Centaurworld: S1 (Music from the Netflix Original Series)

Centaurworld: S1 (Music from the Netflix Orig...

37 Songs
Release Date
Rider's Lullaby
Spells For Days
Hello Rainbow Road
Fragile Things
What If I Forget Your Face
Making Friendships--BOATS!
Frustration Tears
The Key
What You Need
He Never Says Anything Nice
Rider's Lullaby (Reprise)
The Nowhere King
Where Does Food Come From
It's Hidin' Time
My Collection
I Stealz So I Can Feelz
Baby's First Spell
The Underground
The Butt of the Joke
And We Do This Everyday
I Don't Know Him
Who Is She?
The Nowhere King (Reprise 2)
It's Gonna Be a While
Welcome to the Bay
Who Is She? (Reprise)
Fragile Things (Reprise)
My Collection (Reprise)