunity Awaits the ‘Bolled’ and Brave – A Ten-Year Outlook for Cotton

Charlie Clack joins Oscar Tjakra to talk opportunities in global cotton over the next decade, following our latest RaboResearch report. On the agenda this episode is the post-pandemic demand recovery, world consumption growth to 2029/30, and opportunities for cotton producers and ...  Show more

Will SE Asia Look for AU Wheat and Barley in 2020/21?

Australian winter crop production is set to surge from last year’s lows. With that in mind, Cheryl Kalisch Gordon joins Oscar Tjakra to find out about post-Covid-19 grain demand in SE Asia. Could SE Asia be in need of extra feed grain? How will wheat-based consumption fare among ...  Show more

Shanghai Talking – A Local View of China’s Recovery From Coronavirus

Sandy Chen, Rabobank's Senior Dairy Analyst in China, talks to Tim Hunt about the impact that coronavirus has had on the economy and food sales and how long recovery will take. 

Slow Recovery: Coronavirus Will Extend the Feed-Demand Hangover

China G&O analyst Lief Chiang and ACMR analyst Michael Magdovitz discuss the spread of coronavirus and the threat it poses to already fragile Chinese and global feed demand. Lief and Michael then consider the implications of coronavirus on China’s 'phase-one' trade deal complianc ...  Show more

Indonesian Live Cattle Trade: Balancing Pressures in Australia and Indonesia

With trade deals, rain in Australia, and the approaching Lebaran holidays in Indonesia, Angus Gidley-Baird speaks to Barry Gerschwitz and Ben Santoso about the outlook for Australian live cattle trade with Indonesia. 

How ASF Is Changing the Animal Protein Landscape in Southeast Asia

African swine fever has spread rapidly across Southeast Asia this year, and supply disruptions are impacting pork prices and consumption. As a consequence, the region is struggling to cope with pork shortages. Both Vietnam and the Philippines have seen this impact and will likely ...  Show more

African Swine Fever Will Continue to Dominate Animal Protein in China

The serious supply shortage across China remains unchanged, as ASF hits some regions of the country again. China's pork production in 2020 is expected to go down further, impacting the rest of the world in terms of trade volume and prices 

Emerging Market for Sustainable Palm Oil

Presently, certified sustainable palm oil remains in oversupply. Less than half of RSPO certified palm oils produced in 2018 were sold as certified palm oil, while remaining volumes were sold as conventional palm oil. Oscar Tjakra joins Lief Chiang to chat about potential markets ...  Show more

Food delivery in China's QSR industry: An Interview With Burger King China CEO Ekrem Ozer

The importance of food delivery in China’s QSR industry is growing, and the impact of this is felt by consumers, merchants and other parties involved. In this episode, Ekrem Ozer, CEO of Burger King China, shares his view on the food delivery industry with RaboResearch Asia Consu ...  Show more

India’s 2019 Monsoon and Its Impact on Soybeans Crops and the Dairy Industry

The monsoon in India traditionally covers nearly two-thirds of India by mid-June. This year, however, it was delayed by 15 days. This led to a delay in the sowing of kharif crop in many areas and to crops facing moisture stress due to the lack of rainfall. Shiva Mudgil joins Osca ...  Show more

Winning the Consumer in the Disruptive Retail Environments of China and Southeast Asia

Retail is going through a transformation, with the desire for convenience changing where and how consumers shop. E-commerce is becoming more important to retail and the impact of disruptors is being felt not only in China but across Southeast Asia. In this podcast, RaboResearch A ...  Show more

Checking the Pulse of China's Dairy Market

In this RaboResearch podcast, we employ the expertise of Sandy Chen to check the pulse of the Chinese dairy market, taking a close look at the local supply picture and at how dairy consumption is tracking amid a weaker economic backdrop. 

The Impact of ASF on Chinese Feed Demand

In this joint Rabobank ACMR & FAR Asia podcast, G&O expert Lief Chiang joins ACMR analyst Michael Magdovitz to discuss his outlook for China’s soymeal and feed usage through 2020. In 2019, African Swine Fever-related culling of up to 50% of China’s hog herd, with further downside ...  Show more